Have you ever screamed at a YouTube-tutorial because your own wrapping does not look like the “perfect wrapped gift or had a screaming child because you just could not nail that Frozen themed birthday cake?

Trying to be perfect is everything we do, and pleasing others is in our nature, but the most important is, that it won’t be at the expense of yourself.

The April box is all about pleasing yourself (again), and is filled with products that helps us remember to remember ourselves and hopefully leaves us relaxed, carefree, and renewed.


As promised in the last box, there were a new eyeshadow palette in the box (because the one we got last time was broken) and we also got an extra gift.
The two products were the Essence Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette, and the Masque Me Up Foot Peeling Mask. Since I have tried and reviewed the foot mask before I will not do that now, but there will be a short review of the eyeshadow at the end of the post.


As always you can also watch my review on my YouTube channel 😊



Dr. Botanicals – Lemon Superfood All-In One Rescue Butter


Their words:

Lemon superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter is a multi-use, high-performance butter which can be used as a moisturizer and treatment. The 96% natural formulation is packed full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which work together to rejuvenate, renew and invigorate dull and dry skin.


My thoughts: Hmm, what in the world am I supposed to use this as? And is it even hygienic to use it everywhere? We will see about this. It can apparently be used on face, elbows, lips, heels and even used as a cleanser. Confusion intensifies. I guess it is kind of like Vaseline?

Applying: Rub on wherever needed or use as a normal face cleanser where you rinse with water afterwards.

Feel: Feels nice and hydrating to my skin (tried it on my elbows), but felt a bit weird on the lips. Just like putting a hand cream or something on my lips. After a while, it COMPLETELY moisturized my lips to the point they were not chapped at all but instead felt super nice and moisturized. I did wash it off before eating though since I didn’t want to eat the product. I might use it at night from now on for my lips.

Packaging: A bit too much is happening on the outer packing. The sides are filled with ingredients, how to use and information which feels like a lot.

Scent: Defenitely smells citrusy but not too much.

Labels: Cruelty free and vegan while being 96% natural.

Ingredients: Nothing really sticks out to me here.

Claims: Defenitely hydrates my tired skin, and did an incredible job on my lips.

Price: 18 Euro


Will I use it again: I will try to use it up, but it feels a bit weird putting it everywhere (sorry, I know that I am weird) and it feels a bit uncomfortable to use it on my lips. Nonetheless it did wonders on my lips so I might use it as a night lip product. I will not buy a new one.




Pestle & Mortar – Pure Hyaluronic Serum


Their words:

The serum is made for fine lines, tired skin and dryness while giving the skin a healthy glow and renewed radiance. The skin absorbs the light, scentless formula in seconds and leaves the skin velvety without shine. In just three days, the skin is more radiant, fine lines are reduces and the skin elasticity is improved. Two drops day and night is enough to make results and can be used under your usual day or night creme. The serum contains vitamin E, and can be used on all skintypes. It leaves no sticky feeling while being alcohol, and fragrance free.
Can also be used as primer


My thoughts: I have never heard of this brand before, but just the thought of finally having a hyaluronic serum makes me excited. It is said to give results in a few days, (and as you can see in the description, they are promising a lot) so I am truly excitied!

Applying: two drops morning and night massaged into clean skin. (I had to use 3)

Feel: Felt very soft on the skin, absorbed super quickly and left my skin looking healthier with a more golden glow than the pale glow I had before. Did not feel sticky or uncomfortable before, but left my face feeling a bit more hydrated than it did before. I ended up “forgetting” about using other moisturizers because this one kept me feeling nice all day, and even the morning after I did not feel stretching or dryness in my skin.

Packaging: Cute little packaging to hold the dropper. Looks a bit like eye drops which might be confusing to some. I was a bit scared when I first used it since you have to break the top off to get into it. The more I looked at the packaging, the more amazing it seems. It has a rubber “foot” to make sure it stands stable. The bottom rubber part is also made as a “dispenser” where you push the bottom to get a single drop out. This makes overdosing impossible, which I absolutely love

Scent: Doesn’t really smell like much.

Labels: As far as I can see; 100% free from animal uhh, material? Paraben free, fragrance free and not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Oh yes, in here they got Sodium Hyaluronate which is the salt form of hyaluronic acid; which is known for being one of the most restorative ingredients.

Claims: I agree with a lot of the sayings right from the bat. My skin feels velvety, not sticky and a bit moisturized (the hydrating compounds in here feels more like they make sure I don’t feel dry, more than they are actually moisturizing). I especially like how my skin looked healthier and more glowing afterwards, which I am definitely not mad at.

