Aloe Vera in beauty products

Aloe Vera in beauty products


As time goes by, more and more beauty products use Aloe Vera as an ingredient.

I have been using Aloe Vera for a long time, and I remember from my childhood having Aloe Vera plants all over in the windowsills. As in; having them in ALL the windowsills.

We did not use it often, but sometimes a small “accident” would happen, and we would use this cheap and easy-to-use plant.

We would use it if we got a burn, both sunburns or a cooking burn would suffice, or we would whip it out (sorry-not-sorry) when we got a bug bite.

In the essence, Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory, soothing, and anti-itch. It is usually used for burns, would healing or frostbite. It can also be used as an antiseptic or a moisturizer.

Because it is a plant, it is a cheap way to have a painkiller at hand, and it can be used by both kids and adults.



NOW: why is Aloe Vera used in beauty products?

The May Clinic has described cases where Aloe Vera assisted in healing of a variety of conditions;

  • Acne
  • Burns and Wounds- helps with healing both burns and wounds
  • Herpes simplex virus – it helps in healing lesions
  • Constipation
  • Oral lichen planus – inflammatory condition that affects the inside of the mouth.
  • Psoriasis- may reduce scaling, redness, inflammation and itching.

If you want to read the whole article, you can read it here:


These reasons already make great sense for use in beauty, because of its cooling and healing abilities.

I have been in love with Aloe Vera for a while (the obsession probably started while admiring these magnificent plants in the windowsill), and I especially love it in products like After Sun, where you naturally are going to need the cooling and healing effects to soothe your skin.



You can use Aloe Vera yourself!


There is a lot of ways you can use Aloe Vera yourself. I usually just have the plant lounging around for when I need a little pick-me-up. Then I just break an arm of the miracle plant (don’t worry, they grow out again surprisingly fast), and squeeze/ smear the insides of it out where I need it.


You could also choose to:

  • Do as me, and apply it directly on burnt skin
  • Dab Aloe Vera Gel on places you need to heal quickly
  • Use Pure Aloe Vera Gel instead of other chemical-filled creams if you have sensitive skin
  • Moisturize your skin by swiping the gel on your skin- it improves hydration and does not leave pores clogged or skin feeling greasy
  • Mix the gel with a hair oil, massage it into your scalp and rinse a few hours later to make a anti-dandruff potion.
  • Massage the gel directly into your scalp and rinse after an hour. This increases blood circulation and will boost hair growth. It is recommended not shampooing for a day after this- to let it work it’s magic in peace.
  • Use Aloe Vera Gel regularly on stretch marks to boost the skin’s collagen production, and therefore increases the skin’s elasticity helping “heal” them
  • Massage the gel onto your scalp or temples to ease a headache. Just like tiger balm or other anti-inflammatory products can.



There are lot of useful ways to use Aloe Vera, and I hope some of these will become useful to you too!

My absolute favorite right now is the Wes Sub Aloe After Sun that I reviewed in the “Beauty Around The World-Goodiebox Review”


What is your favorite Aloe Vera product??


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 😊


Sunny Side Up – Goodiebox Review  

Sunny Side Up – Goodiebox Review  


June’s box was called Sunny Side Up, and unfortunately the box was delayed a week, and therefore came when I was on vacation. This means I haven’t had time to review the box before now.

Sunny Side Up is not just the classic Eggs, but also an opportunity to look at the world from a positive perspective. That’s why this box is about giving your body and face a little extra love and care; because it is easier to build happiness when our “base” is happy (that meaning our bodies).



Seacret – Makeup Remover Wipes


Their words:

For all skin types.
Effectively cleans waterproof makeup ideal for both home use and on the go!

Original Dead Sea Ingredients. Not tested on animals. Paraben Free. Hypoallergenic tested.


My Thoughts:

These are very soft wipes, they smell very clean, and feel very gentle.

