Pop the confetti and fill the glass because we are celebrating us, you and all the inspiring women that makes indispensable beauty products and builds innovative brands. The box this month is the essence of these women’s hard work, because it only comes filled with brands made by women! If that is not worth celebrating, what is?!

These founders have helped change the formulas, change the beauty-business, and change the standard! They had the idea, that they could make a difference by taking it into their own hands, they created these original and problem-solving products beneficial for all types of women. Products that they will use on their own bodies. And products you can now enjoy.

So, cheers to all the hard-working badasses, that follows their dreams and claims them. Let this be a reminder that you can reach your dream no matter gender. All it takes are a few minutes courage and insanity to get started. And while you thoughtfully let the message sink in, enjoy these damned delicious products, with the thought of you applying a bit of these founders’ willpower, courage and gut feeling. It feels good right? On several levels.

Why am I so offended by this? I would not say I am neither for nor against empowering women (because of all the extreme feminists – the so-called feminazi). If you are awesome – you go! No matter gender.

Again this might be the second to last box I am getting, and the cost of it is 169 DKK (23 EURO-27,5 USD) and the real worth is 784 DKK (105,5 EURO – 128 USD)

If you want to watch this review instead – you can see it on my YouTube channel 😊

Skøn Skincare – Nourishing Face Oil

Their words:

Your new hydrating face oil from SKØN SKINCARE is a prebiotic face oil, that restores and balances your skins microbiota. All in all, a healthy meal for your skin! Yum! When you use the oil, it is recommended that you use 2-3 drops. It can be used alone or with another oil or face cream. In the oil you find extracts from manuka-flower, magnolia and black pepper, that all enforces each other and together makes a solid mixture, that has a documented effect on skin that is either blocked, impure, dry or oily.

My thoughts: First things first;why did it come in extra plastic? It just feels weird to put plastic on there just to show that they have a lot of good things and labels.How funny that it is both good for oily and dry skin, I always feel like it is one or the other.

Applying: Super easy to drop out a few drops and massage it onto my skin. Three drops were enough for me, so this flask is going to last for ages.

Feel: The oil felt super soft on my skin, and even hours after putting it on, my skin still felt soft and hydrated.

Packaging: Unfortunately, this is plastic. Not that it is the worst, but I would really love to get an actual glass bottle for this oil – it would just be so much more luxurious (and sustainable).

Scent: I really don’t think it smells like much, just oily – which is good since it is unscented.

Labels: Natural, organic, vegan, local, CSR

Ingredients: May I just say; 8 ingredients only! That’s amazing.
Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract: Antioxidant, antimicrobial/antibacterial. Soothing.
Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil: Jojoba oil. Enhances the skin’s restorative properties. Soothing and great for dry skin.
Schisandra Chinensis (magnolia) fruit extract: Also called Chinese Magnolia Vine. Great antioxidant.
Tocopherol: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant.
Helianthus Annus Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil. Replenish, strengthen, and soothe skin. Good on dry, dehydrated, or compromised skin. Can help reduce signs of stress or irritation to the skin.

–> Piper Nigrum: May be listed as Capsicum. Black pepper. It can cause skin sensitivity when used topically as said by Paula’s choice. SpecialChem that also looks at cosmetics ingredients says it is refreshing and not dangerous, while EWG got almost no information about it.

Claims: Overall my skin felt hydrated and I noticed that my otherwise bad shit crazy face, didn’t look as crazy as usual. Perhaps that is due to the “help with blocked and impure skin” part, and I also found my face incredible soft and hydrated all throughout the day. If I have to say something “bad” it is that my face at the end of the day felt a bit oily – but who knows, that might just be because I am sitting in front of my computer all day touching my face.

Price: 279 DKK – 37,5 EURO – 45,5 USD

Will I use it again: I will definitely use it up, even though I think that might take months with the amount that is in it and how little I use.  If this came in a glass bottle I would buy it again but I am really trying to think more about the environment and be less consumeristic and (which is hard when you love stuff and makeup and stuff and skincare and stuff)

ModelCo – Instant Radiance Concealer

Their words:

This genius and fresh “under eye concealer” give you a fresh look and deletes signs of tiredness, that we all experience once in a while. Let it do its magic on especially the dark circles under your eyes and the small wrinkles in your face. The size is perfect to on-the-go touch ups, so you can bring it in your purse. Beside this it is a hydrating concealer, and vegan-certified.

My thoughts: I am excited to see if this colour actually fits me…

Applying: Quite easy to apply and blend in, no problems here.

Feel: Concealed my dark circles and spots as well as possible, though not anything incredible to see. It was fine. The colour seemed a bit dark at first, but got better later on.

Packaging: Oh, my how I hate this pink colour. No more to say. It is not to my fancy. But at least they got good information on the outer packaging.

Scent: Smells like wet powder.

Labels: Vegan, gluten free, cruelty free

Glycerin: Replenish & restoring. Hydrating.

Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.

Claims: I guess you can say I got a “fresh” look since it concealed my dark circles. I did not see any difference on my fine lines.

Price: 164 DKK – 22 EURO – 27 USD

Will I use it again: I might use it up, but not buy a new one. It was not incredible or better than my usual one, and I would like if there were no fragrance in products I have to have on my face all day long.

Respire – Solid Face Cleanser

Their words:

This wonderful face cleanser, which contains organic linseed oil and organic sunflower oil, it has a calming effect and hydrates the skin. You use the product by gently rubbing the face cleanser between wet hands and then on your damp skin. Massage the skin and rinse. If you get it in the eyes, rinse immediately. 95% of the ingredients are natural, the product is vegan, and the packaging is 100% reusable.