Price: 43,6 Euro


Will I use it again: I will use it up, and unless I find something like this that works on scars, I will buy a new one when this one is done. The immediate effects are already + points.




Masque Me Up – Spot On Pimple Patches

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Their words:

Perfect skin patches effectively counteract impurities and outbreaks. Place a patch over the desired area and leave it to sit for a minimum of four hours. Can be used overnight or during the day to discreetly cover an outbreak.


My thoughts: These are super cool and I have actually been looking for something like these for a while. If these works, damn I’m gonna be impressed!

Applying: Just put it on wherever the outbreak is, and after at least four hours, it should have disappear without drying. Pretty easy to apply then.

Feel: When applied, you can kind of still feel it on the skin, but not in a way too annoying way- It is not easy to see since it is transparent which I like. I can eat without it going anywhere, so that is good. After a bit more than 4 hours I took the patch off and honestly the only difference I saw was that it felt a bit sticky and not as sore. I feel like the only thing it really does is making sure you don’t pick in it (even though I kept on touching the patch).
After using it a few more times, I noticed that the effect was more like a speed up effect where my pimples and so on simple got more “ripe” after using this. Not the effect I thought I would get, but that also counts for something.

Packaging: Not much to say about the packaging. I love how it is very travel friendly but not much else to point out. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Oh and it has a zip lock making it even easier to handle (even though the lock is pretty hard)

Scent: No scent here.

Labels: None to see, but these are travel friendly 😉

Ingredients: Hold on to your panties, because there is Salicylic Acid in here! It is rated as one of the best ingredients against many of the systemic causes of acne. Oh at it is the third ingredient in here, that is HIGH on the list!

Claims: Unfortunately I don’t feel like it did anything beside speeding up the process.

Price: 13,3 Euro for 22 pieces in 2 sizes


Will I use it again: I think I might use it if I have a breakout I just KNOW that I will touch. So I might use it more like to make sure I don’t pick or irritate it. Wont buy new ones though.




Mudmasky – Leave-Me-On Spring Mask SPF 10


Their words:

This leave-on mask is specially designed for the transition of your skin from winter to spring. A super lightweight formula, which prepares your skin for the spring. Your skin will adapt easier and you will have less breakouts during the spring season. It will get the exact amount of hydration needed during the flower season. Your skin is better protected against harmful UV-lights.
Brightening, regenerating, protecting, restoring and moisturizing.


My thoughts: This sounds interesting. I don’t remember having tried anything from mudmasky before. I do think it is a bit fun though, that they chose to send this in late April, when there is only one month left of spring (and they say it is mainly for the spring season)

Applying: Just wash your hands and face, use a thin layer and let it sit all day.

Feel: I used a bit too much but it felt very lightweight, cooling and smoothening while moisturizing my face without being sticky

Packaging: I feel like a bit too many things is happening on this packaging for me to really like it-sorry.

Scent: Smells a bit muddy but that might just be me telling myself that because the name is mudmasky, it has to smell like mud.

Labels:  Peta certified (how much does that truly say though?),

Ingredients: The only thing that is maybe baby is the fragrance. Not so much because it is there, but because you never really know what kind of fragrance it is.

Claims: It is definitely lightweight, since the consistency is more like a normal cream. It moisturized my face very nicely without being sticky so I am happy about that.

Price: 38,75 Euro


Will I use it again: Yes, I will use it up at least, but I don’t think I will buy a new one, since I would rather just use a real face mask and a separate cream. (somehow, I feel like that would give a better effect)




Ecooking – Cleansing Gel


Their words:

A lush cleansing product that can be used for normal or oily skin. Removes dirt and filth from the skins surface effectively, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin.


My thoughts: Another Ecooking product? Well I’m pretty sure I liked the last, so I might like this one too. And well… It’s made in Denmark 😊

Applying: Work the gel into a lather in your hands, and apply to your face and neck. Rinse with water. Pretty simple.
Unfortunately this didn’t work as easy for me, so instead I used the product on my Nire face prepping tool, then put on a bit of water and gently applied to face. That worked much better for me, and it was super easy to get off with water afterwards. If you want a not so ruff experience, use it together wit a little bit of water for it to be both easier to apply and feel more relaxing.

