Bullet journaling part 4

Bullet journaling part 4

So today is part four of our bullet journaling series, and I have a lot to show you!

This time we will look at three things.

First is Level 10 life. Wich is a way to “track” how your life is doing in 10 different aspects. The goal is to reach level 10 in all categories. Underneath the “wheel” is the subjects that I aspire to reach level 10 in. And with them are some ideas, how to reach it.

Second is my wishlist and the gifts I’m going to give. This makes space for writing down and keeping track on what I really want, and the ideas I have for my loved ones presents.

Lastly for this time, is my travel diary. The different country flags have been drawn (well ag good as I was able to) and beside is a comment on when I was there, which city and what country is is. Some of them is not written, but that is simply because I do not remember the exact dates for when it was (or the exact city names)

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That’s all for this time, and I’ll se you to the next bullet journaling part.

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! πŸ™‚

Xoxo ❀


My birthday

My birthday

So, my birthday was the 19’th of march and I was so blessed that I was able to share it with my mother and my aunt (who went all the way from Denmark, and Norway to visit me)

Normally (In Denmark) we wake the birthday child up with song and gifts, but this time we did it a little different. When I woke up, I climbed down from my bed, went into theirs and laid down in between them where they started singing for me. Afterwards I got presents (yay) And I got these from my aunt and mother: (And also a lot of gift cards)

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