The best place to be an apprentice

The best place to be an apprentice


Long time no see guys and welcome.

Today we will get up close and personal, which means you’ll get a lot of information about what I am doing right now, and especially about how awesome it is to be an apprentice at JYSK.

This means you get to sit back, relax and just listen to my story about why I am so busy now, and how it feels to have a lot to do.


First of all, I just want to get it out there: it’s hard to be a grown up, and it’s hard to adult (this means doing stuff you normally associate with being an adult, like doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning and actually getting to work every day).
This fact only hit me about one month ago when my boyfriend and I moved in together. We got 100% independent and had to rely on ourselves (of course we get help when we need it for bigger things, but daily stuff suddenly seem hard to do)

I went from taking school lightly (when you felt just a little ill, you could just stay home and no one would bat an eyelash) to going to work continually every day even with a fever, headache, a sprained foot or a bad influenza (even though I got sent home with influenza because I looked like a trainwreck).

I went from occasionally emptying the dishwasher to having to take care of your own dishes. Every. Single. Day.

I went from cleaning once in a while in my parent’s house, to having to clean once a week (who knew it got that dirty just living in an apartment)

I went from helping with cooking occasionally to cooking every day (at least we are two, so it becomes a little easier)

I went from having someone else wash my clothes, to figuring out how in the world to clean the clothes myself.

I went from not having to worry about paying bills, checking the mail, locking the doors and using all my money on fun. Now there suddenly are so many responsibilities you never saw coming, that you just HAVE to take care of.

And after finding out all this, and the many more things you have to do while adulting (when you behave like an adult) I have so much more respect for grown ups!

I thought I had it hard going to school from 8-15 and then home, wait for dinner (maybe go to some sort of sport) and go to sleep. But honestly as an adult I suddenly have to go to work from 9-17 (sometimes more, sometimes less of course), then get home around 18, cook, eat, do the dishes and suddenly the clock is around 21. That was one day almost completely done.

I absolutely give out the biggest applause to the adults doing that everyday while juggling with other work, children, hobbies and other stuff on the side. You guys are seriously awesome!! ❤


Now to the funnier part…

Actually working at JYSK

I have been working at JYSK for almost 5 months now and it has been such an ride. The store I work at is in a smaller city, so the opening hours are great, not to early up, not to late home.

The work is kind of hard since JYSK is a store that sells “everything to a good nights sleep” and other smaller and different stuff to make a great home look and feel beautiful. This means you get to meet rude customers, nice customers and plain weird customers, which is really fun when you like observing people. Now selling stuff like beds and so on, also means that you literally sometimes will have to lift a bed. Of course we have resources to make this easier for us to do, but some beds, dressers or closets are not easy to handle and can weight up to 50kg or more. So beside having to be mentally prepared for all kinds of customers, you also have to be ready to lift a lot of heavy stuff, together with walking A LOT. I honestly went from walking around 3000steps every day to walking between 8000-12000 on a normal day, some days 16000 steps.


Now my place at JYSK is as an apprentice, and I have my own personal area in the store to take care of. This is all the small stuff. This means like, bathroom stuff, stuff for interior design, towels, storage, carpets, plaids and cushions and other “smaller” stuff like this. This is 100% what I want since I love the designing and creative part of the stores, where I get to decorate.

These are for example some of the exposures(?) I have made and they look like this:


When I started as an apprentice in July I was kind of afraid that the boss would be way to bossy and everyone would make me do all the hard work no one wanted (because that was what I was told would happen by my former school)

Instead I was greeted with a young team (the boss is the oldest and she is 26) of energetic and relaxing people who know how to both get the work done and also have fun while doing it.


