It is always important to have a clean home – Especially with Covid knocking on the door (and windows), and as it goes away and comes back again.

A clean home ensures a great living environment, makes sure you got the optimal conditions for not getting sick and generally makes the space more livable.

These things are some that you should aspire to keep clean at all times, or at least most of the time. In your own home, you don’t have to be AS religious with this, but overall a clean home = a clean head (and good health)

The reason it is not as important at home, is because you already share the living space with someone else. In our household we are only two, and no matter what we will give our bacteria to each other. It is unavoidable.

These things can also be cleaned at your job, for example, where it is usually extra important to have a clean area.

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Overall, the most important things to clean, is the things you touch every day:

  • Door knops and other handles (including the fridge)
  • Light switches and power outlets
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Sinks/ faucets
  • Countertops
  • Keys and phones
  • Yourself and each other (especially your hands)

But there are also other things to do if you want a truly clean home with minimal risk of getting sick:

Clean your electronics

This especially counts for your phone, laptop (including the keyboard), and tv-remote. While you are at it, you might as well also dust off your television and clean your earphones.

Clean the bathroom

Especially your sink, faucets, and the toilet.
If you are already in the bathroom cleaning; might as well check that there is no mold growing in the shower, and there is no hair in the drain. And remember to clean the mirror too.

Clean the kitchen

As in all of it. Remember the oven (including the knobs and handle), and sink (including the faucet).

We usually also clean our fridge by taking out all the food and wiping down the shelves; then we sort in the food (is anything too old?), and of course we also clean the handle on the fridge together with the outer surface.

Then we clean every horizontal and vertical surface. Countertops and cabinets comes first and, sometimes even the wall gets cleaned (depending on if we spilled or splashed something on it. Lastly we clean the handles on every cabinet.

Change the toothbrush

Toothbrushes gets disgusting after a while, so remember to change it around every 3 month.

Wash your bedding

Especially your pillowcase. Bacteria breed so well in this, so remember to wash it fairly often – we do ours about once a month and sometimes the pillowcases go even more often.

Do the laundry

It has to be done at some point anyways – might as well be now. Having designated laundry baskets makes it easier to put it straight into the washing machine without having to sort anything.

We do our laundry about every other week, depending on if we need some of the clothes that are going to be washed, or if there is wet or damp laundry in the laundry basket (if there are damp/wet things in there it might start getting moldy and therefore needs to be washed quicker).

Remember to especially clean towels or cloths that you use daily or almost daily!


Might as well take the whole house.
We vacuum not only the floor, but also take a look at the ceilings (if spiders or webs are hanging out there), and under (or on) our furniture (like under the bed or the sofa).

Clean your water bottle

Especially if you use it daily. Your mouth harbors a lot of bacteria, and since your mouth touches that bottle daily, you can only imagine how many bacteria it may have.

Some water bottles can go in the dishwasher, others have to be done by hand (you can get a fancy brush to clean bottles), but we usually clean it by shaking it with boiling water and soap, and then wipe down the opening (ours can handle boiling water so please don’t do this if yours cant).

Do the dishes

Dishes that pile up are not sexy; so it makes sense you don’t want to do them. They are in the way, look disgusting, and can make your mood sour simply by looking at them.

We are lucky enough to have a dishwasher, but if you don’t, try making it a nice thing to wash the dishes (think about how nice and warm the water is, or put on some good music or a funny YouTube video)

Take out trash

Hopefully you already remember to do this but if you are like us; you also have special trash put aside somewhere.

We got paper, plastic, metal, and glass (and dangerous material, but those are harder to get rid of), and those can be put in different trash bins not far from our home. It is kind of a win win – you get exercise, and you get rid of something that clutters.

Mop the floor

There are some things that a vacuum cleaner cannot remove from the floor, so it is always a good idea to wash the floor too.

The most important place to do this for us is the kitchen, as that is the place we spill the most. If you have kids; perhaps the place you need to mop the floor the most is around the dinner table.

Wash pillows and duvets

These should also be washed, and there should be cleaning instructions on their label.
Sweat and bacteria lives in there, so even though you do not have to clean them often; you do need to clean them sometimes (like in the summer when it is easier to dry it outside).

Clean your bed

We spend a lot of time in our bed, so it is a good idea to keep it fairly clean.

We protect ours with bedsheets, but also vacuum it once in a while, and remember to turn around the mattress (so that the bed lasts longer- only some mattresses can be turned though).

Remember to water your houseplants

I promise you – they will die if you don’t.

If you are not good at remembering this; set up a timer on your phone to remind you to check on the plants.

Clean toys

Be it your childrens’, your pets or your own toys, they need to be cleaned once in a while too – especially if they are used often.

Clean the windows

These are also not necessary to clean too often, but it should be possible to see when they need to be cleaned. There will either be obvious marks on them, or there will be a thin layer of dust or dirt on them.

Clean the walls

You do not have to clean all your walls, but some walls are really good to wash. We usually clean the bathroom walls around the shower (as mold comes there), and around the toilet.

The kitchen walls are also cleaned to some extend; at least the walls around the sink, stove, and the walls where we prepare to cook (where we cut vegetables)


Especially the ones that are used daily like school bags or gym bags. They should be able to be washed in the washing machine, so go look at the label and see what it says.

Take care of the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

These honestly also needs to be cleaned and taken care of for them to work properly.

Make sure filters are empty, and they are filled with whatever they need to run (like salt and detergent for the dishwasher) some places it is also possible to get an actual cleaner for these appliances so try looking for them too if you feel like you need it.

Clean your car

If you use your car often you should clean it too. Vacuum the floor and seats, wipe down the dashboard and remember the handles.

These are some of the things that are important you clean, especially while the pandemic is ongoing.

Did I forget any places to clean, if so, let me know in the comments below 😊

I hope you all stay safe and take care of yourself!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time


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