Revolution Makeup – Integrity Wild Animal Palette

Revolution Makeup – Integrity Wild Animal Palette

This eyeshadow palette has been sitting on my shelf for years (I know, but I never got to it because these colours were not really in my comfort zone) but today I finally got to it.

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Smashbox – Try Me: Fan Faves Set Review

Smashbox – Try Me: Fan Faves Set Review

I have been curious about the Smashbox brand for quite some time. It seems like they have a lot of great reviews, and the Fan Faves set box I have seen countless of times.

Finally, I pulled myself together and bought the set “I have to try this” I thought. So, I did. And boy do I have thoughts. Thoughts you will hear very soon.

This box contains 5 “deluxe” sizes of their bestsellers. Deluxe size is such a great word. Truly just covers up that they mean miniature.

I was very excited about this, especially the lipstick and primer.

As always; go watch the review on my YouTube Channel if you feel like it, I would love to see you there!

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Staycation Goodiebox Review – July 2020

Staycation Goodiebox Review – July 2020

Since Corona is at play at the moment, a lot of summer plans have been cancelled.

The part many don’t really think about?

Well, you do not have to get out of your country to have a true vacation. Vacation can take many forms and happen several places. Therefore, we have the Staycation box. A little bit of vacation right here at home.

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W7 Grape Escape Eyeshadow Palette Review

W7 Grape Escape Eyeshadow Palette Review


This palette has been in my possession for quite some time, but somehow, I never got to actually reviewing it. Today is the day we put off all those things, and I show you, exactly what it is worth (beware, shade might be coming)


Instead of me babbling for hours, I’ll just get right to telling you all about this palettes “qualities”

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Natasha Denona – Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona – Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette


Finally, were here! I have been looking forward to trying Natasha Denona for a long time! I’ve heard so many great things, and as far as I am concerned, it is only great quality.

Only downside? Well the price is insane, so I bought a mini. And what is the thing I most often hear about the minis? They are supposedly not as good quality, and some are even pretty meh.

Nonetheless I bought this palette as soon as I saw it. The sleek look, the fancy name, the expensive brand. And then for a fraction of the real price.

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Red Earth Have Fun Lipstick Matches

Red Earth Have Fun Lipstick Matches


I truly love makeup and skincare – and now you must too, you are reading this afterall 😉


Today we are looking at a quirky makeup product, that is: lipstick matches. I have been looking at these for quite some time, but finally decided to buy them. Instead of me just rambeling on about them here, lets just look at them!


Oh, and you can of course watch the review on my YouTube Channel too. 😊


Their words:

Experienxe 5 – mini lipsticks with pigmented and precise application in different colours.

Perfect for instant refreshing.

Unique form that gives a precise application and formula with great pigmentation.

Set of 5 mini lipsticks gives a even application and satin matte finish.


My thoughts: These damn things are super cute. Just bring the package, it takes up no space and seems so easy to bring. But how far will these go?

Applying:  Line, then fill in. My lip line got very wonky because it was so hard to control the small stick in my hand, oh and it is not really pointy, so once again harder to be precise. Takes a lot of time to apply compared to normal lipstick.

Feel: Beside being super hard to handle, and apply; the colour payoff was super pigmented and felt pretty soft on the lips. The lipstick didn’t really stick to the inside of my lips, and stuck a lot to the dry parts of my lips. Transfers quite a lot if you touch it simply because it it so creamy. When taking a cup test (drinking from a cup to see if it transfers), the two colours literally looked the same.
Most of the lipstick had worn off before I even left the house (just by drinking).
But to be honest I kept it on because I had to know how it wore. I had to meet up with my mother to eat some food and have fun, and honestly; she is no evil witch or anything, she says what she is thinking. Therefore I almost burst out laughing when I saw her and her first words to me was: is that a new one? You look sick. I almost died laughing, because that is exactly what I thought before leaving my apartment. After trying to drink a bit more at the café, I simply took it off; it was really getting me down instead of lifting me up. Sorry lipstick, but stay away forever.

Packaging: The packaging was very confusing but intriguing. I did not know what the name of the colour, or the brand was, because there were no real connection, no link between the two. So confusing. Adorable matches, super small, easy to rip off and easy to take with you. Not that a normal lipstick takes up much space either. No description or anything on the packaging.

Scent: smells a teeny tiny bit like crayons

Labels: none to be found

Ingredients: I do not even want to venture into the long descriptions that are these lipsticks, but safe to say there is at least 15-20 ingredients here.

Claims: Pigment, check! The matte part, I don’t see, but it does feel a bit satin like.

Price: under 2 Euro


Will I use it again: I truly don’t think so. The light neon reddish I will never touch again, I looked pretty sick when wearing it. It’s more like a gimmick or fun party trick than it is truly a good lipstick.

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Have you ever tried any of these before and what do you think?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!