From Me To Me Goodiebox Review

From Me To Me Goodiebox Review

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Today we are looking at the December Goodiebox, which is one of the only recent boxes that the community LOVED. The past many months people have talked about the boxes as cheap quality, unoriginal and boring. This one is the first one that I haven’t heard a single bad thing about.

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Merry- soon to be- Christmas

Merry- soon to be- Christmas

Hello guys- I know- 24 days how did I do? Well easy. Exam preparation.
We just finished the last of the preparations and got winter vacation, and boy was I looking forward to that!

I’m doing okay over here, it gets colder and colder but that’s to expect here in Denmark.

I recently moved in one of my great friends apartment, and it has been great until now (hopefully also later 😛 )

Since christmas is nearing fast, I wanted to remind you on some of my old posts from last christmas!

If you still miss to make a couple of decorations, you could make some of these, they were really easy: Christmas decorations

If you want to take another look at last years christmas playlist it is right here: Christmas playlist

I’ll look forward to next time! Even though I don’t post, I’m still thinking about you guys- I love you ❤

Merry Christmas, and I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 🙂




My favorite Christmas playlist

My favorite Christmas playlist


Hello again everyone- Christmas is so close now and I’m really looking forward to it!


I recently came back to Denmark and I am looking forward to spending my Christmas with my family! (which I haven’t seen since start September)


Today’s post will be very short-but very nice :p

It will be my favorite Christmas songs (some old-some new)

But without further ado: My Christmas playlist:


I will be listening to this together with my family and just enjoy the Christmas “hygge” (yes that’s a danish word that cannot really be explained, but imagine you sitting under a warm blanket, with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite movie-that’s one type of “hygge”.)


What songs are on your Christmas playlist? Tell me in the comments, I’ll be happy to hear!


Happy Christmas everyone and have a happy holiday and a great new year! :*

DIY Christmas decorations

DIY Christmas decorations


Hey everyone!

We’re getting there, surely but slowly (Christmas that is)


Today though I promised to show you some easy DIY Christmas decorations. And I can tell you there is quite some- I plucked my favourite 6 just for you.


First we got 3 different types of snowflakes (I call them this because I got no idea what else to call them-dont judge 😛 )

First you have to go grab your paper and fold it ( i used a square) and folded it until it looked like this:


Then I cut off the extra and it looked like this:15451263_10208921613985330_2060925423_n

Afterwards I drew on them and then cut the excess paper off.
First type was made like this:

Next one was made like this:

Last one (and my favourite) like this:



After this we have a popsticle stick christmas tree

I took three coloured sticks and one normal one15555127_10208921615425366_1351806686_n.jpg

I cut the purple sticks and glued them on the normal stick with a hot glue gun15556064_10208921614785350_1734702075_n

Then I cut out a star, found some sequins, and cut a piece of yarn to hang the tree on

I glued these on and my final tree looked like this: (kinda cute?)15497934_10208921614425341_1278999128_n


The fifth decoration is another christmas tree (made out of an old magazine)

First you take your magazine and open it on some random page


Then you fold your page from top right corner and down-and then fold it once more

Next step is to fold the small extra piece up and under

Now just do the same with every site in the magazing and your tree should look like this:

15555994_10208921604465092_940688481_n.jpg If the pages are not keeping together you can use a little glue to keep them from seperating.
If you want to spice your tree up you can use some spray paint to get some nice colours.


Last DIY for today (and maybe even my favourite) is a sock snowman (yes you read it- a snowman made out of socks)

First you take your socks (mine was used and with holes-and of course white)
I made two balls(kind of) out of paper and stuffed them in the sock, the biggest one first. Then i put an elastic on top to keep everything in place


I then cut a small piece of fabric to make some space between the paper, and afterwards cut the ends to make it less visible ( this step is optional, I just thought it made it easier and more “snowman alike”)

Afterwards you’ll want to give the snowman a “real” scarf, so I cut another piece of fabric to use. I then pulled the end of the sock (the piece that right now looks as leftovers) down over the head to make a hat. (you can also give him a doll hat if you’d rather want another one- or maybe make a top hat for him?)

Last step to do before the snowman is all Christmas ready will be putting on buttons, eyes, mouth and nose (you can make these just the way you want) I made mine out of paper and glued them on with a hot glue gun, but you can also put on real buttons or googly eyes.15571329_10208921606865152_1338454263_n


These were 6 of my small, cute and easy DIY’s for this christmas and I’d love to hear:

Have you tried making something like this before and how did it go?
Or did you make any christmas decorations this year?
If yes, I’d love to see some pictures in the comments! 🙂

Until next time, stay happy and I wish you a happy Ho-Ho-Holiday  ♥