Lipstick Queen – Lipstick Chess –Queen, King & Bishop

Lipstick Queen – Lipstick Chess –Queen, King & Bishop

Yay! More lipstick! These lipsticks are so dang cute, and I really hope that I will love them!

If you do not care for the written words; first of all, why are you here? And second: go watch the review on my YouTube channel!

Their words:

Highly pigmented, long-lasting finish. Lightweight, highly moisturizing formula. Provides a velvet finish. Enriched with natural oils and waxes.

My thoughts: I looooove, love, love, love lipstick! Looking forward to these, and the chess theme is so cool.

Applying: I had a bit of a hard time making it stick to the inner part of my lips, but otherwise applying was rather easy.

Feel: Very creamy formula. Does transfer a bit, which is a bit annoying. The colour payoff is not as pigmented as I would have liked it to, but the colour can be built up.

After about 4 hours it was still mostly on, but did need a bit of a touch-up if I wanted to actually let people see me.

7,5 hours after applying, a surprising amount of lipstick was still on my lips, and it actually looked more like a faded colour than a worn-out lipstick. I did kind of smear the lipstick all over myself at this point, but after haven eaten and drunken several times, who am I to blame?

So as you can see, it stays on for super long, but it does transfer a lot all throughout the day.

Packaging: Packaging is awesome, the names, labels and their occupations makes me super happy.

Scent: The scent is a bit waxy but not much more than that.

Labels: Alcohol Free, Anti-Oxidants, Fragrance Free, Gluten Free.

Ingredients: I somehow couldn’t find the ingredient list so I was a bit sceptical about what is in here. But NVM, it’s not like you wear makeup 24/7.

Claims: Not as pigmented as I would like to, but since it can be built up, I guess it doesn’t matter that much. It was indeed lightweight and creamy, which must also count as moisturizing. Longwear I can agree on, since quite some was still on after 7,5 or 8 hours (and that is without reapplying even once)

Price: 7 Euro or something like that, I found it at a sale.

Will I use it again:  Yes, the fact that I could wear it for that long without reapplying really spoke to me on a personal level.

Have you ever heard of or tried these before??

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

This exact week something pretty amazing happened.

I had the honor of getting nominated to the ideal inspiration blogger award by the amazing blogger and fellow makeup-lover Nita from A Spoonie’s Makeup Bag.

Thank you very much for the nomination, I had not seen that coming.

Go check her blog out if you have not!

Now if you do not know what the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is, here is what it is described as:

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award is an unofficial award to the bloggers as a reward of wonderful work on their blogs. It’s just as important because it really reflects the good impact we can have on other people’s lives. It is important for the inspiration towards the success journey of our fellow bloggers and especially newbies to become (Rising Star’s)


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their site
  2. Answer the questions you got
  3. Nominate up to 9 bloggers and ask them 5 new questions
  4. Notify the bloggers you nominate so they know they have been nominated
  5. List the rules and display the award logo in your blog post
  6. Provide a link to the award creator. Rising Star from

And just a disclaimer: I tend to ramble on for hours on end, so sorry in advance for trailing off.

Questions I got from Nita

  1. Have you watched any musicals or plays? If so, which one was your favorite and why?
    I have never really watched that many plays. I know I saw two when I was younger; one with my school and one with my family, but I don’t recall any of those.
    When I was at Efterskole (Something like boarding school but not at all-try asking Wikipedia if you want to know) I was starring in a lot of plays since it was an Efterskole for Performing Arts.
    I remember we had a Revue visiting and playing on our school. They loaned our hall in the three days they were there in exchange for all the students getting free passes to see the Revue. This meant I could go see it as many times as I wanted. I watched it all three days and remember how enchanted and immersed I was.
    The fact that every night had the same outline- the same base story- but still were so vastly different amazed and impressed me; and I truly respected the actors and actresses.

  2. What is your favorite drink to cool off with in the summer?
    This is kind of hard to answer since I almost always can drink a cold soda (not only in the summer days), but I also really like iced coffee or iced tea.

  3. How do you deal with negativity stemming from Social media?
    Negativity is one of those things you cannot go a day without seeing on social media – unfortunately.

    Usually when I notice negativity, my action really depends on what type of negativity it is. Is it just some internet troll writing on every post, picture or video to try to get you down by saying hurtful things and downgrading your position as a human being? Well then, I tend to ignore it. If you answer those people, there is a good chance that they write something dehumanizing to you again.
    The best thing to do (if I have to answer those people), is to answer with kindness.
    Did they tell you that you suck? Your posts are bad and you got no idea how to take pictures? Well then tell them the only reasonable thing: thank you very much, I will take that into consideration when making new content.
    I haven’t met many of these people yet, but look at it from another perspective. Those people just pointed out something that you can improve. Now go improve and if they are still there spouting nonsense afterwards you know you did all you could-let them spout their nonsense without you having to actively take a part- because you just tried doing that by improving yourself.

