So. Lets talk about another thing I really love.


Snuggling up under a blanket with a nice cup of tea is great, but tea can also be used in many other contexts; to give energy, make you happy, or make you sleepy (or help cure sickness)

Today we will look at some types of tea, and what they are good for.

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Chamomile tea is perfect for sleeping or relaxing. I usually drink it with a bit of honey for a bit of a pick me up (and for my sweet tooth)


Good against colds, because it fights inflammation and enhances the immune system – this is because of the spices present in the tea.


Detoxes and are full of antioxidants while boosting the immune system.


Gives energy because of the high caffeine in here, therefore also boosts your brain functions.


Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and helps with strengthening bones, teeth, hair and improves skin health.


Aids digestion and helps with colds while boosting mental functions.


Helps soothe a cold and coughing, detoxes, and helps with digestion. This is especially good if you make it yourself by adding lemon juice and a bit of honey to warm water.


Has become quite popular the last couple of years. It helps boost the immune system, has lots of antioxidants and is said to help burn fat.

Tea is of course not a cure all but can be great at aiding your body in staying healthy. Well, and it also just taste really good.

Now I hope some of you learned something new, and if you did: go drink some tea 😊

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time.


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