The workspace is filled with intern competition with rich opportunity to both “win” some extra goods, like dinner, new pillows/duvets or other goodies. Beside this our suppliers also make competitions for us, so if we do a good job we can win cinema trips, casino trips with limo, dinner and so much more. Now another thing you have an opportunity at with JYSK is getting a bonus. Say If we do a good job 3 months in a row we will get a small bonus, so no matter how hard you work your salary will be reflected of this(well you won’t be cut in salary, but every time you do great there is good opportunity for you to be rewarded for it)


For something completely else, since JYSK is such a huge corporation we also have our own school that we have to go to as long as you are an apprentice. So for me, I had my first 2 weeks in October where I went to a golf & spa resort (this place is owned by the founder of JYSK and is also the place the school is placed). We had to be there for 2 weeks but had an opportunity to go home in the weekend. The ones staying at the resort (or at least most of them) would go partying in the weekend in the nearest big city, and also have the opportunity to use the resort “as we pleased”. For the weekend we would even get “pocket money” for either partying or just staying home and relax with candy (or whatever we wanted to stay home and relax with).

himmerland spa & golf resort

The two weeks were all paid by JYSK, which means we were staying there, eating there and using their activities (like swimming pools, gyms, golf courses and spa for free). For example at Wednesday the spa place was closed to the public and only us students could go there alone. It was a great place with a lot of different spa’s like foot spa, steam, salt spa, outdoors spa, “vikinge” spa which is super cold, saunas, showers and foot massaging “hot/cold” baths.

Salt spa
Normal Spa
varmkold bad
Hot & cold foot massage
Foot spa

Staying there also means you might get lucky and even win in bowling (ahem)

Bowling (I Won. muhahhaha)


Beside getting all these benefits, we would be going to school from 8-17, which means either sitting still/doing activities that all has something with our stores to do or going on trips to visit our suppliers. Especially visiting our suppliers was super cool since some of them use the same stuff in their pillows as we use as fake snow in a lot of great movies. It looks like this

We also learned something about down, feathers, fibers, and saw some of the different types of pillows you can actually get

procent dunfossflakes-produkter.jpg

Lastly we got to see our big stock building which contains all our goods and there are A LOT


So even though it was super cool to be at the school, it was also super hard, especially as an introvert who had nowhere to “flee” since we were on 4-man rooms.


All in all I’m super happy and super busy (there is surely a lot to do) but I enjoy every minute of it.

I will of course keep on posting stuff for you guys, but now you might know why it has not been so consistently lately.


I truly love you guys, and I’ll look forward to the next time


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤





What is going on?!?

What is going on?!?


So what have I actually been up to?


For quite a while you haven’t heard about me and what I am doing, so I thought today would be a good day to tell you what has been going on. 🙂


In July I started as an apprentice at JYSK, which is a huge store chain who specializes in “everything to a good nights sleep”


Being employed with them has this far been amazing and I have been incredible lucky to be in a store with all young people (since it makes them more understanding and easier to talk with)

Having a job (well I guess this counts for all jobs) is actually really hard (school was hard too, since that meant sitting down for 8 hours and then going home to study) but working in a store-especially one like this, means standing up and walking for 8 hours every day. On a normal work shift for me, I’d end up walking 12.000 steps, and that is JUST for work.


Because of this I have been very tired (in a good way) and therefore the blog posts have been a little rough and inconsistent. While my body has finally-almost- gotten used to using my body that much, so has my brain with remembering all the amazing things about my workplace.
Since we give advice to everyone who needs to sleep (basically) there is a lot to remember about sleeping patterns, tips & tricks, advice giving, product information and remembering to use all our platforms correctly (that means the programs for ordering products, our order statuses, our information platform and so on)


Beside this my boyfriend and I will be moving tomorrow, so there is a lot to think about with work, moving, blog and actually taking time off to just breathe once in a while.


Even though this is a very chaotic time, it is also an amazing time, and I try to enjoy every moment possible.


I hope you guys have a blast too, and I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!




Ways to save money  

Ways to save money  


Hello everyone!  Today we will look a little at how you can save money. A couple of months ago I was at a still stand, where I earned no money, and got no money, so these have been very handy!

I hope this will help some of you guys out there, who need some ideas to save money.



