Do you know the feeling of saying yes, but actually you would rather say NO? Don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of us has that dilemma. But why is it so hard to say no? It’s actually pretty simple. It is just much easier to say “yes” – to keep the peace, to be nice, to avoid conflict, to please others – or simply because it is hard to find an excuse for saying no.

Let’s try to not live our life after what we think others expect of us. Let us stop striving after perfect, the pretty and pleasing, and let us say what we really feel and mean.

We want to let you fantastic women know; that we are in our right to say NO. It is okay to NOT visit your mother-in-law, NOT help our friend move that sofa, and NOT babysit our sisters kids, simply because we don’t want to that day. So take a deep breath, forget others expectations and exhale with a big, fat NO. Completely without feeling guilty.

We filled this months Goodiebox with nourishing and calming products, that makes you want to please no other than yourself.

That is how the Goodiebox team starts out this months box, and if I just have to give out a small spoiler – perhaps I am becoming a bit bored with these boxes (yeah I said it)

The box costs 169 DKK (23 EURO-27,5 USD) and has a worth of 1107 DKK (149 EURO – 181 USD)

If you want to watch this review instead – you can see it on my YouTube channel 😊

Now let’s get into it!

VERSO – Nourishing Cream

Their words:

Are you ready for some everyday luxury for you and your skin? Verso Nourishing Cream is an intense and nourishing cream, that gives extra hydration, that stays. It contains a high concentration of niacinamide – a fantastic ingredient with an impressive resume. It strengthens the skins barrier, help against dry skin, fills out fine lines and beginning wrinkles, while minimizing hyperpigmentation and redness. Together with lipids and oils from wheat, the rich cream gives a intense, long lasting moisture, that leaves the skin smooth and soft.

My thoughts: Excuse me, how expensive did you say this cream was????

Applying: Easy to apply and sinks in super quickly without feeling sticky.

Feel: The cream makes my skin feel softer while even when just applied; feel smooth and soft instead of sticky. I noticed that my pores got filled out, so they looked less visible.

Packaging: This packaging reminds me of the brand de_cure. Pretty basic.

Scent: It has a faint citrusy scent.

Labels: I can find none.


↑ Butyrospermum Parkii: Shea butter. Smoothing properties, is a rich source of antioxidants & has skin-replenishing fatty acids. Great in products designed to improve dry skin.
Niacinamide: Also called vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid. Improves appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, dullness and uneven skin tone. Skin restoring and skin soothing. Antioxidant.
Glycerin: Replenish & restoring. Hydrating.
Tocopheryl Acetate: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant.
Squalene: Oil from either shark liver or plants. Natural component of skin. Is a good emollient and has great antioxidant properties. It is also skin replenishing.
Lecithin: Found in egg yolks and plants. Emollient & water binding agent. Has skin restoring abilities.
Avena Sativa: Skin soothing.

Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.

Claims: This cream definitely gives hydration, and while I did not see it fill out fine lines and wrinkles, I did notice that it filled out my pores. My skin did also feel smooth and soft after I used it.

Price: 725 DKK – 97,5 EURO – 118,5 USD (50ml)

Will I use it again: I will use it up but this price is just too much for me.

Karmameju – Renew Face Brush

Their words:

You brush your hair, your teeth, your brows, but do you remember to brush your face? Karmameju’s soft and gentle drybrush is an effective beauty tool, that stimulates the blood circulation, connective tissue and wakes up the skin in face, neck, and chest after sleeping. It is ‘small natural face lift’ during morning coffee, and a new ritual for your daily skincare routine. Application: use it on dry skin in the morning before your shower and your skincare routine. Use 6 light and energic strokes in each area to get the best result. Brush makeup-free skin daily for 2-3 minutes  – all depending on your skin sensitivity.

My thoughts: This was the only product I really looked forward to using, and boy did I get disappointed.

Applying: Very easy to use, just brush, brush, brush- if you don’t know how or where, they got instructions both in the packaging, and also a video on YouTube.

Feel: So now to the uhm, disappointing part of this review. When brushing you get this amazing thing happening, that usually only happens with cheap products. Fallout. I simply could not concentrate on the feeling or how it looked, because hair where flying all over and got stuck on my face. I know when it is natural hair that it can have fallout, but even after 5 uses I still saw it. Nonetheless fallout aside, it did get the blood going in my face and gave this “wake up” feeling that they spoke of.

