Doing makeup inspired by Disney’s movie Encanto (from 2021) was not really something I was planning to do. Until I saw the movie.

The characters are completely their own, the songs are superb, and the plot is so different from what I would have imagined from a “normal” Disney movie (not to mention the more you watch it, the more you find small details you did not see the first time).

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I truly recommend it, it is like nothing I have ever seen before, and to be honest my boyfriend and I loved it so much we had to se it another time the day after we first saw it. And of course we also had to add some of the songs to our playlist on Spotify – it is no wonder it has been billboards top album for so long.

For this look, I chose to do their colours, since it was not so easy to get the feel of the movie otherwise (if I did Coco for example I would be able to do the skulls or flowers, but not really here). So I went for four colours. Abuela is purple, Bruno is green, Pepa’s family is yellow, and Julieta’s family is blue. I also chose to incorporate the yellow butterfly that is the symbol of the magic in the movie.

As always, if you would rather watch than read this, you may watch the video were I made this look right here: 😊


As per usual, I started out with my Figs & Rouge Hydra Matte Pore Corrector Velvet Cream to prime my face.

After the primer had time to sink in, I went for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, and my Beauty sponge, to conceal every imperfection I had on my skin – I simply put on the concealer and dapped it into the skin.

To kind of seal the face, and make sure I had a beautiful canvas to start with, I took my Manhattan Clearface 2in1 Powder and Makeup, and patted a good layer of powder all over my face.

Since the family is very lively, and they do have magic, I chose to use both blush and highlighter. For blush I used the Niré 305 Radiant Blush Brush and my BareMinerals Blush in the colour Golden Gate, and I put it on the apples of my cheeks, while kind of dragging the colour up against my temples.
The highlighter I chose was also from BareMinerals and it was in the colour Free. I used my LUXIE 560 Medium Fan Brush for my cheekbones, and the Niré 113 The Multitasker Brush to highlight my browbone.

To make sure I had the butterfly, I chose to make it with my Revolution Makeup Integrity- Wild Animal Eyeshadow Palette. I used my H&M blending brush (the liner brush) to draw the body of the butterfly with the black shadow, and my Nilens Jord 120 Black Diamond Eye Shadow Brush for the wings of the butterfly. I simply dipped the brush in the yellow, and stamped it onto the skin, and the brush had the form I wanted for the wings.


The eyes are always the most fun for me, as I can truly experiment here.
Since I knew my colours, purple, yellow, green, and blue I had many ways I could make this eye look.
One thing that my mind thought of when thinking of the movie, was the wall mural that is in the movie, where the whole family Madrigal is standing beside each other.
In that one, abuela (purple) is standing above the others, and not really a “part” of her children. Therefore, I knew I wanted the purple not to be blended with the others. For my yellow, green, and blue, I simply did as the mural; yellow, green, blue.

First I primed my eyes with my Nilens Jord Eye Primer, and when that dried down, went into the Revolution Makeup -Jewel Collection – Gilded in the colour So What to use as a base layer (or transition shade if you will.

I then took my Revolution Makeup – Integrity – Wild Animal Eyeshadow Palette, and went into first the yellow in the inner corner of my eyes until halfway on my lid, and took the dark blue and went opposite; from the outer corner of my eyes, until halfway on my lid.
I dipped my finger into the green shimmer and patted than right in the middle of my green and blue.
The matte colours that I used (so what, yellow, and blue), was put on with my E.L.F. Professional Eyeshadow Brush.

Then I took my H&M Blending brush (the liner brush again) and drew the purple shimmer along my lower lash line.

For mascara I put on a couple of layers of my Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in black on both upper and lower lashes.


For the lips I wanted to keep it simple, since I had so much colour on my eyes already. Therefore, I went for my Safiya Nygaard X Colourpop lipstick, and I choose the colour Bikini Bottom which is a nice nude colour.

That was how I chose to make this look, and I am honestly in love with this eye makeup!

What do you think about this look? And did you watch this movie? I am so in love with it, so I really hope some of you watched it and enjoyed it as much as I did!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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