    Another thing is when noticing someone commenting something negative on another person’s platform. Again, it does not help to comment or tell that person off.
    The thing that actually helps? Spreading positivity!
    If I can brighten someone’s day by writing them a positive comment, then why in the world would I not do it. I cannot take responsibility for another person’s actions, but I can take responsibility for my own.

    The more positive content and comments we put out there, the easier it is to drown out the negative ones.

  4. Do you ever have moments where your self confidence is rattled? If so, how do you deal with it?
    Self-confidence, huh. As someone who had a depression for, I don’t even remember how many years (like 2 really bad years and about 4 years more to actually get afoot), self-confidence and self-love is something I have really struggled with.

    I recently read the book “The Subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson.
    He talked about something that really resonated with me; self-confident people and people that truly love themselves do not go around reminding themselves that they are loved. They don’t talk to themselves in the mirror, trying to convince themselves that they are great; because they know they are.
    I instantly thought back to my depression years, looking myself in the mirror ever so often trying to convince myself that I was worth something- anything. As someone depressed, trust me it works- because when you are so far away from accepting yourself, you just have to fake it till you make it. On that note: we have to be careful about what we tell ourselves, because we are listening.

    So to get back to the question of if my self-confidence is ever rattled? Yes, and often when stress is involved. If I have a presentation, an exam or having to do something outside of my comfort zone, my confidence levels can take a quick turn.
    Then to answer the question of what do I do when my confidence gets rattled? I simply don’t give a fuck.
    If it is something you have to do, you gotta do it.
    Forget all about confidence, throw it out the window. Tell the people with that you are nervous and just get down to business. Often, I find that starting whatever I have to do, is the actual part making me nervous, stressed or self-doubting.

    On another note I am also very afraid of conflict, introverted and highly sensitive, which means this method only works with stuff I really NEED to do.
    If I don’t have to then to heck with it. I’m not doing it.
  5. What is your current favorite summer time song?
    I think at the moment it would be Rude my Magic.
    But beside that pretty much all songs with Scarlet Pleasure is also doing the trick. I really like a lot of their music, and most of them reminds me of when I was at a “private” concert with them and I just instantly get in a good mood.


Questions for my nominees:

  1. What is the absolute best thing that has happened in your life so far?
  2. Do you have a special talent, if yes; what is it?
  3. If you could do anything you wanted at all with no risk of failing. What would you do?
  4. Fill in the blank. To me, Happiness is ________.
  5. What always makes you smile?

If it is not to your liking (or you have already done this before)- be free to not react or answer these questions. It is only to spread positivity and get to know each other better! 😊

Go give all these amazing bloggers some love!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time.

KatVonD Mini Lipstick Review

KatVonD Mini Lipstick Review

So. KatVonD. A brand I have wanted to try for VERY long, but never really got to because there was quite the storm around her brand for a while.

Now though, I pulled myself up, and chose that if I’m not going to buy a lot of her products (but still want to try things out) I could just try a mini. And that is what I did.

I bought these a long time ago as has had them sitting for 1000 years.

They are in the colours: OG Lolita and Misfits

If you want to watch the review you can go to my YouTube Channel

Their words:

A creamy, vegan, high-pigmented lipstick that has crazy-comfortable, long wear.

My thoughts:  This has been on its way for a long time! Either it is going to be good and I’m going to be really happy, or it is going to be bad and I would not want to touch this brand again with a barge pole (do you say that in English too?)

Applying: Pretty easy to put on, but ended up on my teeth, and it felt like it didn’t really grip in the inner parts; instead it was super easy to see all the dry parts of my lips.
Because it is a mini, it is not as easy to put on as a normal size and it takes a bit longer.

Feel: Looked pretty okay, even though it did grip on the dry parts of my lips. Transfers like crazy onto pretty much anything.
Went away very quickly- it literally only took about two hours for almost all of it to be gone. Of course, the part that stayed was the one stuck on the dry part of my lips. I am not impressed at all.
On the positive side though, they did feel very soft and were nice and pigmented.

Packaging: This packaging is… funny. Reminds me on something that I dare not speak in this public forum (it is very S/M). Pretty cute in size, but not really that appealing to me.

Scent: A bit chocolately somehow

Labels: Vegan, free of parabens and cruelty free.

