50 amazing health tips that you should know!    

50 amazing health tips that you should know!    


Let’s look at something else than beauty for once. Health that is.

Health and beauty both lie close to my heart, and I truly enjoy both trying to stay healthy, but also trying out new beauty stuff.

Today I will talk a bit about something that I have wanted to do for a while, that is 50 health tips. I have been wondering if I should post this for a long time, but now’s the time, and here you go:





  1. Get your vitamins.
    Preferable from food and drinks, but a multi vitamin pill can also help.
    The different vitamins are found in these foods:

    A= Green vegetables, carrots, eggs, peaches and red pepper
    B= Nuts, tomatoes, milk, beans, chicken breast and leafy greens
    C= Oranges, lemon, strawberry, red and green pepper, green vegetables and tomatoes
    D= Fish, diary, eggs and mushrooms (Getting some sunshine also counts)
    E= Nuts, whole grains, eggs and green leafy vegetables
    BIOTIN= Egg yolks, whole grains, fish and soy beans
    FOLID ACID= Carrots, whole grain, beef, chicken, tuna and milk
    MAGNESIUM= Nuts, whole grains, green leafy veggies
    IRON= Whole grains, green leafy veggies, nuts and egg yolks
    OMEGA 3= Egg yolks, salmon, white fish, mackerel and sardines
    CINK= Meat, shellfish and whole grains
    CALCIUM= Green leafy veggies and diary

    If it is hard to buy all of these, or if it looks like a lot of stuff, the best food to eat would be: eggs, green vegetables (especially the leafy ones), whole grains, nuts and diary (especially milk or cheese)

    If you don’t get enough vitamins it can cause a lot if illness like: depression, decreased immune system function, damage to vision or hearing, sleep disorder, fatigue, headache, dry skin, hair falling out, fertility problems, fragile/ weak bones and concentration problems. → these are only some of the many things lack of vitamins can cause

  2. Drink enough water.
    Getting enough water has a lot of benefits. It banishes headaches, improves mood and digestion, boosts immune system and brainpower.
    It is recommended to drink between 1,5 to 2 litres per day
  3. Don’t restrict yourself.
    Telling yourself that you are not allowed to eat certain food products usually ends up backfiring. Stuff that are off limits are always more interesting to eat, and you will be more aware of these products whenever you see them (you might even end up craving them more than before). And if you fall through and end up eating one small slice of cake, you will most likely just eat the rest of the cake because: heck I just destroyed the plan of not eating cake, so does it really matter anymore?
  4. Remember: too much of anything is poisonous.
    This is related to tip number 3. You should not restrict yourself, but remember that you should not eat one whole cake everyday either, too much will end up being poisonous for your body. The same counts for “healthy food”
  5. Eat whole grains.
    Instead of eating white bread and white rice, try switching it out with whole grain bread and brown rice. The whole grains will keep you full for longer, so you don’t have to eat so much of it.
  6. Eat fish 2 times a week
    If you eat fish at least two times a week, you are sure to get enough Omega 3. Salmon is one of the best fish to eat, it contains lots of important nutrients, healthy fats and lots of proteins. You can of course also take another vitamin pill for this.
  7. Eat often
    This doesn’t mean you have to eat a lot But making sure to eat a little- like a piece of fruit or some nuts for every 3 hour or so, keeps your blood sugar levelled and make sure you don’t make unwise decisions about your food. (like eating 3 bars of chocolate because you didn’t get enough food throughout the day).
  8. Use the red, orange or green rule
    For every meal you eat, make sure at least one of these colours are one the plate. Especially colourful vegetables and fruits are great- they help your skin looking younger and healthier.
  9. Eat slowly
    When we eat slowly, our stomachs have time to process the food. Remember- it takes around 20 minutes for your body to find out if it is still hungry, so try waiting those 20 minutes before reaching for seconds.
  10. Don’t believe “sugar free” drinks
    Do not think that drinking diet soda or other sugar free drinks are healthy. Drink them if they are what you like to drink, but take into account that they are still sweetened with artificial sweeteners. They are not better-or worse- than regularly soda.
  11. Eat homemade food as often as possible
    If you make the food yourself you are always sure exactly what’s in it.
  12. Remember to eat before an event
    If you are going to a party or another event (especially those involving drinking), remember to eat first. If you do this, you are sure to feel less sick, and have less of a hangover the day after because the alcohol will have something to dissolve into in your stomach.
  13. Stash fruit
    If you keep fruit with you whenever you are, you are more likely to eat it and not reach for the nearest chocolate bar when you want a snack.
  14. Skip the snack isle
    If it is not on your shopping list, skip the snack/candy isle to make sure you don’t come home with unnecessary sweets.
  15. Never supersize
    When getting fast food, never supersize your order. If all you can eat is a normal portion, don’t feel obliged to take a bigger size when the tell you that you can get more for only a few coins extra.


