At a short shopping trip to one of my favorite cheap shops here in Denmark, I stumbled upon this eyeshadow palette. I normally love eyeshadow, and I find palettes fun and exciting. This one looked very standard, but the colours were some of the ones I use on the daily (brownish that is).

At the cheapest price I have ever seen (about 25DKK) I had to have this. So I did. Bought it, tried it, threw it (oh did I spoil you, I am sooooo sorry, lol)

Let’s just get into it, and if you want to watch the review, you can watch it on my YouTube channel!

Their words:

The Naughty Nine eyeshadow collection features 4 palettes that contain a variety of textures from matte to shimmer. The Mid Summer Nights Palette features 9 colours ranging from shades of golds to pink plums. The small, strong packaging makes it easy to…

My thoughts: This description was all I could find and dang it tells me nothing haha.

Applying: The colours itself were easy to apply, but harder to blend. It took a while to blend, and I felt like it rubbed quite some on my eyelids.  Okay pigmented at first but blends into each other and ends up looking like not much.

Feel: Feels soft to the touch and very light.

Packaging: Booooring packaging, but I kind of like that you can see the colours through the plastic.

Scent: Smells like cheap powder.

Labels: Not tested on animals.

Ingredients: No interesting ingredients here. I am wondering though, why there is Tin Oxide in here when that is described as an abrasive. Why would you use that on your eyes? Nonetheless, Tin Oxide is overall an okay ingredient, so I will not call it out too much. Just wondering.

Claims: There were no real claims so I can’t really say much here.

Price: 25 DKK – 3,5 EURO – 4 USD

Will I use it again: Nah. Got better ones to use so this one just bores me.

So that was my horrible review. Usually W7 is very hit/miss, and this was just one of the misses.

Have you ever tried W7 products before and what do you think?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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