For October’s Goodiebox we are entering the ´Myself Zone´

Everything has an opposite. Day and night. Sweet and salty. Naughty and nice.
We think it is important to take all the sides we got, and do exactly what feel good.
And what better time to do it, other than with this month’s double-sided box. Then you can choose which side you like the most.
With this box you can pep things up or tone them down.
Don’t have a bad conscience over being in your zone together with your friends, drinking one whole bottle of wine. And don’t have a bad conscience over needing to zone out and use the day laying down.
Again, it’s all about taking both sides and do whatever makes you get into your zone.
Enjoy this month’s box!

There are a few things I would like to talk about concerning this box.

First of; these two different sides of the box, are meant to represent opposites while also making it possible for you to pep things up or tone them down… then WHY IN THE WORLD are they both equally confusing, chaotic (and ugly). I truly hoped we would get one dressed up and one dressed down part of the box. Honestly, I really think they missed the mark on that one.

Now secondly. I forgot the second part. And I think that might be good for the review I will be giving this box.

If you want to watch the review instead of reading it- go watch it on my YouTube Channel!

La Rosée – Regenerating Mask Stick

Their words:

We love a good clay-mask, but not all the mess. With this mask-stick you can easily apply an even layer in the face without getting it all over your hands. It is made with white clay which makes it rich on silica, that stimulates and does wonders for the skin, that is left with a “wow, your skin looks beautiful” glow. Apply on dry skin and let sit for 5 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Tip: don’t let the mask dry completely, since the clay is only active when it is wet. Wet it if it gets too dry.

The Goodiebox Team’s Description

Repairs, purifies, detoxifies.
3 in 1 action: white clay has a great repairing and soothing power. The skin is soft, clean, purified
of all its impurities and toxins. The skin looks like new!
Tested under dermatological control. Directions for use: use 2 times a week on a clean and dry face avoiding the eye area. Leave for 5 minutes in a thick layer then rinse with warm water. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and light.

Caption on Product

My thoughts: So I had to take both the Goodiebox teams description and the description on the product.
I just have to say something.
The fact that this stick is supposed to make everything easier annoys me. The stick part – genious. The fact that they put a “cap” on the product so I literally have to dig into the product with my hands to be able to use it; not so fun. I guess it is supposed to help the product not dry out, but god why not make it overlap the whole product so that it is easy to take off, or just make the cap on here airtight. Damn this annoys me so much.

Applying: My boyfriend pulled the cap of this product (and got his hands dirty-not mine) so that the claim of not having to get your hands dirty held true.
I then rolled the stick onto my face for ages – more than one minute to be exact but still less than two. This seemed like way too long, and I had to do many akward swipes with it to get an actual effect. Even after rolling for minutes, I did not have that white clay look on my face that the Goodiebox team made it look like I should. I tried twice without getting an even layer, so I just went with it and let it work on my face.

Feel: First off, the feeling of having to roll a stick on your face, just makes me feel like I was rolling a deodorant all over my face – which really weirded me out.
Second- I didn’t really feel much when it was on my face. Which I guess is actually pretty good. No tingling or otherwise uncomfortable feelings.
After taking it off I did not see much difference beside it looked a bit brighter and felt a bit tighter.

Packaging: I love that it is a twist up, and the stick form is genius too. The cap again, whyyyyy. Otherwise the packaging is very cute and informative.

Scent: Smells like clay mixed with perfume.

Labels: I can find no labels on this product either.

Ingredients: The fact that there is only 9 ingredients in this product makes it super easy to see if there is something in here that shouldn’t be there.

Glycerin: Replenish & restoring. Hydrating.
Titanium Dioxide: Thickening, whitening, lubricating and sunscreen ingredient. Protects from UVA and UVB radiation.

Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.