  1. Use the library. You can not only borrow books but also movies, games and music, so instead of buying new, try looking for what you need in the library.
  2. Borrow from your friends or family. This can apply to almost anything, as long as you take care of their stuff, you could end up saving a lot of money.
  3. When washing clothes. Try washing your clothes in colder water and air dry it afterwards.
  4. Buy in bulk. When shopping for food or supplies, buy big amounts of the stuff that has a very low price (this only applies to things that can stay good for long)
  5. DIY everything possible.
  6. Fix stuff by yourself instead of buying new.
  7. Turn down heat, air conditioner or warm water supplies.
  8. Cancel subscriptions to make sure you won’t be tempted to buy anything
  9. Shop with Ebates. Ebates gives you money back for online shopping you have to do anyways.
    (I haven’t tried this, but heard a lot of good things from bloggers that I follow)
  10. Use the Ibotta app. Ibotta offers cash back on a lot of items, you simply just scan the items and the receipt after shopping, and you will get cash back.
    (Same with Ebates, haven’t used this since it doesn’t work in Denmark)
  11. Cook yourself instead of buying take away-this also goes for packing lunch instead of buying.
  12. Renegotiate your bills whenever possible.
  13. Use coupons whenever possible.
  14. Stick to drinking water
  15. Pretend you make less money than you do
  16. Use cheap transportation like biking and walking or try to carpool
  17. Never go grocery shopping when hungry, and restrain from shopping when in a bad mood (I always, and I mean ALWAYS buy stupid s**t when I shop when hungry)
  18. Cancel gym memberships and make a at-home-gym (often we just pay for it and does not use it)
  19. Don’t save any credit card information on your phone to avoid any impulse spendings
  20. Try growing your own food
  21. Make a list when you have to grocery shop, then stick to it
  22. Put on extra clothes before turning up the heat
  23. Always pay off dept, or it will end up being an enormous amount of money that you owe
  24. Shop at thrift stores
  25. Meet friends at home of for a coffee, not for dinner. This way you won’t be tempted to eat out.

    now a few ways to make a little extra money

  26. Sell stuff you don’t need
  27. Use Achievemint- this doesn’t make a lot of money but a little goes a long way, you earn points by walking, biking, running and more. When you have gotten 10.000 points you then earn 10 dollars.
  28. Use Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for doing simple things like switching your search engine or watching videos.
    (Like Ebates and Ibotta, I heard a lot of good things about Swagbucks from bloggers I follow (like makingsenceofcents ) without being able to use them because they do not Work in Denmark yet)
  29. Use InboxDollars. This one is a lot like Swagbucks, where you get paid for doing small chores like watching videos and answering surveys
    (You guessed it *look at #28)
  30. Use TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is a website where you can do different chores for other people, it’s easy and you can work at your own pace.
  31. Invest your money. The stock market can be a complicated thing, but investing your money is one of the easiest ways to earn money, as long as you do not do it blindly. I suggest reading a little about investing before actually doing it, but once you get the hang of it, you can learn a lot by investing your money.

    Money Challenge ideas

  32. For every time you have shopped, put your change in a 2-litre bottle. After filling it you should have at least 400 dollars.
  33. The daily saving challenge. Each day is equal to an amount of money. The first day is 1, second is 2 and so on, after one month you should have 456 dollars saved.
  34. Try the no spending challenge. This means you can only use money on the absolutely most necessary


Lastly, here is a budgeting template that I use. I didn’t make it myself, but I still use it almost always. It found it at lightroompresets


If you’re not into templates try downloading an app like GoodBudget to keep track on your budget.


Thats all for this time, I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 😊



Luna ❤

Updated bucket list

Updated bucket list

Welcome back you lovely lads!

Today we will look at my bucket list (yes I know we did this once, but this time it has been updated, and it is a good idea to always keep an eye out for your goals)

So get your own bucket list ready, and get some good ideas for what you need on yours!




