Vitamin E video up

Vitamin E video up

We’re at the fifth video now (happy dance)

go watch it here:Vitamin E



14 mothers day gift ideas

14 mothers day gift ideas

Mothers day is near, and what in the world should we get her?


Here is 14 (not too expensive) ideas :

(Links below)

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Be aware that prices is in both EUR and USD.

Curiosity soy candle with the smell of spring! 23 USD at


Pretty as a peach gift set. 11 USD at


Monogrammed garland ring dish. 10USD at


I love you mom and here’s why. Personalized book. 13 USD at


Sow and grow 5 herbs kit for indoors and outdoors. 25 USD at


The farmhouse cookboook. 19 USD at


Burt’s bees essential kit. 18 USD at


Chocolate gift pack. 38 USD at


Funny mug. 10Euro at


Personalized bracelet. Choose between name, coordinates, intials, date or special message. Prices from 18 Euro at


Heirloom seed kit. 24 USD at


Practical present that changes someones life. From 6 Euro at


Funny mug. 32 USD at


Dish towels. 34 Euro at


Even if you cannot afford anything expensive there is still lots of things to do. Make her something yourself or buy her a bouqet of flowers. It’s the thought that counts.

Until next time: I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 🙂



A distraction and a preview of the next post

A distraction and a preview of the next post

Just putting this up here once more. Why you ask? Because the video of the coasters are up on the YouTube page, go watch it 😀 ❤ Xoxo



Hands up, I’m obsessed with minions- I really love them (They can somehow find something good in every situation and I just love their (bad) humor and pure hearts)

So today I will show you a short tutorial on how to do minion nails (beware some of the pictures are a little blurry-I seriously have to charge my camera):


  • Black, blue, white, yellow and silver nail polish
  • Base and top coat (mine is 2 in 1)
  • Dotting tools (If you dont have these you can just use a toothpick or try dotting with the nail polish brush)
  • A small brush


  1. Make sure your nails are clean
  2. Start painting your nails with a base coat
  3. Paint your nails with your yellow colour (either one or two coats-mine needed two)16216085_10209232076746705_902261081_n
  4. Now take your small brush and paint on those…

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