Goodiebox review

Goodiebox review


As some of you might know (at least the ones of you following me on Instagram) I have been getting goodieboxes from goodieboxDenmark for quite a while.

Goodiebox is a subscribtion box that you can get once a month, and it delivers different beauty products each time.

I have been thinking about reviewing them in a while, but just took the leap now.
From now on though, I will review the products that I get so that you (and I) will get to know the products even better (and maybe think about keeping some of the products in our stash)

The beauty box from march, is called “The Goodieprice” and in here they put some of the products they are thinking should have the Goodieprice.

This basically means, that they get a product into the Danish Beauty Award, and it will be one of these!:

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Why you (still) should start peeling or dry brushing

Why you (still) should start peeling or dry brushing

Hello guys


I just want to pop in today to remind you of an earlier post that I think is super important.


It’s all about peeling and dry brushing today, so for all you interested here is the link to the post from may where all the do’s and dont’s are 🙂


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time ❤