So what have I actually been up to?


For quite a while you haven’t heard about me and what I am doing, so I thought today would be a good day to tell you what has been going on. 🙂


In July I started as an apprentice at JYSK, which is a huge store chain who specializes in “everything to a good nights sleep”

Being employed with them has this far been amazing and I have been incredible lucky to be in a store with all young people (since it makes them more understanding and easier to talk with)

Having a job (well I guess this counts for all jobs) is actually really hard (school was hard too, since that meant sitting down for 8 hours and then going home to study) but working in a store-especially one like this, means standing up and walking for 8 hours every day. On a normal work shift for me, I’d end up walking 12.000 steps, and that is JUST for work.


Because of this I have been very tired (in a good way) and therefore the blog posts have been a little rough and inconsistent. While my body has finally-almost- gotten used to using my body that much, so has my brain with remembering all the amazing things about my workplace.
Since we give advice to everyone who needs to sleep (basically) there is a lot to remember about sleeping patterns, tips & tricks, advice giving, product information and remembering to use all our platforms correctly (that means the programs for ordering products, our order statuses, our information platform and so on)


Beside this my boyfriend and I will be moving tomorrow, so there is a lot to think about with work, moving, blog and actually taking time off to just breathe once in a while.


Even though this is a very chaotic time, it is also an amazing time, and I try to enjoy every moment possible.


I hope you guys have a blast too, and I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!





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