Today, we are starting a new series! The topic is skincare, and I will explain, exactly what these are and what to use them for!

Skincare can be a jungle to find your way around in.
In this series we are looking closely at the different types of skincare.

Today we will focus on Cleansers


A cleanser is a skincare product used on the face.
It is used to clean the face, and removes dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, sweat and other pollutants on the face.

It helps prevent dirt and oil buildup in the skin, refreshes and helps other products penetrate deeper since it removes the dead skin cells we have on our face.

Overall, it makes our faces ready for what is yet to come.


  • Gel Cleansers
    These have a gel- like consistency. They usually cleanse deeply, and needs to be rinsed off. It removes pollutants from the skin, and helps to get rid of bacteria that causes acne, while cleaning out the pores.
    Especially good for oily and combination skin, because it helps remove excess oil on the skin.

  • Foam Cleansers
    Usually lightweight, and either in cream or gel form until mixed with water; then it becomes a foam. Removes pollutants. The main foaming ingredient here (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a sensitizing ingredient and both dry and irritate the skin. SLS free foam cleansers do exist, so look out for those!
    Good for oily or combination skin.

  • Oil Cleansers
    Oil Cleansers are often seen as step one in a 2-step cleansing routine. It is great at removing makeup, even the waterproof type, while nourishing and not drying out the skin.
    Most skin types can usually use a oil cleanser.

  • Cleansing Balm
    These are a thick and creamy formula that is oil-based. When worked into the skin, it melts into an oily texture. They are great at removing makeup.
    Ideal for normal or dry skin. Because of the thick formula, these can be a bit too heavy for oily skin.

  • Milk Cleanser
    No, these are not actually made of milk. The reason they are called milk cleansers are because the texture is milky. These are a bit thicker than oil cleansers, but thinner than a cream cleanser. These are moisturizing without feeling creamy afterwards.  They are gentle and effective at removing pollutants.
    Good for most skin types because they usually are both effective and gentle.

  • Micellar Water
    Water mixed with tiny oil molecules is what makes a micellar water. It is one of the lightest forms of facial cleansing, and honestly looks very similar to plain water. You don’t have to rinse these off, and is applied with a cotton pad. Micellar Water is the lazy approach to cleansing your face since it is very easy but not that effective.
    Is good for most skin types.

  • Bar Cleansers
    Bar Soap and cleansers are slowly sneaking into the beauty community again, because of their more environmentally packaging and design. Pay attention that the bar soap you use are made for the face, since soap bars for the body can be too harsh for the face. Soap bars usually adjust the pH in the skin well, and have moisturizing ingredients too.
    I usually would not recommend bar cleansers to anyone since they can be very harsh on the skin. Nonetheless the beauty industry gets better at making product, so there might be some good ones out there. Go look at the description to see what skin type they are good for, because honestly I don’t know.

  • Cream Cleansers
    A cream cleanser is a deeply moisturizing cleanser with a heavy consistency. It does not strip the face of its natural oil, but because of the heavy texture and creamy feel it leaves afterwards, it does have the potential to clog your pores. A thing to remember though; cleansing is meant to make your face ready for what comes next, so it might not be the best if you will be going in with heavy moisturizers afterwards.
    Especially good for dry skin because of how well it moisturizes.

  • Clay Cleansers
    Clay cleansers mostly works like clay masks. They remove particles from the surface, mattifies and draw out excess oil and impurities from pores. This type of cleanser is best as a second step in a double cleanse, since it does not remove for example makeup.
    Great for oily or combination skin since it draws out the excess oil and impurities.

  • Powder Cleansers
    These are great at cleansing deep into the skin while removing pollutants. They come in a powder form, and turn foamy or creamy when combined with water. Powder Cleansers provide a slight exfoliation while cleaning, and is therefore good for congested skin.
    Good for oily skin because they give a slight exfoliation.

  • Cloths, Mitts, Loofas and the like.
    These are more of a physical cleanser. Though you can use it alone, these types of cleansers are typically pretty harsh on the skin, and works more like an exfoliator. It is recommended to use this type with an actual cleanser product, to work the cleanser into the skin.
    Since these are a bit tougher, they might work better with oily and combination skin since these skin types usually have a bit more oil to go through and therefore are a bit tougher.

  • Wipes
    When talking about cleansing wipes, words get thrown around, and a heated argument starts. Some people swear by them, and most professional dermatologists swear to burning them. Besides being bad for the environment, wipes only remove visible pollutants on the face. That means you get no “real” cleansing done when using these. In their defense, they are super easy to use, and it is still better to cleanse with a wipe than not clean your skin at all.
    These usually suite all skin types, but be careful not to tug too much on your skin when using them.


Cleansing is the most important step to skincare. No matter if it is makeup, sunscreen or dirt we have on our face, cleansers take care of it.

Usually you cleanse your face in the morning when you wake up to remove oil and sweat from the night.
In the evening before going to bed, you do it to take the makeup, sunscreen, dirt and pollutants off.
It might also be a good idea doing it after a workout, to make sure you get all the sweat off your skin.

Just make sure you don’t cleanse your face too often since it can dry out or irritate your skin if you touch and tug at it too much.

What cleanser you need might depend on skin type, what consistency you want it to have, and what you want it to do to your skin. Even though some types of cleansers might overall be good for one skin type, remember to look at the product too, often it says on there which kind of skin type it is ideal for.

If you wish, you can also watch this series on my YouTube Channel.

If there is some type of skincare you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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