The topic is Beauty, and I will explain all about Supplements, Procedures and products.

Beauty can be a jungle to find your way around in, so in this series we are looking closely at Beauty, and trying to find out what it is.

Today we will focus on Coloring / Tinting. More specifically – coloring eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Coloring or tinting is a process that, as the name suggests, gives colour.
In this context it is made for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. The colour usually lasts about 4-6 weeks.

When coloring the eyebrows, it gives definition, makes the brows look fuller, more intentional and gives the face character.

Eyelash colour, gives the same effect as a mascara would do, without you having to actually put mascara on, or take it off. It lengthens the lashes, gives volume and overall gives a natural eye look.


There are many different brands you can use to colour your lashes and brows.
The how to can vary a bit, but is overall the same so I will only tell you about two “types”

  • Normal Tinting
    Consists of the coloring and an oxidant to get the needed effect.
    The needed coloring gets mixed with oxidant to activate the coloring agent. The coloring goes on (very precise, don’t get it on your skin) for about 5-10 minutes, and is then taken off.
    This type can sting a bit if you get it in your eyes, but is easily rinsed out (the eyes usually gets rinsed after the coloring process anyways so it should not be a problem)

  • Sensitive Tinting
    Consists of the coloring and a developer gel.
    First the coloring is put of lashes and brows. About 3 minutes for lashes and 2 minutes for brows, then the colour gets taken off with a dry cotton swab or cotton round.
    After this, the developer gel is put of afterwards for 1 minute. Then it can also be removed with a damp cotton round.
    This type usually doesn’t sting, and is very quick, but a bit more expensive than the “normal” ones.


Overall, if you want to is the most important factor here.
Most people can pull of getting their brows or lashes colored, since the final look depends on the chosen colour and time the colour has been on.

If you want to, is another thing. When coloring lashes, the products used, can irritate the eyes (if it gets into the eye), and many people thinks the process stings. If you want to try it out, but you are unsure how you will react to the product, try out the version for sensitive skin.

Some things you have to consider before getting your lashes or brows colored is:

  • Sensitive skin & Allergies- the products used can be sensitizing because it is chemicals. If you are sensitive, a good idea is to tell the person doing the procedure. Often, they have a less irritating version.
  • If you have skin diseases, your skin might get irritated if you start putting chemicals on it.
  • Eye inflammation – if your eyes are irritated already- don’t start putting stuff on them.
  • Pay attention to the products used. If you suffer from allergies (hair colour, perfume or textile coloring), make sure the ingredients in the products will not cause a reaction.
  • If you have cuts or wounds, don’t get your lashes or brows colored. It will not be fun to get the product in there.
  • Don’t wear contacts when getting your lashes colored. The rubbing around and potentially in the eyes if you wear contacts is not good.

If there is something you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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