Makeup can be a jungle to wrap your head around; which is exactly why we are doing this series! In this series we are looking closely at different types of

Today our focus is all on Highlighter, and we are looking at:

What it is & what does it do?

What types exist?

Do you need it & when should you use it?

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A highlighter is a makeup product that reflects light to give a glow to the face.
It can give a bright or subtle glow that overall enhances you complexion and can make your cheekbones look more prominent while drawing attention to the “glowy” parts of your face.

It is mostly used on the cheekbones, but can also be used on the nose, forehead, browbone or chin, but also on the collarbones.


A few different types of highlighter exist, and they also come in different colours where pink, peach, champagne, gold, copper, bronze and silver are the most usual ones.

It is also possible to get it in colours like blue or green, but the beforementioned are the most “normal” ones.

The types of formula that are most common are these:

  1. Liquid highlighter
    These often come in a bottle with a dropper, and some apply it with the dropper directly to the face, where others put some on their hand (or another surface) and daps it on with their fingers.
    Liquid highlighter can be hard to put on as it might smudge your face makeup if it is not put on properly the first time.

  2. Cream highlighter
    Often come in a pot or stick form, they are usually strobed on when in stick form, or dabbed on with the fingers when in a pot.
    Cream highlighter can also be a bit tough to put on, as it might also smudge the face makeup underneath if it is not put on in the first try.

  3. Powder highlighter
    This one is a powder and is supposed to be put on with a brush but can also be put on with your fingers.
    This one does not smudge the makeup that is underneath, but there may be a bit of fallout when using a brush.


When we are done here, I will have said this a million times: you do not NEED any makeup!

Buuuuut. Highlighter can look really pretty, so if you enjoy putting on makeup, I recommend trying it at least once. You have to be careful though; it can be almost addicting to see a beautiful glow on the face, and when I first started using it, I wanted to use it everywhere.

Highlighter can be used alone, but depending on how much you use, I would recommend using it together with other face makeup.

That is all for highlighter, and if there is some type of makeup you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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