Removes makeup fairly easy, eyes took about 4-5 times going over them though (which Is pretty normal for me, the mascara went off easily, there was just a lot of it)

Could definitely feel the product on them; when I was done using it, my hands felt slippery because of the product

Packaging is nice- I love black –  and the “open/close” space gets easily sealed again after use, so there gets no air into the package

One wipe was enough for my daily makeup face (but so be honest, after a long day of work and sweat, there is not much makeup left anyways)

My face felt very good afterwards, it didn’t feel dried up nor sticky, which probably is because of the vitamin E, aloe Vera and minerals from the dead sea.

All in all very good and “stable” makeup remover wipes


The price is 190DKK (25Euro) so honestly they are were expensive, and therefore I would not buy them again. Found on their website



Polaar – Ice Source Moisturizing gel


Their words:

IceSource Glacier Water Jelly is specially formulated to moisturize combination to oily skin. A gifted treatment with a unique objective: to intensely and durably moisturize the skin. A wave of freshness immediately envelops you in contact with this melting gel. The skin is soft, fresh, comfortable and regains its ideal moisture level.


My Thoughts:

Actually, put some in my nose because I tried to smell it, and I couldn’t smell anything. Thought: well at least it is good that it does not smell strong or bad

After applying, didn’t feel like I really needed to wash my fingers which I usually never feel (my fingers are usually a little sticky, but not really this time) I did wash my fingers though, because it is never nice to have stuff on your hands if you need to use them right away.

I felt my skin afterwards, and when I gently touched my face, it felt really smooth and baby-like, but if I touch fiercely (does that make sense?) then it gets a little warmer and also a bit sticky

It is cool that it is made with Glacier Water, and the packaging fits the theme perfectly

Overall my skin felt comfortable, and smooth afterwards, but not AS moisturized as I want (I was on the verge of wanting to put more on, because I felt like I maybe used a little too little before) but it could also just be because my skin is more combination/dry than combination/oily.

It costs 270DKK (36.2Euro) and you can get it here



Rituals – The Ritual Of Karma Foot Balm


Their words:

Take care of your feet, then they will take care of you! The Ritual of Karma foot creme made to nourish and cool tired feet, make them soft, supple and give the ultimate nourishment. The Crème contains Chinese mint and doesn’t just nourish the feet – the whole body benefit from the fact, that they are carefully nourished.

This is translated as well as possible 😊


My thoughts:

Another product that I (almost) put into my nose when trying to smell it…

The only time that I really felt like I got the smell, was when I smeared it onto my feet. It started to smell faintly of something, but not so strong that I could really define it.

I always really like rituals-even though I have never really bought anything from their brand. I have always got their items in Goodieboxes or as other “gifts”. I think their products are cool, their packaging is simple and pretty, and they always have such great thoughts. Their saying goes: We are not here to sell beauty, we are here to give you a good feeling.
They deliver indeed, with their many different “brands”, rituals of karma, and rituals of happy Buddha are examples of some of those I have tried before.
Rituals are even cruelty free, and are trying to limit waste when designing their packaging.

I used a small amount on my feet, and they instantly felt moisturized and calmed. I put on some socks and let my feet relax, and it felt as great as ever.

Actually I bought the limited edition The Ritual of Karme Goodiebox as soon as I tried this one. I just really love Rituals.

You can get it for 90DKK (12.05Euro) on their website



Masque Me Up – Aftersun Sheet Mask


Their words:

In short:

Masque Me Up Aftersun Sheet Mask is a perfect mask to use after sunbathing. The mask is cooling, moisturizing and therefore protects the skin from dehydration. It is enriched with watermelon-extract which relieves irritation and works calming and cooling. It also contains coconut juice that gives the skin extra moisture and has an anti-age effect.


My thoughts:

First things first; I am not that fond of sheet masks. They are indeed easy to put on, but I feel like they are always a little too slippery to actually stay on the skin.
Nonetheless I was excited to try this Sheet Mask on, just because I loved Masque Me Up’s foot mask socks from a previous Goodiebox.

Now to the actually trying on.

When I opened the package it actually squirted out with liquid, and the actually mask was soaked with product. It just felt a little too excessive.

The mask was so wet that I felt like it wouldn’t stay on (but that’s the way I normally feel about sheet masks), and after having it on for five minutes, the liquid that the mask was soaked in slowly moved down my throat almost making my shirt wet.

