Keeping my promises

Keeping my promises


Well hello there you beautiful people!


December 21 I put up a post on my blog named:looking back at the year – thoughts, goals and hopes for 2020.

In there I talked about how the year went, and I set some goals for the new year. Today, I really want to sit down, and talk to you about how I am doing with these so-called goals.

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Looking back at the year – Thoughts, goals and hopes for 2020

Looking back at the year – Thoughts, goals and hopes for 2020


2020 Is nearing way too fast, and I would love to look back at the year.


A lot has happened in 2019; I became a second-year student, got glasses (because apparently, I am not as good as seeing as I thought), and celebrated 5 years together with my boyfriend.


My boyfriend and I also made it to 1 year living together, we got a new bed (expensive AF), and kind of made this tiny, not-that-great apartment kind of worth living in.

I had my study-trip (or whatever) with my classmates, and actually made some friends- who would have known??

Overall, I feel like this year has been a rollercoaster – Doesn’t every year feel like that? And there has been so many good things.
Of course there has been a lot of bad stuff too, but why in the world would we like to think about those? – Unless of course we can do something about them.


At the start of the year I made a vision board with some goals for this year, so let’s look at how that went!

  • Reach 200 followers
    Still in the making- It’s slow and steady, but I think we might still be able to make it (hopefully)
  • Wake up at a reasonable time
    Well… I was really good at this, just until I wasn’t. I have to get back into the right routine again, so that I will keep on feeling fresh and wakey.
  • Do more yoga
    Yes, and no. In periods, I am super good at this. Gets up early, does the yoga, feels good about myself. Other times I am more like a sloppy potato, not really feeling energized enough to do, well, anything.
  • Eat better
    This I have become much better at! I usually drank way too much soda (yup I have been very addicted), and now I am down to only drinking it in the weekends, and some weekends not even drinking it.
    Besides this I had these huge sugar cravings. where I just felt like eating all the sugar in the world (even though I do not eat that much at one time, I was good at eating something every day, multiple times a day) And I also stopped eating candy, cakes and so on in the weekdays, unless of course it was a special occasion.
    These better eating habits did slip once in a while, but overall I kept them pretty good.
  • Drink more water
    Yup, this one I got MUCH better at, even though I am terrible at it. I went from drinking like, maybe half a Liter a day, to one. (even sometimes more). I would love to get closer to two, but small steps forward also count.
  • Make a donation
    I actually donated quite a lot early on the year, simply because we had too much stuff in our apartment (I am a hoarder and have a hard time throwing anything out).
    We ended up giving all our extra kitchen gear and so on, to a local second hand shop.
  • Reach Platinum in LOL
    This one was my only gaming related goal- thank god for that, and I actually made it into Platinum in League Of Legends new game mode thingy Teamfight Tactics.


Now, I feel like I did pretty good this year, and I hope I will be able to do even better in the year to come.


Another thing I would like to look at, is my bucket list. I know I have shared it quite a while ago, but let’s see what I crossed from my list this year:

  • Plant a tree (with the app, Forest, I have planted 4 trees by now)
  • Donate clothes (Donated a lot to H&M, and even though that might not be the “best cause” it is indeed better than throwing them out!

That is indeed not much for one whole year, but I aspire to cross of more in the year to come!



Let’s look at next year’s goals:

  • Reach 250 followers on the blog
  • Reach 10 subscribers on YouTube
  • Finish my education
  • Get a job
  • Drink more water
  • Get more exercise- Yoga & running
  • Eat less sugar
  • 1 good thing a day
  • Low buy
  • Get more creative- try with making homemade pasta and sew my own clothes
  • Write a book
  • Get into French (I learned some at my time in France, but lo and behold, I forgot most of it, and now only speaks low quality French)
  • Save-Opoly


Some of these might seem a bit low hit, but to be honest, it is just important to me to get some good habits going for year to come.
Let’s get a bit more into some of these goals!


1 good thing a day:

I don’t remember where I saw this first, but I remember getting the idea from something similar on Pinterest.

What I am going to do is get a container (actually I got a clear vase), and every day in the new year, I will end the day writing one good thing that happened that day.
This way I will end up with a vase filled with good vibes, and nice memories from the past year. When the year nears its end (or when I just need a pick me up), I can take a note, and read it.

The vase can be reused every year, and the paper can be kept for another time. (and I might even end up having many years of memories.

I just got a vase from the shop where I work, and some origami paper from a craft shop. The paper was colourful, not too big, and without glue (like sticky notes) or other stuff on.

Now let’s go catch those good days!



Low Buy:

I got this idea (or stole it) from The Newbury Girl here on WordPress.

She did the same thing, ending up in a no buy, that made me think about how much money I actually use on makeup and skincare.


Literally way too much, and I see now; I have a problem. I can just imagine what I could’ve used all those hundreds of dollars, Euro, DKK on if just I kept them, or saved them.

I guess the first part is admitting you have a problem, the next thing is doing something about it.

