The “hardship” of having to go from either work or school straight to a party or event, can be really hard as the makeup that is usually worn to work and school is either minimal or really dressed down.

That is why we will be doing an easy day to night makeup look today. So you will know what to do when in a pinch or don’t have enough time to really do anything before the event.

I usually do not really wear much makeup, which means I do not feel like I need that much for going to a party (if I actually went to parties that is). I do not really wear much in the daytime either, which means this look might be a bit too subtle for some tastes. (But if you would like to see a more packed on look, I can make it – just say so)

If you would like to watch this instead – you can go watch it on my YouTube Channel 😊


First, I started with my face.

A beautiful base for the face can really set the mood for the rest of the day -and the rest of the makeup, so even though I don’t use foundation every day I still strive for an almost flawless face.

I used the Figs & Rouge Hydra Matte Pore Corrector Velvet Cream (yes that is a long name) as primer to get my face ready. I had already cleaned my face and used a cream earlier so this was just an extra “precaution”.
After blending out the primer on my face I got in there with the Instant Anti-Age Eraser from Maybelline to conceal everything that I needed concealed – and that is often everything. The concealer was blended into my face with my beauty sponge that I honestly do not remember where is from.
Then I used my Manhattan Clearface 2in1 Powder & Makeup as a substitute for foundation and simply patted it into my skin until I had an even finish.

For the eyes I took my Stay Don’t Stray eye primer from Benefit Cosmetics and patted a layer on my eyelids to get them ready for eyeshadow.
The brushes I use are an H&M eyeshadow brush with a thin brush in one end and a fluffy brush in the other end, and an eyeshadow brush from E.L.F. that is honestly so old it almost falls apart. For patting down colour I use the E.L.F. brush, and for blending I use the H&M brush.
I then found my Tati Beauty Vol. 1 Eyeshadow palette and went into the colour Aura in matte to use as a transition shade all over my lid. Then I took the colour Soothe in matte also to give my eyes a bit of definition. This shade was used on the lid itself and blended out so it looked very light. The colour Ritual in matte was then blended in in the outer parts of my eye to create a bit of definition.
The mascara I use at the moment is the Sandstone Mascara Intense in black and I put a gentle but definitely visible layer on my upper eyelashes – about 3-4 strokes.

For my lips I usually just end up using a lip balm.


As my face has already been prepped all I needed was some extra powder to touch up any imperfections that had happened throughout the day. I use the Manhattan Clearface 2in1 Powder & Makeup for that.
I will then give some life to my face by adding a bit of bronzer and blush, and then a good amount of highlighter.
The bronzer I use is the ModelCo Matte Bronzer with the Niré Glow-and-go Kabuki brush (number 139) and I gently place some from my temples almost to the top of my head to make my forehead look less tall. To make my face look a bit more defined I place some at my cheekbones and a bit at my jawline. I blend all these lines in well.
For blush I use the BareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush in Pink Me Up with the Niré Radiant Blush brush (number 305). I place this around the apples of my cheeks and parallel with the bronzer line I just made around my cheekbones.
I take the highlighter Glowcomotion from W7 (not the best but does the job) and uses the LUXIE Medium Fan Brush (number 560) which works okay for me, though I am on the lookout for a better one. I place some highlighter above the blush and bronzer at the cheekbones, and when I say some – I mean quite a bit. I also put just a dash of highlighter on the tip of my nose. Somehow, I find my nose quite cute like that.

To beautify my eyes even more I go back into the Tati Beauty palette and take my H&M brush and apply a little bit of the colour Ritual in matte to follow my lower lash line, and a little bit to follow the upper lash line. The upper line follows the whole lid, while the lower one is only at the end of my lower eye. I then go into the colour Ritual in metallic to top off my eyelid for some beautiful sparkle and use the colour Aura in matte at the inner corner of my eye.
I will then add the Sandstone Mascara Intense in black to my lower lashes and another two coats to my upper lashes.
The Chanel Paris Long-lasting Eyeliner in Intense Black goes unto my tightline (is that what you call the upper waterline?).

For the lips I will use the Safiya Nygaard x Colourpop Lux lipstick in Berry Me In Lipsticks. These has become my favourite lipsticks ever since I first tried them.

Just for some extra – though it is not makeup – I will give my hair one spray of my ATM favourite perfume Clean Reserve in Radiant Nectar. It has a flowery, sweet, and clean scent without being overpowering.

That is all for my day to night look.

I hope you liked it and I would love to hear if you have another good idea or tip for making a day to night makeup look even easier! So leave me a comment down below and I would love to chat!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time.


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