My thoughts: I love that the packaging is reusable (well I guess they actually mean recyclable). Though I am a bit against solid soap bars, I am warming up to them, and I hope it like this!

Applying: It did take a while for me to get some lather build up, but it did happen (sigh of relief!). It was an awkward feeling rubbing this stone hard cleanser between my hands.

Feel: I got super surprised when massaging this cleanser on my face because it was sooooo soft and silky and felt super nice.

Packaging: My goodness I love the outer packaging on this. It is fresh, has nice colours, is recyclable and informative.

Scent: Smells soapy in a natural way, without being overpowered.

Labels: Vegan, recyclable packaging


Helianthus Annus Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil. Replenish, strengthen and soothe skin. Good on dry, dehydrated or compromised skin. Can help reduce signs of stress or irritation to the skin.
Butyrospermum Parkii: Shea butter. Smoothing properties, is a rich source of antioxidants & has skin-replenishing fatty acids. Great in products designed to improve dry skin.
Tocopherol: A form of vitamin E. Antioxidant.
Linum Usitatissimum seed oil: Linseed/ flaxseed. Rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Soothing and antioxidant.

↓ Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.
Eugenol: Fragrance chemical that occurs naturally in cloves, basil and bay leaves among other plants. Knows to cause sensitivity. Best to avoid on leave-on products.

Claims: I do not notice a truly hydrating or calming effect of this, but I do notice the super soft and silky feeling it has when I clean my face with it.

Price: 66 DKK – 9 EURO – 11 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it up, and I will also start looking into other solid face cleansers, though I at the moment love normal face cleansers the most. (but I hope to find a good solid one because ❤ the environment)

NIRÉ Beauty – The Multitasker Brush 113

Their words:

What is better than one brush? TWO of course! Use the precise top to put on concealer in places that need some extra love. And use the soft end to mix the concealer into the skin for a natural and fresh look. The brushes are incredible versatile and can both be used for eyeshadow and highlighter. All Niré’s brushes have a high quality and are used for professional masterclasses and beauty classes. And now this lucky brush ended up between your hands.

My thoughts: Yay! I have never ever been dissatisfied with any of Niré’s products, so I am looking forward to this. I do feel though, that all the things I have gotten from them recently are limited edition. I used the brush for eyeshadow, because that was what Niré said on the product that it was great for.

Applying: You have to work quite a bit to get this to do your bidding because the precise tip is quite hard, and the fluffy end is just a tad to big.

Feel: As I said, the precise tip is a bit harder than my usual brushes, so it felt a bit like stabbing myself on my eyelids; it was just a bit to hard for the thin skin. The fluffy was not to hard, but too big in my personal opinion, so instead of blending seamlessly and precise I felt like I just blended everything together.

Packaging: I really like the packaging. The brush itself is cute, and the packaging is recyclable- yay!

Scent: No scent

Labels: Vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and recyclable

Ingredients: Synthetic fibres

Claims: Well, I guess they are right in the claims. It can be used for eyeshadow, and it seems like it is high quality. I would not call it a lucky brush though, because I really do not like it.

Price: 150 DKK – 20 EURO – 24,5 USD

Will I use it again: I will not, I got a lot of other brushes that I like more. Unfortunately.

 Ecooking – Repair Shampoo

Their words:

The new nourishing shampoo from Ecooking rebuilds and moisturizes dry hair. Take it with you in the shower, and you will notice it softening every single hair with a wonderful and fresh scent of flowers and green leaves. Distribute the shampoo in wet hair and massage it carefully into the scalp. Rinse the hair throughout and repeat the process if necessary. The shampoo protects your hair and hair colour, both natural and coloured hair against sun, water, air and pollution.

My thoughts: I am a bit sad to have gotten this. Not because of the brand or how it works; but because it is shampoo in a plastic bottle, and I am trying to switch to shampoo bars instead.

Applying: The consistency of this is a bit weird because it is thicker than a normal shampoo. It is more like a gel than a normal shampoo and therefore a bit harder to distribute. Not really a problem though, it just took me an extra squeeze to cover the hair.

Feel: I didn’t really notice anything feeling differently than normal, which can be both good and bad. It is good it didn’t do anything bad, and bad that it is not better, lol.

Packaging: Oh my how booooooooring this packaging is. Yes it is so boring I need that many o’s. Usually I like Ecooking’s packaging but this brown colour makes me feel very indifferent.

Scent: Very standard shampoo/soap scent. I don’t really smell the flowers.

Labels: Vegan.

Panthenol: Attracts & holds moisture.
Sodium PCA: Skin replenishing. Natural component of skin. Hydrating.

Fragrance: Can be sensitizing. Can also be called Parfum. When using the term fragrance, it is unknown if there is one fragrance or 20.

Claims: I cannot really give the claims a thumbs up. It cleaned my hair, but otherwise no extra hydration, rebuilding or extra softening. To be truly honest- I found that my hair felt drier a few of the days where I used this shampoo..

Price: 169 DKK – 23 EURO – 27,5 USD

Will I use it again: I will use it up, just to make sure it does not go to waste, but I will not buy a new one.

Have you ever tried any of these? I would love to hear in the comments below!

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


One thought on “Pop the confetti – Goodiebox Review – February 2021

  1. I have love-hate relationship with Respire cleanser. Sometimes it feels okay, but other times it seems to be stripping my skin too much (I learned that solid cleansing products tend to be more stripping in general than liquid products, so I’m torn about it being eco friendly and too harsh for me) 😅


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