The mask was nice and cold to the skin, and definitely cooled my face, but I couldn’t get over the fact that is was SO wet.

I took it off after about 12 minutes, and I instantly noticed……….


How wet my face was. My face was dripping wet, and even my shirt had been dripped on.
I couldn’t smear the excess product into my skin because there were too much.
I ended up patting it off with a towel, but the product that was left, wasn’t able to be smeared out on my face, because it just stuck.

Overall, I am pretty sad about this one, because I REALLY loved their foot mask socks ☹


If you are interested though, you can get it for 50DKK (6.57 Euro) I found it here




Garnier Ambre Solaire – Sensitive Advanced Face Mist SPF 50


Their words:

Garnier Ambre Solaire ultra-light face protection mist helps protect against long term damage from the sun and premature skin ageing whilst hydrating skin at the same time. The fresh ultra-light mist is instantly transparent on skin, non-greasy and can be applied over make-up.


My thoughts:

To be honest with you, I have never tried a face mist before, and I am honestly not sure if this one “really” counts as one, since the descriptions sounds like it is just a “spray on” sun screen.

The mist that came out was very even and gentle. It felt a little cold to the skin, but was overall nice.
There were no discomfort and it felt like it quickly went into the skin.

I have to try this one again sometime I actually have to go into the sun for a long time (I am so busy with work the next few weeks that I will not have time to actually go into the sun)

It is really cool that it can be applied over makeup, and I didn’t see any change to my makeup after using this spray.

The product itself only contains 75ml (2.5oz), which is not much, but that is because they have made it to be travel friendly- which is also kind of cool.

Overall I am pleased with it, but I will use it somewhere in the future to really put it to the test.

One bottle costs 90DKK (12Euro) and if you are interested, you can but it on their website



June’s month review was overall pretty diverse, and there were both a lot of hits, but also a few misses.



Have you ever tried any of these, and what do you think?


And maybe the most important question; what is your favorite face mist?
(help, I need some ideas 😉 )



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!



Beauty Around The world – Goodiebox review    

Beauty Around The world – Goodiebox review    


This box has actually been one of my favorites so far (at least one of the ones where I actually still use most of it- mind this one is a old box, I am on vacation so I have not seen the june box yet)

The box brought home some of the world’s best beauty secrets.

We got introduced to some new and exciting products from all over the world, and they are all chosen because of their long, proud traditions and impressive results.

We discover, explore, love and share.


This box also contained 5 full size products which was really cool!



Dr. Botanicals – Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

The first thing I noticed was the delicious floral smell of roses. The smell makes me all happy and is not too strong, which I think is amazingly done since floral smells easily gets too overwhelming.

When the oil had really sinked into the skin, my skin felt calmed and amazingly not greasy after the oil.

It was a little difficult applying because oil is so runny, so it can be a little hard to not apply too much. 3 drops should be enough.

You can get 30ml (1oz) for 338DKK (45,3Euro)

Dr. Botanicals- Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

Beauty secret one – Morocco.

Moroccan women daily use a few drops of  olive oil to keep their skin healthy and young. This is because olive oil helps with the skin’s elasticity, protects against sun damage and aging.



Piz Buin – ultra light hydrating sun spray

This sun spray is easy to use and smear. It did not feel sticky at all after applying, and is easy dispensing. You just have to twist the top, and spray.

It has a SPF of 15 and in the hours, I was out, I felt no irritation or sunburns.

All in all a great sunscreen that is super easy to apply, and I have kept on using it since I got it.

One bottle costs 150DKK (20 Euro)

My current favorite sun spray

Beauty secret two – Korea

Korean women are great at beauty, and therefore has their own term: K-Beauty. This is different and innovative products like sheet masks, snail slime or konjac sponges.



Nails inc. – INC. redible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher

This lip product comes from Japan and is a moisture giving lip conditioner, that moisturizes (duh) and repair your lips. It is made with rice bran oil, and gives your lips a light rose glow.

I absolutely love the packaging of this lip product! It is simple and beautiful, and the flower and glitter inside makes it feel even more luxurious. I got the colour ex-revenge.