  16. Move daily
    As little as a 30-minute walk can boost your brainpower, improve blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, increase attention and decision-making, improve mood and help your immune system stay strong.
  17. Start doing yoga
    There are countless benefits of yoga. Some of them are: improved brain function, stronger bones, lower risk of heart diseases, improved balance, increased flexibility, anxiety relief, better posture, reduced soreness and many more depending on the yoga exercises you make.
  18. Move every half hour
    This is especially important if you have desk work and sit down most of the day. Human bodies are not designed to sit down many hours in a row, so try taking a short walk once every half hour. There is no need to walk a lot, 200 metres is enough to get the blood flowing again.
  19. Don’t do too much
    Even exercise is bad for you if you get to much. If you exercise too much (like 1-2 hours daily) your muscles won’t have time to recover and you might end up damaging your muscles instead of strengthening them. Remember to give your body a rest after a hard session.
    Please take into account that you can exercise daily, but you won’t benefit from doing leg day 12 days in a row.
  20. Chose a reachable goal
    Never set a goal to high. It will end up demotivating you, and you make you feel worse about not reaching them. Instead set easy goals that are easy to reach.
  21. Remember: a little bit is better than nothing
    Even if you feel what you do are not enough, remember: you are still doing better than everyone still laying on the couch.
  22. Be consistent
    Try working out consistently, at least a couple of days a week to keep your body in shape.
  23. Try out HIIT
    If you don’t feel like you have the time to exercise, find something a little harder to do, and do it for a shorter period of time.
  24. Cleaning also counts
    Everything counts when talking about exercise. Even if it’s cleaning the house or playing with the kids- if it gets your pulse up, it’s even better.
  25. Park further away
    If you are going somewhere, try parking a little further away, this way you can squeeze some exercise in together with what you have to do.
  26. Stretch
    Only a few minutes of stretching everyday can make you feel less tired, it might lower your blood sugar, make you more flexible, it relieves muscle pain and tames tension both physically and mentally.

  27. Exercise outside
    When exercising outside you get more fresh oxygen to your body and brain, and the landscape will increase the “happiness” hormone in your body.

  28. Do walk and talk
    Try doing a walk and talk when having meetings, or when you have to catch up with someone. This is an easy way to get some exercise.

  29. Download an app to remind you
    If you have trouble getting up and moving, try downloading an app to remind you, or set an alarm for every hour.
  30. Work out with a friend
    Working out with a friend can be a strong motivator and ensure that you actually get out exercising instead of just staying home.
  31. Set up a visual cue
    Try putting your gym clothes somewhere visible or put out your shoes on the floor. This will make you more likely to exercise since everything is already there.
  32. Join a class


  33. Love yourself
    To love oneself is a hard but rewardable task.

    A few great reasons to love yourself are: self-love attracts love, it reduces stress, helps you make healthier decisions, makes you feel and look younger, motivates you and make you seem more attractive.

