Today, we are starting a new series! The topic is Makeup, and I will explain, exactly what it is and what to use it for.

Makeup can be a jungle to wrap your head around.
In this series we are looking closely at the different types of makeup products that exists.

Today our focus is all on Face Primer


A face primer is a product, well. Going on your face.

Straight to the point, face primer is made to make your makeup last longer while looking smoother and better.
By filling in your pores and fine lines, it makes sure your face becomes as smooth canvas to work with. Besides helping smooth the skin, it also makes the makeup last longer, because the foundation goes on better on a readied face.

Overall, it helps ready your face for the makeup you are going to put on afterwards, no matter if it is a full face or just a bit of concealer.


You can get a face primer with many effects.

Which one you need depends on your personal wants and needs.

  • Mattifying
    It helps reduce shine and controls sebum, and therefore makes the skin look more matte. Especially oily and combination skin types can use this type.

  • Colour-correcting
    These primers are tinted and therefore help deal with discoloration such as red or ashy skin. You can say that they “neutralize” the skin.

  • Hydrating
    These primers do just as they say; they hydrate and moisturize the skin.
    Especially good for dry or dehydrated skin.

  • Long-wearing
    The only thing with this primer is just as you might think. These types just wear longer than others; with some even wearing up to 15 hours.
    These fit all skin types, and mostly depends on how long you want it to wear.
  • Illuminating
    An illuminating primer usually contain shimmering particles that gives the skin extra radiance.
    Even though these can be used on all skin types, you might want to steer away if you have very oily skin, since the shimmer might make your skin look very wet or moist, if you produce excess oil.
  • Pore-minimizing
    The amazing thing about pore-minimizing primers is the name. It is psychically impossible to minimize pores, but this this name is living on in the industry; because who does not want smaller pores? These products may not be able to minimize the pores, but it can help reduce the appearance of pores, usually by filling them out.
    Usable for all skin types, but especially if you are tired of looking at your pores.


The great think about primer is, that you do not need it. It might be nice to have, but as the makeup artists Tim MacKay has said, that in general if you prep, moisturize and treat your skin well, you don’t really need a primer.
Dr. Angela Lamb, the Director of the Westside Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice and Chief Technology Officer of the Dermatology Department has some thoughts about primers too. She is neutral about them, since it depends on what the ingredients are and what purpose they are trying to serve.

So overall if you get a good primer, it can help, and if you are in a pinch, it can help too. Overall skincare is the #1 way to get clear and smooth skin, so that comes first. I like using my primer, so I will keep on using that.

By now you might be able to make the connection, that primer is used before putting on your makeup. Easy as that.

If you wish, you can also watch this series on my YouTube Channel.

If there is some type of makeup you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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