Packaging: The packaging itself (the cardboard box) seems very luxurious, and with all the instructions and how to’s it just gets even better.

Scent: It smells like hair and tree.

Labels: Sustainably sourced & certified beech wood. 100% natural bristles.

Ingredients: Beech wood and natural bristles (don’t know which kind)

Claims: I can agree that it does stimulate the blood circulation while waking up the skin.

Price: 299 DKK – 40 EURO – 49 USD

Will I use it again: Perhaps, perhaps not. The fallout is really annoying, but I hope it will stop after who knows how many tries. I honestly think that I would rather just give myself a small face massage while putting on my face cream in the morning, than I would use this (simply because of the fallout and the fact you have to clean it somehow too- its just easier to wash your hands)

YA.BE – Feed Your Skin, Feed Your Mind

Their words:

We offer a special 2-in-1. You actually do not only get this nourishing and calming Face Mask enriched with Ozonized sunflower seed oil – YA.BE also gives you a relaxing and mindful podcast you can listen to while you wear it. So, lean back and enjoy 10-15 minutes where you really pamper yourself and takes care of your skin and your mind. Wash after with warm water.

My thoughts: I have to talk just a little bit about the podcast because it was super weird. Somehow they managed to make it sound both too precise, too vague and too weird. Let me explain; they told you to imagine your breath is like a sea wave (uhh what), then to imagine you lying on a surface you like very much (huh?), and lastly to imagine a woman coming to nurture you who knows exactly what you need (no thanks). They tried to make it a mindful experience, but for me it just felt weird.

Applying: Easy to apply and spreads out easily and even, though I do have to go in twice some places to get a nice and even coat. I was a bit surprised that the mask was brownish. Because the “how to” states that you should use a thick coat on face and neck, the product we got do not last for that long. I’ve used it four times and there is perhaps if I am lucky, enough to one more try.

Feel: Felt like any standard mask when I had it on my skin, but after having washed it off it felt quite special. My skin was softer but felt incredible tight. That is a feeling I do not think I have ever had before.

Packaging: Standard packaging, but has a very bright nice colour.

Scent: Wet sand – somehow.

Labels: I can find none.

Ingredients: I have said it before, and I will say it again; I do not like it when brands put way too many good ingredients in one. It makes me feel like some of them fall flat. Case and point- I don’t like this product.

↑ Almond Oil: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis.Non-volatile, non-fragrant. Emollient. Skin replenishing and moisturizing.
Zinc Oxide: Lubricating, thickening, antioxidant and skin soothing. Sunscreen active ingredients, protects against UVA and UVB. Can be used in makeup to give opacity to products.
Helianthus Annus Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil. Replenish, strengthen and soothe skin. Good on dry, dehydrated or compromised skin. Can help reduce signs of stress or irritation to the skin.
Butyrospermum Parkii: Shea butter. Smoothing properties, is a rich source of antioxidants & has skin-replenishing fatty acids. Great in products designed to improve dry skin.
Glycerin: Replenish & restoring. Hydrating
Bisabolol: Soothing agent. Skin brightening properties.
Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract: Antioxidant & skin soothing.
Ascorbyl Palmitate: Form of vitamin C. Effective antioxidant. Effective at reducing environmental damage.
Sodium Hyaluronate: Replenish. Salt form of hyaluronic acid.
Tocopheryl Acetate: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant.
Tocopherol: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant.
Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil: Sesame. A non-fragrant plant oil. Antioxidant with calming effect. Contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E. Moisturizing. Emollient and can help prevent moisture loss.
Cocus Nucifera: Emollient.
Sodium PCA: Skin replenishing. Natural component of skin. Hydrating.
Bilberry Extract: Antioxidant.
Lactic Acid: Exfoliant. AHA from milk. Hydrating properties and helps brighten uneven skin tone.
Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: Form of vitamin C. Effective antioxidant. Brighten uneven skin tone, skin restoring and soothing.

Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.
Achillea Millefolium: Yarrow Extract. May have skin soothing properties, but also has properties that may cause skin sensitivity and photosensitivity.

Claims: Well I did not think the podcast was relaxing or mindful at all. The mask itself, felt nourishing when on, but I felt no real calming or nourishing effects afterwards.

Price: 149 DKK – 20 EURO – 25,5 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it up (well there is not much left so why not) but I will definitely not buy a new one.