Feel: When applied, even though I rubbed the product into my hands, nothing much happened. I then proceeded to apply to face and it felt very gel like. The gel like texture was not really a problem, but because of the texture I had to rub my face quite a bit (which my face is not a fan of). When I had to put on the water, a lot is actually needed to get it off, and when the water comes in contact with the gel, it really starts to foam. I liked it a lot more when combined with a bit of water, which made it more gentle and more of a pleasurable experience. My face did get clean, but feels a teeny tiny bit dry afterwards; this feeling faded a bit over time somehow.

Packaging: I somehow really like Ecookings packaging. Even though there is a lot of text, it is easy to read everything, and it doesn’t look messy. I do still prefer “cleaner” packaging though. Comes with a pump, and an easy to handle open/close mechanism. Oh and have I ever told you that I love pumps? I have. But I’ll say it again.

Scent: Well it IS fragrance free, and I honestly scent absolutely nothing.

Labels: Allergy certified and vegan.

Ingredients: Nothing weird to see here since they use a big part of organic and natural ingredients.

Claims: It cleaned just as supposed, but unfortunately, I feel a bit dry afterwards; also even though the feeling fades a bit.
Not much, but enough to make me say the “moisturizing and nourishing” part is a bit off.

Price: 25,35 Euro


Will I use it again: I will use it up, but I do not intend on buying a new one when I am done with this one. I love foams way much more than gels.




Stimorol – Mini Mints


Their words:

Mini Mints with an exotic aroma of citrus and passionfruit. Ideal for all citrus-lovers who is looking for freshness instead of sweetness.


My thoughts: Uhm mints? I thought this was a beauty box? Well nevermind if they are good. And why do they call it a “free” gift? I paid for the box, this isn’t free?

Applying: uhm just put them in your mouth. Its not that hard.

Feel: Feels nice in my mouth? Tastes a bit weird because the mint is mixed with both citrus and passionfruit. Not bad, but very weird. But well, I am not so much into these things anyways so that might be why.

Packaging: Standard mint packaging. Not that interesting.

Scent: It has a very strong smell of both citrus and passion fruit, and I am impressed that it somehow smells like both.

Labels: Sugar free

Ingredients: Just normal mint ingredients to see here.

Claims: Doesn’t as much freshen as it weirds me out

Price: No idea, we got it for “free”


Will I use it again: Probably, maybe, no. I really don’t know, but I also really don’t think so. The flavour is just so weird. I might try a few more to see if I like the flavor, but I honestly don’t think so, and I wont buy it again.





That’s everything in the box, so now let’s talk about the new palette.



Essence – Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette


Their words:

Good vibes thanks to crystal power! The crystal power eyeshadow palette consists of eight shimmering and one matte eyeshadow. The colours of the eyeshadow palette range from rosé gold to green-blue and shimmering white – for eyelids that shimmer like crystals. The powder texture is very soft and can be applied with a brush or fingers and easily blended.

(they write it as if all 9 are silky matte on the box, but on the webpage, it is even more confusing so this is the translation I came up with that made the most sense)



My thoughts: How nice, but why is there only one matte and it is a dark brown? I get that crystals are sparkly, but that means I got limited options in how to use this. I might even have to use other palettes together with it to make it work.

Applying: The matte applies just fine but you really have to build it up to get something out of it. The shimmers are VERY sheer and doesn’t really show up much. You do see the colour but it’s like the eyeshadow part goes away when you put it on and only the coloured shimmer is left.

Feel: Feels very soft and light, actually so light that I forgot I had it on and ended up touching my eyelid. Of course, I noticed instantly so nothing really got off, but it feels weird that I just forgot. It is very blendable and can be build a bit up, but the pigment doesn’t really do much. You have to use your fingers on the shimmers or you won’t get anything out of it.

Packaging: The packaging is cute and “girly” while matching the crystal theme. Nice with a mirror inside and the name of the colours are nicely written under the colours.

Scent: Smells like eyeshadow but not suspect.

Labels: None to be found

Ingredients: I don’t know much on what’s supposed to be in eyeshadow so we will leave it be.

Claims: Well I agree that they are easily blended, and it applied just fine if you use your fingers.

Price: 6,7 Euro


Will I use it again: I might use the shimmers again if I need a bit of sparkle in a weird colour, but mostly I got waay better eyeshadow palettes at home.

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That concludes this week’s review, so thank you for stopping by!


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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    1. It defenitely was! I have never seen something like that too, but it is so light and gentle. I don’t even feel like I get that sticky feeling that SPF often gives.


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