So this is something fun that I have wanted to do ever since I went to cosmetology school, but never really did. Today though, I thought; well frick it. We are doing it.

We are looking at eyebrows, which different types there are, and what they do to your face.

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First off; if you have beautifully formed eyebrows, they may lift your face, open the eyes and frame the eye area (and the whole face) without taking all focus. Usually when correcting brows, you should not completely change them, just follow the brow, and give them some direction – that way you get nice and complimentary brows without altering your face too much.

You can still change the shape of the brow without being too drastic; and though how to shape your brows could be quite an interesting talk – that is not what we will be looking at today. Perhaps another time if that is something you would like to know.

In short if we take what the shapes do to your face, there is one thing you can rely on: your face gets complimented the most if the shape of the brow creates dynamic. Which means a round brow on a round face for example would just blend into each other and seem bland.

There is no definite rules for brows, and one shape could look fantastic on you even if in theory it should not. In general I just follow the natural brow shape, but that might not be what you want; and therefore you can use this list if you want to experiment with your own brow shape.

A small disclaimer before showing you these; if you want to make a drastic change in brows you might want to draw them up with a pencil before to see what type of effect it would get.

Please DO NOT wax of your brows! I have seen it happen plenty of times, and though you might be fine afterwards, not everyone gets their brow hair back. Some of them might be damaged for the rest of your life and these hairs do not come back no matter what you do. If you do it and regret it – there is not really any way back.

Now, there are quite a bit of shapes, but these are the most usual ones:


If you have an angled face, this brow may flatter you the most. There is no actual arch as the brows simply get rounded. It adds a softness and roundness to the face which is why it is flattering for an angled face or sharp features.


This simply means you actually have an angle in your brow, as opposed to the round brows.

Curved/ soft angle

Curved brows are somewhere between an angled and a rounded brow. It gives a soft feeling without being too round, but at the same time gives the edge from the angled brow. Very similar to the angled brows, these are a bit softer and may therefore look a bit more feminine.


The arch is simply not there at all. This can be good if you have a long face shape as these brows can create an illusion of having a shorter face.

Almost invisible arches

The angle on these can barely be seen and can give a very subtle look, if you have these brows naturally, they usually do not need much maintenance.

Arch at the end

These as the name suggests, has the arch at the end and especially compliments rounder faces.

Arch in the middle

This type of brow had the arch in the middle instead of the end.

High arch

These have a very high arch and can make your whole face look more lifted but also more dramatic.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ron Adar/SOPA Images/Shutterstock (10469284s) Lea Michele Kohl’s ‘New Gifts at Every Turn’ event, New York, USA – 06 Nov 2019

S shape

Some people are born with this natural brow shape that starts in the center before gently dipping down before again rising into an arch.


A popular thing to do if having short brows, are making sure they are thick so there is no doubt they can be seen. It can be quite a bold brow but be very beautiful.

Extra long

Another dramatic look is an extra long eyebrow. With these the tail of the brow extends beyond the corner of the eyes.

I hope you learned something from this, and please remember to be careful when choosing to remove eyebrow hairs, it can quickly take a bad turn.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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