  1. Go to Paris
  2. Switzerland
  3. Italy
    2013-06-30 14.39.04.jpg
  4. Visit mount Yoshino, Japan
  5. Visit a volcano
  6. See the rain forest
  7. Travel by helicopter
  8. Visit Rome
  9. New Zealand
  10. Berlin Germany
  11. See the Northers lights
  12. See the pyramids in Egypt
  13. Walk the great wall of china
  14. USA
  15. Ireland
  16. Japan
  17. Hawaii
  18. Visit a health retreat
  19. See Machu Picchu
  20. Visit Stonehenge
  21. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  22. Visit Easter Island
  23. Try dog sledding
  24. Visit the Leaning Tower in Pisa
  25. See the Great Barrier Reef
  26. Visit Tokyo
  27. Visit all 7 continents
  28. Feed a Koala Bear
  29. Preikestolen Norway (damn that’s a long and hard walk but so completely beautiful)the picture in the head of the post is also from here!
  30. Visit Galapagos Islands
  31. Visit Gibraltar
  32. Visit the Grand Canyon
  33. Visit Bora Bora
  34. Visit” dog heaven” in Costa Rica
  35. Carlsbad caverns national park New Mexico
  36. Laos



Helping others:

  1. Participate in a walk for a good cause (I have walked for both cancer and animal welfare)
  2. Plant a tree
  3. Do a random act of kindness
  4. Donate organs (well not now of course!)
  5. Host a charity event
  6. Donate clothes
  7. Rescue an animal
  8. Buy someone’s groceries
  9. Do charity work with animals
  10. Donate things to an animal shelter
  11. Donate 100euro to charity
  12. Change someone’s life to the better



Creative stuff:

  1. Make a rainbow rose
  2. Learn to paint
  3. Learn to play the piano (learned some of it, but I’m not all the way there yet)
  4. Learn to make homemade pasta
  5. Make a candle
  6. Learn to cut hair
  7. Crochet something (I made Oscar in 2017)
  8. Sew a piece of clothing
  9. Make soap
  10. Decorate a blank t-shirt
  11. Make a handmade gift (I did crochet the mumins for my parents christmas 2017)
  12. Make an origami animal
  13. Be a model in a photoshoot
  14. Choreograph a dance
  15. Make a song
  16. Create a ice cream flavour
  17. Design and build my dream house
  18. Design my own Jewelry
  19. Homebrew alcohol
  20. Make a cosplay costume
  21. Perform on stage
  22. Take a picture of myself everyday for a year
  23. Be an extra in a movie (When I went to college I had a background role in a short movie)
  24. Be on TV (I was together with the rest of the cress and radiation team)
    2013-05-20 15.07.29
  25. Sew a Victorian era dress/ball gown
  26. Learn water and ink painting



Finances and work:

  1. Publish a book
  2. Publish 5 books
  3. Sell 400 books
  4. Make a podcast
  5. Get 100 followers
  6. Start a blog (well this worked out fine )
  7. Start a podcast
  8. Have my own beauty clinic
  9. Be a self made millionaire
  10. Create a passive income
  11. Create a online shop and sell things online
  12. Be my own boss
  13. Coach other people
  14. Do something I love for a living
  15. Have my own clothing line
  16. Have my own Jewellery line
  17. Organize a conference
  18. Get my Youtube channel going
  19. Get out of debt




  1. Go a week without internet
  2. Learn how to drive
  3. Cook something new every day for 30 days
  4. Learn at least 6 languages at a basic speech niveau ( 3 so far- English, French, Danish)
  5. Get married
  6. Adopt a dog (A Bernese Mountain dog is the dream)
  7. Attend a masquerade ball
  8. Attend a ComicCon
  9. Learn basic programming
  10. Learn sign language
  11. Achieve 100 goals on my bucket list
  12. Learn how to use a photo editing program (had a course in this in march 2018)
  13. Speak in front of hundreds of people
  14. Do a 24 hour silence
  15. Learn to walk in high heels
  16. Take test on ancestors with 23 and me
  17. Learn to dance




Overcoming fear

  1. Ride the London Eye
  2. Stand on top of the Eiffel tower
  3. Live abroad for a year (did this last year (2016-2017 when I was in France as an Au-pair)
  4. Participate in a flash mob (did this when I was with my school in Amsterdam)
  5. Feed a Giraffe (damn those are big)
  6. Swim with dolphins
  7. Donate blood (I’m insanely afraid of needles!)
  8. Float in the dead sea
  9. Ride in a hot air balloon (YES- I am afraid of heights)
  10. Get a Brazilian Wax (AUCH)
  11. Bathe an elephant
  12. Eat at an underwater restaurant




