Another day for another inspired look!

For today we are doing Kida from the movies Atlantis (both 1 & 2), though I am getting more inspired by her “before ascending” look.

I absolutely adore the movie Atlantis (number 1), and I recall watching it as a VHS together with my family when I was young. Therefor I also knew that I had to get inspired by it.

The movie is about a Linguist (Milo), that joins an expedition force to find the sunken Atlantis (which you might have guessed from the title).

Kida herself looks very distinct with her pure white hair, gold accessories, and blue clothes and markings. Therefore I also wanted these colours to be the ones I used.

As always, if you would rather watch this instead of reading it; you may do so right here.


For once the face was actually the part I was the most excited about, since I was dead set on having the same tattoo markings that Kida has in the movie (before ascending that is).

I started out with using my Figs & Rouge Hydra Matte Velvet Pore Corrector Cream as a primer, and after that had sunk into the skin I went for my concealer.

I used the Tarte Shape Tape, and put on a good layer, that was padded into the skin with my Beauty Sponge.

For an extra layer of protection(lol), I used the Manhattan Clearface 2in1 Powder & Makeup to make sure my face was as clean as possible.

Since I find Kidas face very simple, spotless, and clear, I wanted to have that too, so that is why I went for a quite pale face, without any blush or bronzer. I did choose to use just a tiny smidge of my BareMinerals Highlighter in the colour Free right between my brows to get a small non-distracting glow.

The reason I chose to do the face that way, is because I wanted to keep the focus on her marks (tattoos?), which I also wanted to have. I took my P.S. Kohl Eye Pencil in turquoise and first drew the dot on my nose, and then the two other shapes, that I would say are somewhere between a triangle and a crescent moon.


Since I wanted my focus mostly on the face, I kept the eyes fairly simple compared to what I could have done.

I started out with the Nilens Jord Eye Primer and then went into the colour So What in my Revolution Makeup Jewel Collection – Gilded Eyeshadow Palette, to put down a transition shade all over my lid.
For all the shades I put on I used my E.L.F. Professional Eyeshadow Brush, and for blending I used my H&M Blending and liner brush.
For the white colour that I wanted, I used the Essence Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette and took the colour Believe In Miracles and used this for the inner corners of my eyes and up until the middle of my lid.
The Revolution Makeup Integrity Wild Animal Palette was next and in this palette I took the bright turquoise colour and used it on the outer edge of my eyelid; this colour was also used until the middle of my lid.
For the gold I wanted to be on the eyes, I went back into the Revolution Makeup Jewel Collection – Gilded Eyeshadow Palette and took the colour Fetch to put on right in the middle of the lid- on top of the white and turquoise.

Then I blended the colours very gently, and added another layer of turquoise, since this is the colour that is most prominent on Kida.

I did not really mind that the edges were not blended completely, because I like how it looks a bit like markings, and a bit “Tribal”, which I really find fitting for the occation.

For Mascara I took my Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Black and put on a few layers, and the eyes were done.


Since I did want the attention on the face, I chose to have my lips very toned down.

I took my Safiya Nygaard X Colourpop Lipstick Palette and chose the colour Bikini Bottom, which is a nude colour that is very close to my own lip colour. So I wanted it to be like my lips, but prettier 😉

And this is how it all ended out. I am so happy with it, and I could honestly not stop staring at myself because I found the look so cool haha.

Is there any other character or thing you would like me to get inspired by, you can tell me in the comments down below – I would love to chat!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! 😊


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