The topic is skincare, and I will explain, exactly what it is and what to use it for!

Skincare can be a jungle to find your way around in.
In this series we are looking closely at the different types of skincare.

We will look at what it is & what it does

What types exist

Do you need it & when should you use it

Today we will focus on Moisturizer.

You can also watch this series on my YouTube Channel.


A moisturizer is a skincare product that is primarily made to hydrate the skin.

Often a moisturizer also has other properties, like:

  • Nourishing
  • Sun Protection
  • Anti-age
  • Helping with clear skin
  • Giving a nice Glow
  • Can be a remedy for different skin conditions
  • Made for all skin types to make you stay hydrated


There are quite a few different ways to acquire your daily moisture.

The forms you can get your moisturizer in are:

  • Cream – heavy consistency, often hydrates a lot
  • Gel – gel like consistency.
  • Lotion – has a higher water content than a cream, and is therefore lighter
  • Whipped cream – Lighter and airier than a normal cream
  • Oil – Has a oily consistency
  • Soufflé – Light texture, close to whipped cream
  • Butter – not real butter, often called body butter. This is thicker than a cream.
  • Stick – Small, convenient and comes in a hard/ solid form.
  • Balm – Thich and creamy
  • Milk – has a milky texture, a bit thicker than oil moisturizers but not as thick as a cream.
  • Yogurt – Absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feel. Lightweight


Moisturizer is an important step to your skincare routine, to make sure your skin does not get dry and irritated; therefore, I would say a moisturizer is a good idea to use, no matter age or gender.

You should moisturize twice a day – morning and evening after cleaning your face.

What moisturizer you need might depend on skin type, what consistency you want it to have, and what you want it to do to your skin.

If there is some type of skincare you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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