So, for 2020 (oh god I hope I can keep this) I will CUT DOWN on some of the stuff I buy.

This means: I will get a fixed amount a month that I can buy makeup and skincare for. The number of my choosing: 150DKK, which is about 20 Euro or 22USD.

Doesn’t sound as much, but man I need to cut down, and to be honest; some months I use closer to 1000DKK (134 Euro, 149USD) and I therefore need some help.

I will be able to stock up on my budget, meaning if I don’t use all the money in for example January, I can put it into my February account. On the other hand, I cannot use my budget in advance, and therefore take money from February to use in January.

Now, there are some rule bending.

I AM allowed to buy something if I have used my product up, and I do not have another product filling that need.
I AM allowed to buy it, if it is something, I have had on my wish list for a while and it comes on sale. I am therefore not allowed to buy it if it is the normal price.
I AM allowed to buy the Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection if it is in stock, no matter the price.
I AM allowed to buy the Disney Princesses and Villains collections. The Frozen collection is a maybe. (I have been looking at these for soooo long)
I AM allowed to buy the Holo Taco “Basic necessities” which translates to approx. 5 products (base, topcoat, colour, colour and peel of protection)

Now of course I am not allowed to buy all of these at the same time (even though I would love too), but these are the ones that I, in the year of 2020 AM allowed to buy at some point.


In short

  • 150DKK a month
  • I can save, but not borrow
  • I can buy if I have no other solution
  • I can buy sales from my Wishlist
  • I can buy from Safiya, Cristine or Disney.


Write a book

I have always wanted to write a book, but never really known what to write about.

Now. I still don’t know what to write about, there are just too many options, but no matter what I want to find out, and at least actually try to write something.



Last year I also played Save-Opoly, and actually saved quite a bit up.
Therefore I am doing this again this year, just to see how much I can actually save up.

The rules are easy. Start at the start point. Every week you roll a dice, and move the amount that the eyes say. The place you and at, is how much you put away in a savings account that you are not allowed to touch. I put mine into the “New bed” savings, and were ONLY allowed to use the money for that new bed.




That’s the Goals for 2020, and though some might seem oh so simple, I find that it is always harder to reach them than you sometimes think.



I think that is enough chit chat for one day, so I will end this rant for now!


What goals are you setting for next year??



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 😊

Bullet journal 2019

Bullet journal 2019


Hello again guys!


This year again I’ll be making a bullet journal for the year of 2019. I made one last year and this year I actually got a “real” bullet journal, which makes drawing and writing a lot easier.


For this post I will just show you the first parts of my bullet jornal. This is a year overview and all the posts of January


First a 2019 overview (please ignore the blue dots on page two, I was trying to find out if a pen would go through the paper… it did)


Then January page and mood tracker


And lastly a monthly and weekly calendar for January



I hope this was a little inspiring for you, and as always with these things, another post (maybe a lot) will follow!


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤







**Just to make one thing clear, I did not make up all of these designs by myself (the same will follow the next posts too) but took inspiration from some different other bloggers and bullet journal enthusiast on pinterest, go check pinterest out if you need more inspiration 😉

Random thoughts and new year resolutions

Random thoughts and new year resolutions



Yes I know it’s some time ago now (and also some time since the last post) shy you ask?

Well as I told earlier, I got home to Denmark for Christmas and the new year.

This means:

  • Family wanting to know how the past 4 months in France was
  • Mother, father, brothers, dog and boyfriend craving my attention ( and I theirs)
  • My friends from school coming over to bake Christmas cookies (like they have done for the last 15 years)
  • Several trips to the doctor now that I’m finally home
  • School applications that has to be filled
  • Applications for apprenticeship has to be made (in fact 148 has to be made and sent)

And then to add up I got a letter from some kind of website saying I owe them 110€ (WHAT?!?)

Because of this ↑ I have been feeling really stressed out this holiday.


So now I am looking forward to starting my work days again just to get some structure on everything.

With this I have to mention: New Year resolutions (Oh God I’m so bad at keeping them) I always make one that sounds a lot like: Exercise every day, never eat candy again, earn 1 million before summer vacation (This actually isn’t even exaggerated, I always set goals way to big that I KNOW I’ll NEVER keep.

This year though (thinking about my earlier New Year resolution fails) I’m going to make one that I might actually be able to keep.

That is: Do your best.

For me this means a lot of things: Do something you love every day, be more positive, make better decisions, exercise more, eat healthier and drink more water (yup that’s a lot, but “do your best” seems easier, and even though a lot of thought is behind it, everything will come back to just doing the best I can)

And how will I do that?

I will simply ask myself every day: What would the Luna I want to be do?

This can be used in every situation and it is an amazing question.

Would the future me get up 10 minutes earlier to eat breakfast or sleep on? (yes this kind of makes me feel guilty about what I do, but makes me feel great afterwards!)


What are your New Year resolutions and how are you going to achieve them? Just comment underneath- I’d be happy to hear!

Good luck with keeping them and I wish you a great 2017! 🙂