  1. Learn pole dancing lessons (why not??)
  2. Start my own vegetable garden
  3. Complete a 10k run (Just did this not long ago and it feels incredible to think about)
  4. Run 15km ( Now I have to try-right?)
  5. Learn basic yoga
  6. Learn self defence
  7. Reach my ideal goal (57kg)
  8. Be able to hold a plank for 1½ minute
  9. Make yourself laugh 15 minutes everyday for 1 month
  10. Go one month without sugar



That’s all for this time!
I hope you all got some great ideas for your own bucket lists 🙂

We’ll see each other later, so I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time! ❤




Things to throw away right now

Things to throw away right now

Well hello there guys. Do you also find yourself sitting in the midst of a clutter filled and confusing space? Well I do.
I am one of those some people call “hoarders” I absolutely HATE throwing things out, and it always ends up piling up everywhere looking horrible and tiring.
So for today we will talk a little about some things you might as well just throw out right now!


  • Clothing
    Well not all your clothes. But all the clothes that: doesn’t fit, is 150 years old, has holes or unremovable stains, isn’t your style, or if you haven’t worn it in forever. It might be a good idea to donate the clothes that is still in a good condition, and just toss the rest.
  • Old costumes you’ll never wear again.
    They might be too old, not your style, in bad condition or maybe you can’t fit it anymore, just get rid of it. You should of course keep those you know you’ll wear again.
  • If your accessories are broken and can not be repaired, or if they simply doesn’t fit you anymore, let them go.
  • If your shoes are way to small, or big you might as well just throw them out. This also counts if they are damaged or not your style anymore.
  • Hangers that you don’t use because they are absolutely crappy and doesn’t do their job.
  • Dead bedding.
    Still wearing that old bedding with holes in it? Might as well throw them out and replace them with something that makes sleeping more welcoming
  • Torn up towels.
    Just like with the bedding. Drying yourself in a holed or stained towel just makes bathing a little less enjoyable. Out they go.
  • Old makeup or nail polish.
    There is a reason that both makeup and nail polish has an expiring date. When old, these won’t function optimally, and instead just make a mess, and make putting on either of them a hassle.
  • Hair accessories.
    Throw out all broken items, and all items you know you’ll actually never use. This also goes for hair tools.
  • Unused or unopened gifts.
    Gifts you got 100 years ago, and never opened or used. Might as well give them to someone else or throw them out. No, it never feels good to throw something away that you got from someone, but if you know you’ll never use it, then why keep it?
  • Extra dishware. Somehow I always end up with 15 mugs more than I actually use, and I don’t know how it happens. If you too have a LOT of extras in the kitchen department that you never use, try giving it to someone who needs it, or simply throw it out. Honestly, smashing dishes can be very stress relieving.
  • Cookbooks you never use.
    If you are like me, you might have around 50 cookbooks that you never use. If you KNOW you’ll never use them, just throw them out. You can find the same recipes on the internet in case you need them.
  • Expired food.
    Take a tour in your kitchen and check the labels. If some of it is too old and looks/smells disgusting, give it to the trash.
  • Cleaning products.
    No, it’s not necessary to keep every single cleaning product you have. If you have 5 different dish soaps, and you only use one kind, get rid of the rest!
  • Magazines or catalogs
    I was once hoarding these in large numbers (well I still have a lot). But if you have a lot of magazines just laying around because you might use them some day. Well throw it out. I bet you’ll just forget about it and never use it. And in case you need to find that one thing in that one magazine-ask Google! Mind though, if you have some magazines that you hold dear, of course you can keep them, I did the same. But please throw those out just laying around doing nothing.
  • Furniture you don’t know where to put.
    If it doesn’t fit your style, you don’t have space for it or it doesn’t fit in anymore. Try selling or donating that extra furniture just standing and taking up space.
  • Rugs
    Throw out all old, stained or gross rugs. Get a new one instead if you really need it.
  • Dead plants.
    I’m one of those people who LOVE flowers and greenery… I just don’t have green fingers at all. If you- like me- end up killing some of those plants, just throw them out. They have no purpose anymore. ☹
  • Wall décor that’s just there.
    You got any wall décor that you don’t really like anymore? Why keep them if you don’t think they are beautiful or in some way serving you a purpose? Out they go.
  • Old or unused electronics.
    If you have some type of electronics that you aren’t using anymore, try either selling them away to someone that could use them, or give them to someone you know need it. Mind if you have manuals for any of these too- might as well throw them out, most manuals are online nowadays.
  • Books, DVD’s and CD’s.
    With everything getting more and more digital, who needs DVS’s and CD’s when you can find your music or movies online. You can of course keep those you hold dearly, but the rest of them, that you are just Out with them! Same with books. Keep those you love and know you’ll read again. Donate the rest or throw them out.
  • Old receipts.
    Unless they are from a really big or expensive purchase or you need them for something else, throw them out. You can’t use them anymore anyways.
  • Office supplies.
    Dried out pens, broken colours, dried highlighters or other things like these. Just throw them out.
  • Crafty things you’ll never use.
    Stacks of extra fabric, paper, or craft supplies you don’t see yourself using the next months or so, donate it or give it to someone you know.
  • Old school stuff.
    I just recently got rid of my old school papers, homework and notes. This was after a long battle of “what if’s” because what if I end up having to use them? Well nowadays you can learn anything online, and beside this… well… I hadn’t even looked at them ones since I got out of school (which is around 5 or 6 years ago now)
  • Board games that are broken or you don’t play.
    If you have any board games you never play, or if they are broken/miss pieces. Just throw them out.
  • Broken or unused sports equipment.
    Maybe it seemed cool to play once 7 years ago, but if you haven’t played it since. Time to throw it out.
  • Things you will fix “soon”.
    “Soon” always become later, and then never happens. Got any things you wanted to fix, but never did? If they have been laying around for more than a year, and you didn’t have to use it, out they go.
  • Old batteries or lightbulbs.
    Be attentive about where you throw these out. Most batteries or lightbulbs shouldn’t go in together with your normal thrash.
  • Pet supplies.
    Got any worn out, torn up or unused pet stuff, either donate it or thrash it.
  • Spare change.
    You probably got some coins here and there. Find them all and cash it out. You might be surprised how much money you actually have lying around.
  • Old invitations or cards.
    If you have any invitations from many years ago or old birthday (or other) cards, get rid of them if they hold no sentimental value to you.