Hairlust – Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask

Their words:

Do you struggle with dry and worn hair, that has a hard time getting long? It is really hard growing your hair long and also keeping it healthy, while repearing the damage from styling tools throughout the years. HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Hair Mask is a nourishing, hydrating and repairing mask, that gives the hair peace. The mask contains vegan microproteins, effective organic plant extracts from among other, aloe vera, acai and oatmeal extract, that works together in quenching the hairs thirst. After shampoo, put in a small amount in your hands, and put it in the hair. Let work 5-10 minutes (or longer) and carefully clean. Afterwards use Conditioner. Psst! The mask is of course also nice for the hair even though you don’t want it to get longer.

My thoughts: I am pretty sure I tried hair gummies from this brand before- not something that I really found worked, so I am kind of sceptical right now. I did not use Conditioner afterwards in the first try, because I wanted to see what the mask itself did. Of course my hair would feel better just after using  conditioner, it is a bit like cheating. The second time I did use conditioner and HA was I right.

Applying: Easy to distribute, though the consistency did not feel as soft or wet as my usual hair masks; it felt creamier. On that note, it did not really “grab” to my hair like I am used to with conditioner or other hair masks.

Feel: When not using conditioner, my hair felt just a bit softer after having washed it out, but not anything noteworthy here. After using conditioner my hair felt super nice and soft – exactly like it would after just using conditioner, may I say I am disappointed.

Packaging: Cute and straight to the point packaging – it looks like all their other packaging which makes for a nice aesthetic.

Scent: It smells sweet, just like I remember their hair gummies smelt.

Labels: Vegan

↑ Glycerin:
Replenish & restoring. Hydrating.
Helianthus Annus Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil. Replenish, strengthen and soothe skin. Good on dry, dehydrated or compromised skin. Can help reduce signs of stress or irritation to the skin.
Butyrospermum Parkii: Shea butter. Smoothing properties, is a rich source of antioxidants & has skin-replenishing fatty acids. Great in products designed to improve dry skin.
Hydrogenated Olive Oil: Rich source of antioxidants.
Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract: Acai. Antioxidant.

Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20. This one is said to come 100% from apples and not from the 26 allergenic perfumes that you have to declare. Why not just write the apples on or doesn’t that work?

Claims: The part about growing my hair out, I have not noticed; and since it is not a goal for me, it does not matter that much. I did not feel like it did wonders for my hair either – it was just a nice and okay hair mask.

Price: 199 DKK – 27 EURO – 32,5 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it up because I don’t want it to go to waste, but I will not buy it again, never ever.

Terre De Mars – 008 Reddition Body Cleanser

Their words:

We know. Cleansing isn’t the most fancy step in a skin care routing. But it is surely a step, you should not skip. And that means for the body too! Upgrade your shower with Terre De Mars 008 Reddition Body Cleanser, which is a organic, lightly frothy, aromathic and soft cleansing gel with coffee and rosemary extract, and aloe vera that nourishes and softens. Massage it onto wet skin from neck to foot, and clean carefully. Your skin is going to feel clean and fresh.

My thoughts: With a body cleanser marketed as a cleanser with coffee, you might think it would smell like coffee. Well, it doesn’t. and let me just say I was a bit disappointed.

Applying: Easy to apply, just like any other body cleanser.

Feel: It felt like it cleaned my skin but I didn’t notice anything amazing. Truly a standard body cleanser.

Packaging: The packaging I like quite much, it is simple and black and white. The lid is a curious size, as it is smaller than I am used to and it was therefore a bit harder to open.

Scent: Citrusy.

Labels: Vegan & cruelty free.

Glycerin: Replenish & restoring. Hydrating.
Coffea Arabica fruit extract: Coffee. Great antioxidant. Can help against aging and sun damage.

Citral: Fragrant. Can be sensitizing.
Limonene: Fragrance from citrus oils, pine trees or spices of mint. Can be sensitizing when exposed to air but otherwise a strong antioxidant and can calm skin.
Litsea Cubeba: Fragrance that contains limonene and citral. Can be sensitizing.

Claims: I did not really feel any softening per say, just clean skin and a very normal shower experience.

Price: 141 DKK – 19 EURO – 23 USD

Will I use it again: Will use up, but not buy again.

So that is all from this review, and let me just say- I was quite disappointed. A really meh-box this time, but that is how it is.

Have you ever tried any of these, and what did you think?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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