The product is smooth and light on the lips and do not feel sticky at all. The colour is subtle and I honestly love absolutely everything about this product. My lips feel moisturized and comfortable all whenever I wear this.

It only costs about 66 DKK (8.8 Euro) which is very affordable.

I a just in LOVE with the flower inside of this product

Beauty Secret three – Japan

Rice bran oil is considered one of the healthiest oils.
It has been extracted from the outer layer on brown rice, which is actually the most vitamin-rich part.



Wes sub company – soothing aloe after sun

I had been out for a short while in the sun, and my legs started feeling a little itchy, so I whipped out this after sun gel in the hope that it would give my legs some aid.

It is made with Aloe Vera, which is one of my absolutely favorite plant since is can be used for so many things!

I was very impressed about how fast it soothed my legs, they felt instantly non-itchy and cooled. I will definitely be using this again after being in the sun.

It only costs 40DKK (5.4Euro) and it definitely works wonders!

Aloe Vera ❤

Beauty Secret four – Africa

If you run out of Aloe Vera, you can go explore your fridge.
Cold milk products like yoghurt or regular milk, has a calming effect on the skin.



Zenz – Paddle Brush Combi

At first I felt like the smell of this brush was really strong, but after it had got some air, the strong bamboo smell slowly disappeared.

I really love this brush actually, and it is the brush I normally reach for when needing to brush my hair.

The shaft is made of environmentally friendly bamboo, which is stronger, lighter and more durable than normal tree. And of course it is also MUCH better than using cheap plastic brushes; that is when thinking about quality over quantity.

The brush head itself is a mix of nylon and boar hair, and I feel like it gives a good but not too rough brushing without tugging too much in the hair.

It costs 200DKK (26.75Euro) and will stay with you for a very long time.

The brush that saved my life – or at least my hair!

Beauty Secret five – Asia

Your scalps natural oils are the best care for your hair, and therefore it is a good idea to brush your hair from root to tip, to make sure your hair gets nourished all the way through.



These are the products, and did you knows from this box, but now I am excited to know:

Where in the world does your favorite product come from?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!




Keep It Fresh – Goodiebox Review  

Keep It Fresh – Goodiebox Review  


Today we are looking at the “Keep It Fresh” goodiebox.

It was made after the new year with the thought that it was dark and the winter would never end. That does not mean we will succumb to the darkness (and cold), instead this box was a “Light in the dark” with products to light up your face and refresh your mind.


Ivy Aia – Cleansing Mousse with Vitamin B3

This cleansing mousse is just like magic. When in the flask, it is only a transparent fluid and very watery, but as soon as you pump if out it becomes a mousse.

It is made fantastically without perfume or any other weird ingredients, and smells of absolutely nothing. It is amazing to know that it has been made as carefully as it has.

It cleans my face just fine without drying out my skin, and is overall a good and mild cleansing mousse.

150ml (5oz) costs about 50DKK (6.7Euro) which is actually pretty cheap.



Rodial – Vit C Brightening Mask

This mask is said to be exfoliating, even skin tone and resurface the complexion.

I have had good experience before with their “dragons blood cleansing water” and use it daily, so I was excited to see and feel their other products.

The mask itself smells a little citrusy, and contains a lot of acids (which means it is a strong mask), so be careful if you have irritated skin or injuries.

It has a very thin formula, and is almost a little gel like, but feels like it “dries” into the skin and therefore feels tight.

My skin also felt a little tighter afterwards and my skin looked brighter.

50ml (1.7oz) costs 645DKK (86Euro) but it will go a long way since only a small amount is needed.

You can get it here



Youth Lab. – CC Complete Cream SPF 30

The first thing I noticed was the faint smell of paint. It does not smell bad or strong, but I thought it was a little funny, and it made me wonder what it was made of.

It has been dermatologically tested, and should be paraben & gluten free (but I still wonder where the smell comes from)

It gives a little bit on colour to the skin, but not as much as I thought it would. It does look very pigmented when out of the tube.