Sodium Hydroxide: AKA. Lye. It is a highly alkaline ingredient used in small amounts in cosmetics to establish and hold the pH of a product. Used as a cleansing + denaturing agent. Can be a significant skin sensitizer in high concentrations.
Since there are only 9 ingredients, I got no idea if there is much of this is or not, but it is last on the ingredient list so I guess it is not so bad-

Claims: I didn’t really see a lot of the effects they said it had. Overall, my face just looked a bit more bright but not really much else.

Price: 126 DKK – 17 EURO – 20 USD

Will I use it again: I will try it out a few more times, but if I won’t get more out of it I will stop using it. I will not buy a new one.

Niré Beauty – Slanted Tweezer

Their words:

Big, small, thick and thin, we love all types of brows! No matter what brows you rock, it requires a good tweezer to keep them beautiful. The tweezer from Niré, doesn’t just work fantastic, it also looks fantastic. It removes all unwanted hairs, big or small. Also that annoying hair that keeps popping up on the chin! (Why?!)

My thoughts: I have actually been looking for a new pair of tweezers for when I wax (and just a couple of hairs are missing), so this came just in time.

Applying: It works just fine. Not like super extravagant amazingly but good. Just good.

Feel: I am a bit afraid of saying this, because I usually love all of Niré’s products. But it is only good. No more- no less.

Packaging: I love this packaging. It has information about the product, a small funny text with the “Hi Pretty, Brow´s it going” when you open it up, and it even says you can use the packaging here again if you need to travel with the tweezers.

Scent: No scent which makes sense.

Labels: Vegan friendly, not tested on animals, hypoallergenic and recyclable.

Ingredients: Stainless steel.

Claims: Well I can kind of agree. It definitely removes all unwanted hair, but I would not say it works fantastic.

Price: 120 DKK – 16 EURO – 19 USD

Will I use it again: yes, it will go in my “cosmetologist” box, where I keep all the stuff I use when waxing, colouring or overall beautifying myself.

Moshi Moshi Mind – Konjac Sponge

Their words:

Give your cleansing routine a little extra Umph with this mild sponge from Moshi Moshi Mind. It exfoliates carefully the skin and helps give a natural shine. Soften the sponge in warm water in 3-5 minutes. Massage the face or body with the sponge and use your favourite soap if you want. Rinse it throughout after use and let it dry in a cool place.

The Goodiebox Team’s Description

Mind Sponge. 100% natural vegetable fibre, suitable for all skin types.
An 100% natural sponge made from Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder, Aqua & Collagen with extra fin texture.
Key Features: Cleans skin deeply and gently exfoliates your skin to bring natural shine.
How to use: Soften the sponge in warm water for 3-5 minutes. Massage your face/body with the sponge either with or without cleaning soap. After use, rinse it and dry it in a cool place.

Words on the packaging

My thoughts: This time too I had to include the description on the product. I just feel like it gives me some extra information that I am glad to have. Once many years ago (when konjac sponges were all the rage here in Denmark) I did own one and I used it diligently because it was supposed to help with my unclear skin. I don’t remember what results I got, but I am excited to find out now.

Applying: It is quick to soak the sponge, and the rubbing part is not that hard at all. It is very forward and pretty easy to handle. When hanging it to dry, be aware that it might take a VERY long time; I used it in the afternoon and the morning after it still wasn’t completely dry (approx. 17 hours)

Feel: When using it on the face, it feels mostly like rubbing jelly on your skin. It is very gentle and does not feel exfoliating at all (which is good, because it is not WAY too harsh on the skin then).

Packaging: The outer packaging I like (though I would not mind being without the hole) , the inner one not so much. The sponge itself is tightly wrapped in plastic so I had to almost ruin the sponge in my attempt to get to it. I do like that the box it came in has both instructions and information about the sponge.

Scent: Smells like absolutely nothing.

Labels:  100% vegetable fibre.

Ingredients: Well we were already told that this only contains, water, Collagen and Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder:
The Root Powder is the abrasive in here, that means it is the part that physically exfoliates the face.
The water is usually used to dissolve other substances, to I guess it kind of counts as a binder for the powder & collagen but what do I know.
Collagen is a protein that is found in muscles, hair and skin (actually it is many, many places in the human body. It usually works against the signs of aging, giving us a youthful and plump look.

