How to avoid toxic people

How to avoid toxic people

I think we have all met a toxic person before.

They try to control you, lie to you all the time, or just drain all your energy with their behaviour.

Perhaps they don’t do it on purpose. There might be a great reason for them to act as they do – but it is not your duty to help or fix them. Especially not if it chips away your own health and sanity.

If you really think you need to do something; ask them to seek professional help, and if nothing happens – get yourself out of there.

Today we are looking at toxic people, and how you can get away from them, and get back your sanity. You might not notice they are toxic at first, but as soon as you notice the signs take a breather and talk to yourself; is this something you want to be a part of?

First we will look at what a toxic person actually is, and then how you may get away from that person. In this case; a toxic relationship or toxic person can be anyone – family, friend, or significant other.

Beware though: just because someone has some of these it might not mean they are completely toxic, they might just need a helping hand with noticing it, or as I said before; need a professional hand.

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Instagram ambassador scams – what you should look out for

Instagram ambassador scams – what you should look out for

Ever since it was possible to cheat others, some have made good use of this possibility.

There are telephone scams, Facebook scams, catfishing, game scams, pyramid schemes, mail scams… I think you got the idea. Some people take the opportunity to cheat, or scam, others if they have the possibility.

It can be hard to figure out exactly what mails, phone calls, or messages are real when being on the internet, and as the internet has become more popular, so has online scams.

A thing that has risen with the use of internet is Instagram ambassador scams. This is perhaps the scam that I see and feel most often. If you do not know what it is: I envy you.

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Why you should unplug once in a while

Why you should unplug once in a while

In the modern time and age we live in, social media and technology has become a big part of our lives.

Most of us use a computer or phone at work or school. Then we get home, do our chores, and sit down before either a computer or television. Our kids get eaten off with a I-pad or told to go watch a movie – and when they get old enough to get their own computer of phone, they are impossible to get away from it.

In the midst of all this social media time we forget to take time to be ourselves, get to know each other and overall enjoy our lives.

On this note, you can actually get addicted to social media, and this could reap lots of bad effects.

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Pandemic Proof Christmas gift ideas you can give/DIY for free

Pandemic Proof Christmas gift ideas you can give/DIY for free

Christmas is coming… well kind of soon at least; and I am one of those people… wanting to get hands on their gifts at least a generation before it has to be given.

This Christmas is a bit special though, for this Christmas we will still be in the midst of a pandemic.

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Keeping my promises

Keeping my promises


Well hello there you beautiful people!


December 21 I put up a post on my blog named:looking back at the year – thoughts, goals and hopes for 2020.

In there I talked about how the year went, and I set some goals for the new year. Today, I really want to sit down, and talk to you about how I am doing with these so-called goals.

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