It doesn’t really “sink” into the skin in any way and I do not think it is a product I would use again (yes, the smell is a huge turn-off); beside this, the colour is way to orange on my skin.

If you are interested though, is costs about 240DKK (32Euro) and can be bought here



Laritzy cosmetics – fine dew pot illuminateur in bot

This is the second creamy highlighter I have tried, and the first one I tried turned out disappointing me really bad, so I am excited to see if this one is just as bad (I really do not hope so)

It smells exactly like a stress ball, which is kind of weird and unexpected.

It has an absolutely stunning rose colour, and is easy distributed on the skin. I think this product might work better as a shimmery blush or maybe a subtle highlighter since it is very pigmented. I am very interested in trying out other colours from them because this one it so beautiful, shimmery and pigmented.

It is really easy taking off, do not stick anywhere and leaves no traces. I am impressed!

It costs 130dkk (17,4 Euro) and can be bought on their website



Goodiebox – Beauty Blender

Compared to some of the other products from goodiebox, I am really impressed with this one!

The sponge itself is very nice and squishy – it is cute and pink.

I use this beauty blender every day, and it blends very well. It does not streak or clump, but helps my makeup distribute prettily.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake the first time to not dampen it – I know, I know, I am ashamed – simply because I am lazy, so it has taken a lot of colour from my products. Afterwards though I remember to dampen it (almost every time) so now my makeup goes a long way.

It costs 120 DKK (16 Euro) and is found on their own website




What do you guys think, and what is your favorite beauty blender??


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!



Dancing in the rain – Goodiebox review  

Dancing in the rain – Goodiebox review  


I got this goodiebox just this morning and it is all about over shading the aww-days with happiness and positive vibes. These products are all about feeling good.


Miqura – hair steam mask

I feel like Miqura tried a little hard to make a mask that would be easier and more convenient to use than any other mask ever made.

They made this mask as a shower cap so that is will be easier to wear, and you will have an easy time doing something else meanwhile you give your hair some love.
They say on the “how to” on the package that you need to put your hair in a bun in you got longer hair (which I do) and that takes all the “convenient and easy mask in a cap” magic away. If I need to put my hair in a bun, I might as well use any other type of mask, and then just put my hair in a bun. That would do the same for me.

It is a really good mask, that softens your hair, but I still feel like they tried to hard being simple and easy that they just messed it up.

You can buy one mask for about 70DKK (9.4 Euro)

or buy it here



Daily Concepts – exfoliating body scrubber

This body scrubber does the job really well! It exfoliates my body easily and very fast.

The design is cute, but if I try to exfoliate using the band on the scrubber, the edges of the scrubber kind of rolls in under itself and makes it hard to do anything. It is easier just grabbing a hold on the scrubber and use it that way.

It costs 50DKK (6.7 Euro)

you can go to their web page here


Goodiebox – Detangler Brush

This is a fine brush, but a little prickly because of the hard plastic spikes.

It takes a little bit of hair at a time to detangle, so it might take a while to brush all the hair.

It works in dry hair as well as wet.

I would rather just use a normal brush and battle out my tangles violently (since that is faster without anything poking me.

It costs 100DKK (13.4 Euro) (but I cannot find it anywhere)



Nails Inc. – Anti Social Climber Nail Polish

First of all, I love this name so much! It is both funny and quirky.

It even has an explanation on the label, It says that Anti Social Climer is a noun and means: Cancel plans. Climbs into bed.

The bottle itself was really hard to open so I had to take the white outer cap off, and then use my teeth to loosen the black cap. Even after loosening it, and then putting both caps on again, I had a hard time opening it again, so I might have to call for my teeth next time also.

The polish is a beautiful rose colour that makes me all happy and excited for summer. It dried incredible fast (about 2 minutes) and I will use this again as long as I can get the cap off without ruining my teeth.

It costs 150DKK (20Euro)

get it here



Clean – Rain Eau De Parfum

This perfume has a really fresh smell, just like fallen rain (which makes sense)

I got mine in a sample version with a roll on, which I think is very convenient. I will definitely use this again!!