Claims: I can agree that it is a very mild exfoliator, and though it does give a bit of natural glow or shine to the face, it does not give an UMPF up in your face shine (which makes sense since it is very gentle and my face is used to being exfoliated)

Price: 99 DKK –13,5 EURO – 15,5 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it again, but since I am unsure how mild this exfoliator is, I will only use it once in a while. I will not buy a new one.

Emité Make Up – Nail Lacquer

Their words:

Before we pack our hands away into gloves, give them a bit extra attention with this colourful cousin. It is easy to apply, has a wide brush and dries quickly- Hurrah! And not least, it also has a long-lasting effect. You will nail it!

My thoughts: Why am I kind of cringing about this description. Nonetheless, this colour looks very pretty so I will look forward to trying it. The colour I got was named Hone.

Applying: Dang this was easy to apply! It took 2-3 swipes with the brush for a opaque and even look. When I was done with the last nail, the first one I did was pretty much dry, and I would say all of this ordeal took maybe 2 minutes. The ordeal was overall super easy.

Feel: Well I can’t really “feel” how this is on my nails, but I can say it looks very pretty.

Packaging: The packaging is a very normal nail polish packaging. Nothing really extra ordinary here, but I do think it looks very sleek.

Scent: You guys can probably imagine how a nail polish smells.

Labels: None to be found

Ingredients: I will not be talking about the ingredients in this product, because nail polish is going on the nails and therefore not on the skin.

Claims: Dried super fast and was incredible easy to apply. I would not say super long lasting, but that might just be because I don’t want to put on a base or top coat to prolong the wear. Stayed on completely for a couple of days when I sealed the nail.

Price: 127 DKK – 17 EURO – 20 USD

Will I use it again: Yes I definitely will, I might even look into buying a new one in another colour.

Luxliss – Miracle Leave In Treatment

Their words:

When you don’t have time to get your hair the big nourishing session, this is your BFF! A Leave-in- treatment, that does wonders for your hair all day long. It gives shine, hydrates, nourishes and prevents split ends. And that is only some of the advantages it gives. Just distribute it in newly washed hair, and let it do the rest.

The Goodiebox Team’s Description

It is an all-in-one leave-in treatment that delivers 10 benefits to the hair. Suitable for all hair types. How to use: apply to damp hair, style as usual.
1. Adds silkiness and shine. 2. Moistures and repairs. 3. Weightless detangler. 4. Adds elasticity. 5. Thickens fine hair. 6. Eliminates frizz. 7. Thermal protection. 8. Colour protect. 9. Light hold. 10. Anti-UV.

Written on the product

My thoughts: Yet another one with information both in the box and on the product. With so many benefits, I feel like some of them might fall flat. I will not try to use heat on my hair after using this, simply because I don’t trust that these benefits will all be present.

Applying: Pretty easy to apply, though the formula of the product is very thin, so I ended up squeezing way too much out.

Feel: My hair felt much smoother when I had just applied the product. When drying, my hair felt hydrated and nourished.

Packaging: Can I just say; beside this packaging being very beach like, it frustrated me so much that the cap to the product turns the wrong way. It annoys me much more than it should. Otherwise the packaging is just fine, and I like all the information on the back of it.

Scent: Somehow, I find it smells a bit plasticky.

Labels: I can find none.


Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.

I am glad that I did not use heat in my hair with this, because after reading the ingredients, I don’t really get where all of these amazing effects comes from. There are a lot of good ingredients, but not really any great or amazing ones.

Claims: My hair felt moisturized, softer and looked shinier.

Price: 170 DKK – 23 EURO – 27 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it up, but I don’t think I will buy a new one.

That’s all for these 5 products

I felt like this month’s box was very meh.

There was one nice product, 3 just okay products (that is not bad, but will not make me want to buy more from the brands) and 1 really meh one.

What is your thoughts about these products, please tell me in the comments, I would love to know!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time


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