    Some of the ways you can achieve this:
    Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead of saying they are prettier or cleverer, realize that you are both awesome.

    Take care of your body. It is the place you will live all your life, so make it feel great by pampering it once in a while and staying healthy.

    Do something you love every day. This is a reward to yourself and a reminder that you are worth it.

    Speak kindly to yourself and DO NOT call yourself names. It never helps on anything to call yourself ugly or stupid. You are listening so it will only make you feel down, and at some point, you will start believing it. Instead try turning it around so that when you want to call yourself stupid, tell yourself that everyone makes mistakes and it happens.

    Know that you are not perfect, and no one is. Humans were never born to be perfect, they were born to be individually awesome. Instead embrace who you are and try playing by your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.

    Compliment yourself on a daily basis. If you compliment yourself daily, you will start believing what you say, so remember to tell yourself something great every day.

    Learn to say no (or yes). Remember to say no to things that you sincerely do not want to, or things that just stress you out. But still remember to say yes to some things, like new experiences or stuff you deep down want to go to. You are worth it to be true to yourself.

    Laugh every day. Laughing reduces stress and increases the happiness hormone in the body.

  34. Reward yourself
    When you have done a great job, remember to reward yourself. This makes you want to keep doing a good job.
    You don’t have to buy yourself something new every time you reach a goal, or allow yourself to eat one whole cake or something. You can also just take 1 hour to yourself, and do something you really want to. You don’t HAVE to use money on it.
  35. Sleep enough
    Getting enough sleep is crucial for a good health and a well-functioning brain. Try sleeping around 7-8 hours every night.
  36. Have a grateful list
    Try making a list where you write down all the things in life you are grateful for. On bad days, look at this list and feel a little better.
  37. Read every day
    If you read as little as 15 minutes a day you will improve your memory, reduce stress, improve your ability to focus and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
  38. Get your check-ups
    Remember to go to your yearly check-ups. They are there for a reason.
  39. Try out new things
    New experiences make sure we are able to grow as a person; they challenge our minds and motivate our spirit.
  40. Talk with someone
    If you feel stressed or down, talk with someone, a family member, a friend or even a therapist. Talking with someone about our troubles, helps setting things in a perspective and helps us calm down.
  41. Try smiling every day
    Smiling has a lot of benefits beside just making you happy. It’s also a way to relieve pain, strengthen your immune system and reduce stress. Beside this can smiling add up to 7 years to your life. (Of course I don’t remember where I read this, but I would guess it is due to you feeling happier, and actually wanting to live)

  42. Have a positive mindset
    It is scientifically proven that positive people achieve more in life, so try see everything in a positive manner instead of a negative one.
  43. Write a checklist
    Checklists are not only good for remembering what you have to do, they are also extremely motivating.
  44. Learn a new skill
    Learning new skills keep the brain in shape and makes sure you get challenged both mentally and physically.

  45. Wake up around the same time every day
    This ensures that your sleep rhythm is balanced and you will feel more refreshed when waking up.
  46. Journal
    Keeping a diary is a great way to get all your thoughts out, without confronting others.
  47. Get a dog
    Getting a dog is not as easy as many other things. You have to train it, take care of it and love it. But the things you get in return are all worth it. Having a dog reduces stress, anxiety and can help with depression. It also makes sure that you get exercise since they have to be walked daily. Other than this, a dog- or any other pet can be an emotional support and help lift your spirits.
  48. Take a break
    Taking a break from work and other obligation makes sure you are fully recharged when starting again. It also reduces stress levels and boosts your mood.
  49. Listen to music
    Some of the amazing benefits of listening to music is that it reduces stress, helps you concentrate, boosts brain productivity, reduces pain and improves your all-around intelligence.
  50. Help someone else
    When helping someone else or doing a good deed, we boost our happiness hormone and make us selves happier while making someone else happy too. One good deed a day can make someone else’s day, but definitely also your own.



What do you think about these tips?


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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