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With trying all these different things out on my blog, it is hard to see exactly what I use, and actually keep on using.
Therefore today will be a shout out for my few favourite skincare products.

Let’s start from the top!



Matas -Vitamin hair mask with honey and wheat protein


This hair mask is currently one of my favorites since it makes my hair really soft, even after washing the mask out (normally my hair seems a little dry even after using a hair mask).
You just use the mask while in the shower.
Wash your hair with shampoo and then massage the hair mask into your hair, let It work for about 3 minutes and then rinse.
In that time it takes the mask to work, I had time to use both a body scrub and wash my face.

The perfume in this mask is chosen especially with thought for skin and hair and therefore doesn’t really smell like anything; just clean.

This mask even has a really good price compared to how much you get; It is just 45DKK (6 Euro) for 250ml (8,45 ounces)

I will buy this mask again when I run out (which is soon) unless I find something better in the meantime.



Clean Rain Eau de Parfum


This perfume is my absolute favourite (perfume that is)!

I know perfume is not skincare like that, but it is a product… for the skin…

It is made to have scent of a mild rainy day, and I must say it does the job very nicely without feeling too unnatural.
The brand’s name CLEAN, is a perfect portrait of their scent too, because their perfumes always have a fresh/clean scent.

Fun fact: it is actually also my mother’s favourite perfume



Nilens jord Cleansing Foam


I bought this cleansing foam because I needed a new one, and really like the brand.

Nilens Jord was founded in 1982 by a Danish man inspired by the old Egyptians – this is also why the design on their products are very natural and clearly looks like something (a little) Egyptian.
All their products are made without perfume, etheric oils and parabens, because they do not directly give cosmetics quality, but are an unnecessary ingredient- that is their words
I only think it is cool to be able to make products like that, because it means that mostly all allergic people can use their products.
Also, they do not test on animals
Cadeau to them for being that awesome!

Now back to the actual product:

I absolutely adore this cleansing foam!

When I first pressed some foam out, the first thing I noticed: no smell. This makes me feel a little extra luxurious because I know there is no weird stuff in there, and it overall just makes me feel cleaner than fragrance cleansers.

While working it into my skin, it felt very smooth and silky, and it felt like it just melted onto my face (I really liked that, but I also REALLY like a good foam 😉 )

It is very mild, and I didn’t feel all dried up after using this, I just felt clean, calm and relaxed.

I do not use a lot of it at a time, so I have a feeling this bottle will last a really long time. 😊

I will definitely repurchase this again a million times over!



Ziaja manuka tree purifying deeply cleansing peeling paste


This one I got in a Goodiebox quite some time ago.

I really love using it in the shower after having washed my face with the cleansing foam from Nilens Jord.

I use it about 3 times a week to gently peel my face, and the amazing thing I noticed was: it actually helps cleaning the skin. It doesn’t just clean it on the surface making my skin look brighter, but it actually- to some extent- clears out my pores, making blackheads disappear, and helps fighting the “growth” of new ones.

Because of the peeling effect, it will also clean the skin in depth, while removing dead skin cells, making it easier for new (and prettier ones) to surface. In the long run, this can help against scarring, and help with skin complexion because of the change in skin cells.

I was, and still am, so impressed with this product, that I will keep on buying it after I have used it up, and for only 30DKK (4 Euro) why wouldn’t I??



Green people age defy + exfoliating body cream


This body exfoliator I got instead of my favourite scrub; the Green people sugar scrub for normal/dry skin (this one unfortunately is not made anymore, whyyyy??)

I hoped that because they were both made from green people, the result would be somewhat similar.

The cream is still good; it does the job of exfoliating very gently; but I do not feel like it is AS good as my old one.

I used mine up just now, but I will not buy a new one yet; I would like to explore a bit more before settling with my “perfect” exfoliator.



REN- evercalm global protection day cream


This cream I was really happy about when I found!

The cream is very moisturizing and feels very nourishing, without being greasy. My skin always feels healthy and nice after using it, so it is my at the moment favourite cream.

I will not buy a new one when this one is done, though (which it will be soon), simply because I would like to explore some new opportunities, and I have a lot of face creams at hand already.




From left to right: Cleansing foam, peeling paste, exfoliating cream, day cream




Even though these are my at the moment favourites, some of them still have to go (in the name of finding the best products ever), but some of them will also stay, only getting switched out if I find better.



What is your absolute favourite product?



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!!


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