Powered by goodiebox review  

Powered by goodiebox review  


This box was called “Powered By” and is made to give (super) power to you (and your nails, hair and hands)

It was also made to make everyone find their inner power and explore what kind of strength keeps you going.

The empowering products we got were these:



Mesauda Milano – Rock Nail

This product was another miss for me, that did not live up to the hype.

It is said to be able to hold a manicure for a week and meanwhile strengthen my nails.

I didn’t feel my nails getting stronger (I do a lot of practical work and my nails broke just as often as they usually do) so I was a little sad at this part.

The polish didn’t hold for one whole week either but that might be because I use my hands for work as much as I do. If you have more still work, this might be better for you.

The product did give me a beautiful glossy coat over my natural nails that made them look healthier and more beautiful.

You can buy 10 ml (0.33oz) for 45,5DKK (6,1 Euro)

You can get it here



Raunsborg – Hand Cream

This hand cream is very smooth and comfortable to the touch.

With just a little bit of product, my hands got softer without even feeling sticky. It also only took a few moments for the cream to absorb into the skin.

It has a subtle but clean scent, which is very pleasant.

It costs 210 DKK (28 Euro) for 200ml (6.7 oz)

get it here



HairLust – Hair Gummies

These hair gummies I was very excited to try, so unfortunately, I do not have a picture of these, since I have used them up already.

I wanted to try these really bad, because I have seen a lot of posts about hair vitamins making hair and nails stronger. I was very skeptical, since it just feels like some humbug, and I wanted to see for myself if these actually work.

I got 45 gummies, so I had 15 days to see if they actually worked.

I took a picture before and after (and I know I had a little bit of curls on the first photo, but I think you should be able to see the difference nonetheless)

First of all, the hair gummies taste a lot like candy (very sweet with a bit of strawberry flavor), so it felt kind off like a treat to take them.

After taking them for 15 days I took a picture again. My hair felt and looks a bit smoother and healthier. Unfortunately though, I feel like you can get the same result by getting enough vitamins (like vitamin B, biotin and zink which all helps against hair loss, and helps with keeping your hear healthy)

If you are not sure you get enough vitamins, you could consider these hair gummies, since I think they DO help (but I would rather just eat some more whole grains and chicken)

They cost 249DKK (33.3 Euro) for 90 gummies (that’s one months’ worth)

 you can get yours here


Bellapierre cosmetics – Banana Setting Powder

This setting powder is pretty good (It is also the first one that I have ever tried)

It evens out my skin very good and conceals my (very) dark circles under my eyes and the redness in my skin. It was fairly easy to apply, compared to the fact that my makeup sponge was hiding so I had to use a painting sponge to apply it.

It does look a little yellow in the sun, so you might want to put on something else afterwards.

I wore it for about 3 hours and it wore just fine, and kept my makeup where it had to be.

It costs approximately 230 DKK (31 Euro)

you can buy it here



Luxie – Medium Fan Brush

This brush is very light and great at applying a bit of shine. With just a bit of highlighter and this brush, it is easy to build up a great highlight, no matter if you go for a more natural look or full on glam.

The design is very simple but cute, and made of vegan and cruelty-free material.

It does feel a little hard to not apply too much product on the brush since it is a fan, but nonetheless it gives a nice and precise shine.

It costs 120 DKK (16 Euro)

get yours here



Have any of you guys tried some of these before and what do you think about them?

Im curious to know 😊


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


Bullet journal 2019 part 13

Bullet journal 2019 part 13

We are finally at the end of the journey!

Today, I will show you alle the extra pages from my bullet journal. They range from password pages (from last years journal) to Save-Opoly and from level 10 life, to birthdays and gift lists.

Here they are:





I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤

Bullet journal 2019 part 11

Bullet journal 2019 part 11

Merry almost christmas! (well we reached november in the bullet journal at least), which means december is next, and then we are completely done with the bullet journal and ready to get 110% into using it


We are getting ready for christmas in novembers pages.


Deers, christmas trees and golden leaves is where we at! 😉


I hope you all have a happy life one day at a time! ❤

Bullet journal 2019 part 8

Bullet journal 2019 part 8

We are almost getting there!

While a bullet journaling is luckily a liquid “art form” you can still be making it while using it.


August month is filled with flowers, exotic animals (well one elephant at least) clean lines, and lastly sparse colours!


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