Recharge Goodiebox review  

Recharge Goodiebox review  


Breathe in… do you feel it?

We all just go on; non stop online and offline striving for the best life.

We want to do it all: be a good wife, mother, husband, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend and employee. We want to be fit, pretty, honest, popular, rich and perfect.

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Wear your pride – Goodiebox review

Wear your pride – Goodiebox review

This box I wanted to review last week, but it ended up coming so late, that my “usually” post time would not fit.

I actually only got my hands on the July box one hour before the post should be out, and that is not enough time to review 5 products and write a post about it.

Usually I get my Goodiebox Wednesday before 7 am, but this time I got it on Saturday morning instead. That was very saddening, but if we but that aside for a second, lets look at the theme for the box

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The Ritual of Karma – Limited Edition Goodiebox review

The Ritual of Karma – Limited Edition Goodiebox review


FIRST: an introduction:

I bought this box after trying some of Ritual’s products (ritual of happy buddha shower foam and the ritual of karma foot lotion) and I fell in love with the company and the way they sell and manufacture their products and brand.

Therefore; when I saw Goodiebox made a collaboration box with Rituals, I knew I had to have it!

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Aloe Vera in beauty products

Aloe Vera in beauty products


As time goes by, more and more beauty products use Aloe Vera as an ingredient.

I have been using Aloe Vera for a long time, and I remember from my childhood having Aloe Vera plants all over in the windowsills. As in; having them in ALL the windowsills.

We did not use it often, but sometimes a small “accident” would happen, and we would use this cheap and easy-to-use plant.

We would use it if we got a burn, both sunburns or a cooking burn would suffice, or we would whip it out (sorry-not-sorry) when we got a bug bite.

In the essence, Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory, soothing, and anti-itch. It is usually used for burns, would healing or frostbite. It can also be used as an antiseptic or a moisturizer.

Because it is a plant, it is a cheap way to have a painkiller at hand, and it can be used by both kids and adults.

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Sunny Side Up – Goodiebox Review  

Sunny Side Up – Goodiebox Review  


June’s box was called Sunny Side Up, and unfortunately the box was delayed a week, and therefore came when I was on vacation. This means I haven’t had time to review the box before now.

Sunny Side Up is not just the classic Eggs, but also an opportunity to look at the world from a positive perspective. That’s why this box is about giving your body and face a little extra love and care; because it is easier to build happiness when our “base” is happy (that meaning our bodies).

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Beauty Around The world – Goodiebox review    

Beauty Around The world – Goodiebox review    


This box has actually been one of my favorites so far (at least one of the ones where I actually still use most of it- mind this one is a old box, I am on vacation so I have not seen the june box yet)

The box brought home some of the world’s best beauty secrets.

We got introduced to some new and exciting products from all over the world, and they are all chosen because of their long, proud traditions and impressive results.

We discover, explore, love and share.


This box also contained 5 full size products which was really cool!

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