Makeup, makeup, makeup. We have talked about it a lot, and will proceed to do so.

In this series the topic is Makeup, and I will explain, exactly what different types of makeup are and what to use them to.

Makeup can be a jungle to wrap your head around; but I am trying to make it a bit easier to navigate in it.

Today our focus is all on Lip Stains.

If you would like, you can also watch this post as a video on my YouTube channel, right here:


A lip stain is a makeup product designed to give a tint or colour to the lips by staining them.

It comes in a liquid or gel form, and can either just be put on, or has to be taken off after a while. It stays on for long because the pigment in there leaves a tint on the lips.

Though it can give colour for longer than a lipstick (and without the smearing), it does tend to dry the lips out a bit since it clings to the lips.


As I said before a lip stain can come as a gel or liquid, so either in a tube, a stick, or bottle with a applicator.


If you like using makeup, and lipstick in general; you can try it out, especially if you like a subtle look. Because a tint stains the lips, the colour can be a bit more subtle than a lipstick and therefore it might be good for natural looks.

Overall though it is not something you need at all, and because it can dry the lips, it might be easier to just use a lipstick or lip balm with some colour in it.

That is all for lip tints; if there is some type of makeup you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it (if we haven’t already).

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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