The biggest, and maybe most popular 4-clover in the world, might be the four elements; water, earth, fire and air. These has been known for ages, and is said to make up the foundation for our personality.

We have confidence from fire, balance from earth, sensitivity from water and initiative from air.
The box I got was all about water. The mysterious, the sensitive and the intense all put together in a box. And they were right, I got bamboozled, surprised and overwhelmed (in a fairly good way)



Naobay – Orange Juice Foot Cream

Their words:

This foot cream was made with natural ingredients and enriched with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Orange extracts. Also contains essential Tra Tree oil for the treatment of even the most neglected feet. Easily absorbed, this cream leaves feet supple and soft.


My thoughts:

This foot cream has a very strong but nice smell of orange (which is pretty lucky, since it is a orange foot cream.

The design is very simple and natural, and makes me all happy looking at.

The cream is very rich and moisturizing, and I often accompany it with a pair of socks to really let it soak in. Then just, get your feet up and relax.

Costs 120 DKK (16Euro)




Evolve – Satin Leg Gloss

Their words:

This glorious scented, silicone free dry oil for body and face is designed to nourish the skin and give velvet like finish in a fast and easy mist.
Organic oil from camelia seeds, tropic Tahitian monoi gives a velvet like finish to skin and hair without sticking. Minerals gives the skin a touch of gold glitter and shine (so remember to shake the flask before use). Perfumed with 100% natural rose, lavandin, jasmine and orangeflower with a core of vanilla and tree notes.


My thoughts:

One thing I love about this brand, is that they are using, natural and organic products. This one in particular has been made with 99% natural ingredients.

It says you just have to shake the bottle and then massage it on to your legs for a glossy and shiny finish.

It did make my legs look a little less dead, but only a little bit shinier; and not really that glossy

I’m not sure if I will use it again since I don’t feel like I need glossy legs.

100ml (3.4oz) costs 250DKK (33.5Euro)



Teez Cosmetics – Object Of Affection Lip Balm

Their words:

This nourishing and softening lip balm may be lightweight, but it promises lips a day worth of shine. Packed with antioxidants, it is the perfect sheer wash of pretty pink.


My thoughts:

First of all, the look of this is SO beautiful when opened. The gold and orange compliments each other so well, and I love the mirror too.

The colour is mostly peachy when in the container, but when on the lips it is gives a light rose glow to the lips and a little bit of shine too.

It does feel a little silky on the lips, lightweight and moisturizing too. Definitely a nice and cute lip balm.

It costs 134DKK (18Euro)




LASplash – Hydro Liquid Eyeshadow Lavish

Their words:

Our Hydro Liquid Shadow has a pearl-packed translucent base. Available in 12 glimmering foiled shades, the shadows offer versatile wear with multidimensional shimmer in a weightless gel texture for a high impact finish. Apply a sheer layer for daytime, or build up layers to add a pop to any look for that extra night time drama! This unique lightweight formula gives a barely there, refreshing feel. The non-tacky, non-transfer, adhesive base means minimal fallout- no primer necessary.


My thoughts:

This is one of my first liquid shadows, so I am looking forward to trying it out.

It is made cruelty free which I love, and has a doe foot applicator which makes it easy to handle but also hard to apply finely.

It has a nice silver pigment with lots of glitter, which kind of makes me want to party. It makes me think that it would look absolutely stunning as a glitter accompanying a festive eyeshadow look.

It is pretty easy taking off again, but does leave little sparkles of glitter afterwards.

I am not sure I will use it again though, just because I prefer my usual pressed eyeshadows.

Costs 80DKK (10.7Euro)



Mannakadar beauty – step 3 perfect – blossom blush & highlighter

Their words:

The multi-functional pressed blush & highlighter trio is embossed with a beautiful, multi-colour floral design that will help you achieve healthy glowing skin. Use the three shades separate or blend them together to achieve the perfect balance of color and highlight.


My thoughts:

This blush and highlighter have a lot of potential for giving a nice shine, blush or highlight.

The product itself has been made in a cute flower shape (which makes sense since the name is blossom) and makes it easy to both mix the shade but also use them separately. I like them the most separately since the colour I get mixing them do not work out for my shade at all (it makes me look like I got a beating, and that is never a pretty sight)

The product smells like absolutely nothing and that makes me kind of happy since that (almost always) means that there are no weird things in it. This made me look a little more into the brand, and I could not find anything about their ingredients (I could find the ingredient list but not anything about if they use natural ingredients or anything like that)

I did find something interesting though. Manna Kadar, the woman behind this brand actually designed the Beauty Simplified System, that makes beauty easier by only having 3 steps.
Step one: Prime
Step two: Polish
Step three: Perfect

All their products clearly indicate what they are, just like this product is step 3: perfect

All in all, I have used this again a couple of times, but in all honesty, it is not the first one I usually reach for

It is fairly expensive I think; 220DKK (29.4Euro) for this product




Inca Oil – Filler Mask


Their words:

Inca oil filler mask is a great treatment for all hair types, it contains the unique Inca Oil, extracted from the Peruvian distress. The oil is rich in iodine, essential fatty acids, A- and E vitamin. That makes this hair mask revitalizing and enriching. The hair becomes ultra-soft, easier to comb and stronger.


My thoughts:

I do not have a picture of this product, simply because I thought I already had one…

It is a hair mask enriched with Inca Oil, and therefore contains A LOT of Omega 3 fatty acids that can really nourish your hair. It also contains both vitamin E and A, which helps strengthens and renew your hair.

I remember my hair felt very smooth after using this so I might want to try it again.
The only thing about it is that it costs 230DKK (30.6Euro) for 300ml and my usual favorite only costs 45DKK (6Euro) for 250ml which is a HUGE difference.



Which one do you want to try?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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