This eyeshadow palette has been sitting on my shelf for years (I know, but I never got to it because these colours were not really in my comfort zone) but today I finally got to it.

I got a lot of thoughts, and feelings about this palette, and instead of me blabbering, let me just tell you (or show if you would rather like that, you can go to my YouTube Channel and watch it)

Their words:

A tiger can’t change its stripes, but you can. Switch your look from bold to bronzed with our three Wild Animal Palettes. Are you integrity! Zebra print with vibrant rainbow pigments.

My thoughts: Somehow the description confuses me.

Applying: Fairly easy to apply, though it is not as pigmented at first as I hoped. It can be built up but it takes some time, and if you really want the colour, you can’t tap the excess off. Which makes this a bit of a hassle to use. If you have a great patience, this might be no problem.

Feel: Does not feel heavy or annoying on my lids and stayed put all day.

Packaging: This packaging is quite wild and awesome. The colours are daring, bright and really spark a bit of joy in me

Scent: The scent reminds me of the really old kids’ makeup. Quite eyeshadow-y.

Labels: Cruelty-free and vegan

Tocopheryl Acetate: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant.
Tocopherol: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant

Claims: These claims confuse me, but I guess I can answer to the claim about vibrant rainbow pigments. Not pigmented enough compared to how pigmented they look in the pan.

Price: 86 DKK – 11,5 EURO – 14 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it again, but only if I need a specific colour for my makeup look. A lot of these colours I do not have in a better quality, so this will do.

That’s all for this review! Have you ever tried this palette, or any of the other animal print palettes Revolution Makeup made? I would love to hear, so tell me in the comments below.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time


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