Ingredients: Nothing too awful to see here.

Claims: Defenitely creamy and high-pigmented. The wear time is a big no-no though.

Price: Around 10 Euro or something like that

Will I use it again:  I honestly don’t think so. Went off too easy, transferred to everything and made my lips look dry AF.

That is all for my review of the KVD mini lipstick review.

What do you think of the KVD brand?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!

W7 Grape Escape Eyeshadow Palette Review

W7 Grape Escape Eyeshadow Palette Review


This palette has been in my possession for quite some time, but somehow, I never got to actually reviewing it. Today is the day we put off all those things, and I show you, exactly what it is worth (beware, shade might be coming)


Instead of me babbling for hours, I’ll just get right to telling you all about this palettes “qualities”

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Natasha Denona – Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona – Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette


Finally, were here! I have been looking forward to trying Natasha Denona for a long time! I’ve heard so many great things, and as far as I am concerned, it is only great quality.

Only downside? Well the price is insane, so I bought a mini. And what is the thing I most often hear about the minis? They are supposedly not as good quality, and some are even pretty meh.

Nonetheless I bought this palette as soon as I saw it. The sleek look, the fancy name, the expensive brand. And then for a fraction of the real price.

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Red Earth Have Fun Lipstick Matches

Red Earth Have Fun Lipstick Matches


I truly love makeup and skincare – and now you must too, you are reading this afterall 😉


Today we are looking at a quirky makeup product, that is: lipstick matches. I have been looking at these for quite some time, but finally decided to buy them. Instead of me just rambeling on about them here, lets just look at them!


Oh, and you can of course watch the review on my YouTube Channel too. 😊


Their words:

Experienxe 5 – mini lipsticks with pigmented and precise application in different colours.

Perfect for instant refreshing.

Unique form that gives a precise application and formula with great pigmentation.

Set of 5 mini lipsticks gives a even application and satin matte finish.


My thoughts: These damn things are super cute. Just bring the package, it takes up no space and seems so easy to bring. But how far will these go?

Applying:  Line, then fill in. My lip line got very wonky because it was so hard to control the small stick in my hand, oh and it is not really pointy, so once again harder to be precise. Takes a lot of time to apply compared to normal lipstick.

Feel: Beside being super hard to handle, and apply; the colour payoff was super pigmented and felt pretty soft on the lips. The lipstick didn’t really stick to the inside of my lips, and stuck a lot to the dry parts of my lips. Transfers quite a lot if you touch it simply because it it so creamy. When taking a cup test (drinking from a cup to see if it transfers), the two colours literally looked the same.
Most of the lipstick had worn off before I even left the house (just by drinking).
But to be honest I kept it on because I had to know how it wore. I had to meet up with my mother to eat some food and have fun, and honestly; she is no evil witch or anything, she says what she is thinking. Therefore I almost burst out laughing when I saw her and her first words to me was: is that a new one? You look sick. I almost died laughing, because that is exactly what I thought before leaving my apartment. After trying to drink a bit more at the café, I simply took it off; it was really getting me down instead of lifting me up. Sorry lipstick, but stay away forever.

Packaging: The packaging was very confusing but intriguing. I did not know what the name of the colour, or the brand was, because there were no real connection, no link between the two. So confusing. Adorable matches, super small, easy to rip off and easy to take with you. Not that a normal lipstick takes up much space either. No description or anything on the packaging.

Scent: smells a teeny tiny bit like crayons

Labels: none to be found

Ingredients: I do not even want to venture into the long descriptions that are these lipsticks, but safe to say there is at least 15-20 ingredients here.

Claims: Pigment, check! The matte part, I don’t see, but it does feel a bit satin like.

Price: under 2 Euro


Will I use it again: I truly don’t think so. The light neon reddish I will never touch again, I looked pretty sick when wearing it. It’s more like a gimmick or fun party trick than it is truly a good lipstick.

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Have you ever tried any of these before and what do you think?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


Holika Holika – Pig Clear Strong Blackhead Spot Pore Strip

Holika Holika – Pig Clear Strong Blackhead Spot Pore Strip


This is one thing I love. Masks and strips to remove blackheads.

I know, I know. It is not healthy for the skin because you literally rip in your skin, and can actually damage it instead of doing better.

Therefore I don’t use these frequently. I usually use them once in a while when I feel like I REALLY need it, and that time is now. These are known to rip out blackheads and impurities, and therefore can be a bit harsh to the skin and even hurt quite a bit to take off.

Nonetheless I love the sensation of using them, especially if they work, and therefore we are today trying out the Holika Holika Pig Clear Strong Blackhead Spot Pore Strip

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