Uses of coconut oil

Uses of coconut oil

Hello again everyone.

First of-It’s been a long time since last-yes? That my friends is because I’ve had a couple of busy busy weeks (my parents were visiting and I had to show them everything I’ve seen in 2 months in 4 days-We’ve had visitors 3 days-We visited castles 2 days-and the rest of the time has been filled with french courses, homework, fencing and everyday work)

I’m here now though and I have a lot to say! 😉

This time you’ll see some posts that looks a little alike. That is: Uses of… we’ll get around coconut oil, vaseline, eggs, lemon, vinegar and maybe even more!

First post in the series is: COCONUT OIL- Oh how I love it. I hope you will too after this:

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