Costs 400DKK (53.5 Euro) for 30 ml (1oz)

it can be bought here




James Read – H20 Tan Drops Face

The packaging of this was the first thing I noticed. It is stunning with the white and gold design that makes it look really exclusive.

I have used this only once, so I will use it some more before giving my final verdict. It did not really look like it “tanned” my face, but it did give a nice glow.

30 ml (1oz) costs 300 DKK (40 Euro)

can be bought here



Unfortunately most of these products were misses for me (mostly design wise), but the parfume I really do love though.


Have you tried any of these and what do you think?


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

Goodiebox review

Goodiebox review


As some of you might know (at least the ones of you following me on Instagram) I have been getting goodieboxes from goodieboxDenmark for quite a while.

Goodiebox is a subscribtion box that you can get once a month, and it delivers different beauty products each time.

I have been thinking about reviewing them in a while, but just took the leap now.
From now on though, I will review the products that I get so that you (and I) will get to know the products even better (and maybe think about keeping some of the products in our stash)

The beauty box from march, is called “The Goodieprice” and in here they put some of the products they are thinking should have the Goodieprice.

This basically means, that they get a product into the Danish Beauty Award, and it will be one of these!:



REN Clean Skincare- Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

My first impression was that this cream seems very rich.
Often when a cream seems rich to me, it also easily gets greasy. I was very impressed when I massaged it onto my face and noticed that neither my hands or face seemed greasy at all afterwards!
Not much cream is needed for one use so even though I got a sample (15ml) it will last for a very long time

You can buy it here




GOSH- Growth Serum

I’ve only used this serum once, and will use it the next few weeks (it says it should be working after two weeks), to make sure how well it actually works.
It should be used at night before going to bed so that it can “work” at night.
I am a little skeptical about this product because it sounds a little unreal that you might get longer lashes just by using it in two weeks.
Excited to see how this will go.

Buy it here



Sandstone Scandinavia – Mascara Intense

This mascara is absolutely great especially if you have sensitive skin (or wears contacts) since it is free of parabens and parfum. This means that even though I was very close to my eyes (read: almost poked my eye out) it didn’t hurt.
It is easy to apply and just a few coats is enough to make a big difference. (just look at the picture- one eye with mascara, one without! sorry for the blurry photo)
It should hold 12 hours, but I only had it on for 4 hours before having to shower. My eyes looked just the same all four hours, with no smudging or fallings.

Beside this, it contains Vitamin A, C and E and therefore helps with making healthier and happier lashes.

Get it here



Rodial- Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water

This cleansing water does not only have an amazing name, but also works amazingly.
With only a few swipes, I was able to take off my makeup and the applicator makes sure you don’t use too much. Beware though: even though you can take eye makeup off with this, it might sting a little in the eyes if you rub too much.

You can get yours here



Rituals- Happy Foaming Shower Gel

This product has a very fitting name. I took it with me in the shower to use, and got instantly happy when I saw the gel in my hands turn into foam. It was a very fun shower, and the shower gel smelled very good.

I’m a little sad about the way the product “makes a mess” when it has been used though.

Grab yours here



Karmameju – HERO pH solution 02

At first, I was a little skeptical about this product. It is meant to bring your pH to a optimal level after we have showered or washed our hands (because the soap and other products we use to shower and so on, changes the pH in our skin). This way it provides the best conditions for your skin to stay healthy.
To me, this sounds a little like the products that are said to do this and that, and actually does nothing.

Nontheless I tried it as soon as I got out of the shower, and I got really impressed.
Normally after a shower, my skin feels really dry (because I LOVE hot water when showering), and after applying this solution, my skin actually went “back” to normal without feeling, dry or uncomfortable.
The only thing I noticed was, as soon as I used it, it stretched a little bit in my skin before going back to normal. My guess is, that this is because I can feel the product going from dry to normal.

Go get yours here




All in all, my absolute favorite was the REN Clean Skincare -Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream because it is one of the first rich creams that I have actually tried without feeling greasy or uncomfortable.

For me, it defenitely deserves the Goodiebox Award!


If you liked this post and want more like this, please leave a comment or a like, so that I know you would like to se more product reviews! 🙂


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!