That’s all for this time. I hope this help at least some of you to declutter! 😊

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!



Luna ❤

Happy new year! Bullet journal edition

Happy new year! Bullet journal edition


Hello guys, I hope you had a great christmas and a happy new years eve!


This time is a pop up again.
I started bullet journaling not so long ago, and I thought I would let you in on some of it.
I will start 100% at january, and therefore my bullet journal is only from then and forward.

I thought I would let you lovely lads see some of what I have done, and as we go forward, you’ll see more and more. This time though is only january and my overall calender for the year 2018.

I think bullet journaling is a great idea if you have som creativity that wants to come out. Try it. You might like it 😉

This is my year in review:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And this is how i start my January – together with a mood board

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I hope you all had a great year and I hope the new one is going to be even better


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time





Merry- soon to be- Christmas

Merry- soon to be- Christmas

Hello guys- I know- 24 days how did I do? Well easy. Exam preparation.
We just finished the last of the preparations and got winter vacation, and boy was I looking forward to that!

I’m doing okay over here, it gets colder and colder but that’s to expect here in Denmark.

I recently moved in one of my great friends apartment, and it has been great until now (hopefully also later 😛 )

Since christmas is nearing fast, I wanted to remind you on some of my old posts from last christmas!

If you still miss to make a couple of decorations, you could make some of these, they were really easy: Christmas decorations

If you want to take another look at last years christmas playlist it is right here: Christmas playlist

I’ll look forward to next time! Even though I don’t post, I’m still thinking about you guys- I love you ❤

Merry Christmas, and I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time 🙂