Makeup Explained – Lipstick

Makeup Explained – Lipstick

The series is going well, and if you don’t know what it is about, then the topic is Makeup, and I will explain, exactly what different types of makeup are and what to use them to.

I have been looking forward to today, because today our focus is all on Lipstick; one of my favourite (if not my absolute favourite) makeup.

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Makeup Explained – Lip Gloss

Makeup Explained – Lip Gloss

Another day to talk about makeup!

We are doing makeup explained and we are looking at Lip Gloss today:

What it is & what it does.

What types exist.

Do you need it & when should you use it.

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Alternatives to sugar – good alternatives when having cravings

Alternatives to sugar – good alternatives when having cravings

A thing I struggle with frequently is sugar. Specifically trying not to eat too much of it.

I easily crave something sugary, and though I do usually get satisfied with just a few pieces of candy or a small soda, I wish for a day where I do not feel like I need that sugar almost daily.

I am well aware that sugar can be quite addicting and taking a cold turkey might be the easiest way to get rid that craving. On one hand I want to have a great and healthy life. On the other hand, I want to enjoy life and eat things I think taste good.

So, what is the compromise we can make?

Well for starters; finding alternatives to the sugary things we are craving may be a great idea. If the taste of these treats stop my sugar craving – well then I found a great middle ground.

And if you have the same problem as me, wanting sugar, craving sugar; here you go – these alternatives are for us 😊

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Makeup Explained – Eyeliner

Makeup Explained – Eyeliner

Another post in Makeup Explained – this time it is Eyeliner.

In this series I am explaining different makeup so that you (and I) know exactly what it is and what to use it for)

We will be looking at:

What it is & what it does.

What types exist.

Do you need it & when should you use it.

You may also watch this on my YouTube Channel 😊


An eyeliner is a makeup product that is used to line your eyes (as in draw lines around them) to give different effects (like bigger/smaller eyes).

An eyeliner can compliment almost any eye look because it is so versatile – you may do almost anything you like with it. For example you could make the liner graphic, subtle, winged, dramatic, or coloured.


There are a few different types of eyeliner that works mostly the same.

Which one is the best, is up to individual preference, so you do have to try them out to figure out what you like to use the most.

They do also come in almost any colour.

  1. Pencil eyeliner
    Is perhaps the most commonly used because it is easy to use and control.
    It has to be sharpened once in a while just like a pencil, and it has to be sharp enough for you to actually draw accurately with it (be careful not to make it so sharp you prick yourself on it).

  2. Liquid eyeliner
    Can be difficult to apply as it is “slippery”, and you need a steady hand to put it on.
    It is usually very pigmented and is great at making thin, precise lines.
    You do need to give it some time to dry.

  3. Gel/cream eyeliner
    This type comes in a pot that you dip a brush in, and then draw with. These can allow more control over how thick the lines get as you are the one to choose how much product goes on the brush.
    You do need a fairly steady hand for putting this on, as it glides on pretty easy, and it does also need some time to dry.
    This type on eyeliner is especially good for a smokey look as the texture makes it easy to smudge.

  4. Eyeshadow as liner
    Another option is to use eyeshadow as liner.
    It works as a gel or cream eyeliner where you simply dip a stiff brush in the shadow and draw on whatever you want.
    It gives a subtle look; but because of this is also does not last as long as other eyeliners.
    You should not use this one on the waterline, as it will irritate the eyes, and does not stick anyways.


As I say, well, always; you do not need makeup at all.

If you do enjoy using makeup, I would recommend trying out using an eyeliner, since it is so versatile, and you may do almost anything with it.

You may use it whenever you like as it can be used alone or accompanied by other makeup.

So that was all for eyeliners! If there is some type of makeup you would like explained, tell me in the comments and we will get to it.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

Beauty Explained – Light therapy

Beauty Explained – Light therapy

Once again the topic is Beauty, and I will explain all about Supplements, Procedures and products.

Beauty can be such a jungle to find your way around in, so in this series we are looking closely at Beauty, and trying to find out what it is.

We are as always looking at some different things:

What is it and what does it do

What types exist

Do you need it and when should you use it

Today we will focus on light therapy – or as it is also called – Chromotherapy or Beauty Angel Light.

You can also watch this on my YouTube channel 😊

What is it & what does it do?

An alternative form for beauty treatment, light therapy comes in the form of a big and mobile lamp, a solarium looking device, or a “chair” with lights on the side.

Light therapy is all about using light to help heal the body either physically, mentally, or spiritually. It uses different lights with different wavelengths and frequencies that the body responds to. Just like how our body feels lighter and our mind happier in the warm summer than in the cold winter.

Depending on which colour is used, the brain will respond accordingly – quite like how blue signals something relaxing and green something down to earth.

The reason the Beauty Angel Light is so popular is because the light vibrations activate our fibroblasts which are the cells that produce new connective tissue. This means the production of Collagen rises together with hyaluronan and elastin, that determines the skins elasticity, resilience, and moisture balance.
That is why the skin will benefit, become more even, beautiful, and have less wrinkles with more of a glow.

What types exist?

Here in Denmark, you can get a lamp to help with winter depression, but the beauty light I have only seen as Beauty Angel light.

There are a lot of different benefits though, and these could be:

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Make the skin mor resilient and elastic.
  • Reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Help with dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Fight acne and impure skin.
  • Reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • Give a beautiful glow to the skin.
  • Give energy and release endorphins.
  • Reduce stretch marks.
  • De-stress and increase well-being.

Do you need it & when should you use it?

