Homemade drinks – Gin Hass

Homemade drinks – Gin Hass

Today will be another drink, and this one in particular I had a hard time trying out.

As I have said before, I am really not that much into the pure alcohol taste, so my boyfriend and I have had a bottle of gin for I don’t know how many years, without ever getting to use it.
That is until we sat one summer evening together with my mother and we casually said we had never used it, and she told us: haven’t you just made a Gin Hass – it was clear to see that no. We had not.

Somehow I had told myself that the only drink you can make with gin, is a gin & tonic, and boy am I embarrassed to say that out loud right now.

So we ventured into the unknown, with gin in hand, and found a good syrup and some soda; and then we went crazy:

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