The series is going well, and if you don’t know what it is about, then the topic is Makeup, and I will explain, exactly what different types of makeup are and what to use them to.

I have been looking forward to today, because today our focus is all on Lipstick; one of my favourite (if not my absolute favourite) makeup.

As always you may also watch this post as a video on my YouTube channel if you like:


A lipstick is a makeup product that is designed to primarily add colour to the lips.

It may also add protection (in the form of SPF) or texture (in the form of a matte, shimmery, or sparkling finish), but colour is one thing all lipsticks have.


Lipstick comes in a few different formulas, and finishes, and it can have just about any colour you would like.

First off are the formulations:

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Pencil
  • Tube
  • Bottle

And then some of the finishes:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Glittery
  • Metallic
  • Creamy


By the end of this series you will be sick of hearing me say this, but: you don’t need any makeup.

Buuuuuuut, lipstick is one of those makeup products that can add such a huge difference to a makeup look; especially if you love makeup. It can give confidence, or simply tie the whole look together. Nonetheless if you like putting on makeup, you should try lipstick.

It should be applied after your face makeup, but if it is before or after your eye makeup is all up to you 😊

Now if there is some type of makeup you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

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