Because light therapy is an alternative form of beauty treatment, it is hard to say everyone needs it.

I would recommend seeking out a clinic that knows how to use the light therapy if you have any of the beforementioned concerns, like for example acne, stubborn dark circles, or fine lines and wrinkles, and you have tried other methods already that did not help.
I would not say healing light is the first choice, as it can be really expensive, as you have to pay for cleansing, creme, and go there multiple times (around 6 times) before it becomes effective.

One normal treatment takes about 30 minutes and costs 450 DKK – 60 EURO – 71 USD.
It is also possible where I live to get a treatment program where you get either 6 or 12 treatments (30 minutes per treatment) for 1500/2500 DKK which is 201/336 EURO or 238/396 USD.

You should, as said before, use it if you have tried other stuff first (or is simply curious to see if it works and don’t mind splurging). I would recommend doing it more than once or twice as the best results comes after quite a few treatments – but you can figure that out as you go together with the one doing the treatment.

That is all I had about healing light! I hope you learned something today, and I am curious to know if you have ever tried it before – you can just tell me in the comments down below.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

Inspired makeup – minions

Inspired makeup – minions

We just started a new series. As in right now.

Inspired makeup is a series I have been looking forward to it for a while, because it takes two things I like a lot and combine them: makeup and creativity (which some will same is one and the same)

By taking inspiration from a piece of media, I am trying to create looks that somehow resemble the thing I’m trying to make. Like using the same colours or capturing the feeling.

Today I am looking at minions. You know; those small, annoying, clumps of love that is present both in Despicable me 1, 2 and 3, and also their own movie “Minions” – these are all animated.

Though they are to some extend ill-natured they are still soft-hearted. I had a craze with them when the movies came out, and I still find them absolutely adorable.

To explain the movies very shortly – before we get into the makeup, here goes:

Despicable me 1 (2010): A criminal mastermind adopts 3 orphans to be used as pawns in a great scheme.

Despicable me 2 (2013): Gru (the criminal mastermind from movie 1) gets recruited as an insider by a team of good guys to stop the bad guys.

Despicable me 3 (2017): Gru meets up with his long-lost twin brother who wants to team up for one last time to execute a criminal plan.

Minions: We see how the minions throughout all of existence serve only the most evil masters. we follow their journey until they meet Gru for the first time.

For the look I wanted to use the tree colours they have: The yellow, blue, and silver.

The making of the look can also be seen on my YouTube Channel just like always 😊

And here is the look:

First off I use the Figs & Rouge Hydra Matte Pore Correct Velvet Cream as a primer because I find it help make my pores appear smaller and my face feel more ready.

When that had set I went into the Instant Anti-Age Eraser Multi Use Concealer from Maybelline and used my damp beauty sponge to pat it into the skin.

Then for the Foundation I use two products, the Second Skin Serum Foundation from Nilens Jord gives me an even layer of thin foundation, and The Manhattan Clearface 2 in 1 powder and makeup sets it all and makes my face look less shiny and gives extra coverage.

For my eyes at the moment I had no eye primer, so I used the normal primer for my eyelids too, and after that had set, put on a small amount of the powder I just used for my face as a base colour and to remove any discoloration on my lids.

The eye look was made with my two brushes, the E.L.F Professional Eyeshadow Brush and the H&M blender and liner brush (I think that’s what it is called), and the W7 Neon Nights Electric Eye Colour Palette.
I use the bright yellow in the palette to put down an even colour all over my lid, and that yellow colour got dragged far up and out almost out to my brow, together with in the inner corner of my eye. The dark blue was used to create some dimension so I added it in my crease, and also put a bit of it to go along the end of my lower lash line. I used a heavy amount for both colours and was careful not to blend too much as I did not want the colours to combine and become too green.

Of course I went into a heavy amount of The Colossal Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline afterwards.

For my lips I honestly went into my eyeshadow palette again since I did not have any silver lipstick (Don’t worry I did not eat it, and took it off before I ate and drank stuff), and patted in onto my lips. Because it looked a bit harsh, I went into the Comme Deux Lip Love Lip gloss and softened the lips up a bit.

That was all for this look, and though I would not do those lips again, I had a lot of fun making it, and I honestly loved the eyes.

The three colours came through nicely and I was surprised that I loved the look so much.

What did you think about the look? Leave me a comment down below, I would love to know!

And if you have any other characters you want portrayed in this series please do tell me too!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

25 makeup questions we are too scared to ask

25 makeup questions we are too scared to ask

I remember when I was new to makeup.

Everything seemed very interesting and alluring, and I wanted to try everything I could get my hands on. Especially things with glitter and lots of colour (Lipstick in particular).
I tried so many different things, and I learned both good and bad things about makeup, and the application of makeup – I simply grew with the task.

But there were some things I wish I had known before venturing into the universe that is makeup – I was just too scared to ask others, and to unsure who to ask, where and exactly what I should do with the information (and my thoughts).

Therefore, today is a list. A list for you (and younger Luna) answering many of the makeup questions I had when I started out. But this list will also be answering some of the questions we might still have today – but just are too scared to ask because we feel stupid for asking.

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Makeup Explained – Eyebrow Pomade

Makeup Explained – Eyebrow Pomade

Once again the topic is Makeup, and I will explain, exactly what it is and what to use it for.

Makeup can be a jungle to wrap your head around.
In this series we are looking closely at the different types of makeup products.

We will be looking at what it is and what it does.

What types exist.

Do you need it and when should you use it.

Today our focus is all on Eyebrow pomade.

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