This was the box we got around Christmas time 2018, and it was very similar to the one we got in 2019, therefore I think we should put it up here now, before I forget.

This time it is time to stop, wait a second and reflect. The box gave products to make you shine, give you time to immerse yourself, reflect and maybe even rethink your style.


Note: most of this review was written when I got the box, and therefore isn’t as throughout as the standard I have nowadays (haha). Any thoughts written afterwards will be written just like this 😊



Rituals – the ritual of sakura soothing hand balm


Their words:

This luxorious hand balm is specially made to soften and nourish dry hands. Your hands feel nourished and soft. The natural ingredients in rice milk and cherry gives you a nice and sweet cream.


My thoughts:

This was one of the first product that I ever got, and when I saw it in the box, I instantly wrote:

For a long time, I have wanted products from rituals because the packaging and design is absolutely stunning. They use beautiful colours that compliment the product and the design, and I really adore that!

Beside this, they seem exclusive and high quality and I was ecstatic when I got the ritual of happy buddha foaming shower gel in this march’s box.

I was digging through my old boxes trying to make these reviews, and found out that I actually had gotten another product from them. This hand cream.

The packaging is super cute and fits the name of the product perfectly too. It has a fresh and comfortable smell, and feels really soft to the touch. It is really easy to smear, and sinks into the skin in absolutely no time leaving no stickiness left. My hands did smell a little weird afterwards, they did not smell as fresh and comfortable as it did when I first smelled it (more like a little rancid), so I wonder if that is just how it is supposed to smell.




The Body Shop – Berry Bonbon Body Butter


Their words:

Nourish skin this winter with our creamy body butter. Enriched with community trade goodness and the scent of cranberry seed oil from North America, you smell like berries freshly foraged from the forest every time you moisturize. Just massage and let it sink in. this juicy, fruity treat keeps skin feeling softer and smoother this Christmas.


My thoughts:

This body butter was a part of the Christmas collection. It smells nice and sweet just like a Christmas treat.
The body butter seems nice and rich, but a little bit greasy so I would recommend putting it on when you do not need to do anything (like wearing pants)

It can only be bought at Christmas time but I do not remember the price (It’s usually pretty reasonable)

Felt like a standard Body Butter from TBS, but smelled very nice and sweet.




James Read – Gradual Tan Mist


Their words:

Fast working, fast drying, liquid tanner, that gives a natural colour without stripes in the following 3-5 hours.

The formula is moisturizing, coloured and easy to use.


My thoughts:

You have to push hard to get a real mist, if you don’t you just get a spritz of water

I don’t see a tanning effect yet, and I am not sure I will keep on using it to see if it works because the smell is… well… kind of unpleasant… like something is rotten, and I do not like that smell at all.

I couldn’t see a shimmer on my legs, but my hands did have a small shimmer though.

I am kind of sad that this one didn’t work for me, since I like the James Read H2O Tan Drops for Face

If you are interested to try, one bottle costs 225DKK (30Euro)


I still really don’t like this tanner- first of all I don’t really tan in the first place (I just embrace my paleness), but most importantly THE SMELL.

I kept my bottle because it was so bad, and just smelled it again. In Denmark we got these bushes that in the summer has pink or white flower petals. As kids, we took the petals, put it in water for some hours and used the liquid as “perfume”. Sometimes we forgot we put them in there, and the petals sat in water for days just rotting away. THAT is how I think it smells.



Studio 10 – Liquid Foil I-Radiance


Their words:

It’s your time to shine! Effortlessly shape, define and enchance your eyes with our unique 4-in-1 liquid eye primer, liner, colour wash and shadow. Creamy-yet-lightweight, this next generation blend of refreshing cucumber extract, moisture-boosting Glycerin and long-wearing pigments cools and conditions as it covers with luminous metallic (and glitter-free) colour.


My thoughts:

This is another golden and glittery liquid eyeshadow that I would love to try.

It has a doe foot applicator that makes it both hard and easy to apply (because it touches a big surface) so you cannot make any fine or precise lines with this, but it will accompany another look beautifully.

It feels cold because it has cucumber extract in it. The glitter is not very pigmented, but spreads out more subtle, so it should only be able to give a little extra glam.

I am not sure I will use this one again though because it feels very wet. It is a beautiful subtle glitter, so if you are into that; go for it.

It was pretty easy taking off, but left quite some glitter on my skin.

Costs 190DKK (25.4Euro)


I love how I wrote about a lot of glitter, but the description clearly says glitter-free. I found this one again and it DOES feel more like glitter or shimmer than metallics. It spreads out unevenly and still leaves a shimmer behind when you take it off. I have not used it more than that one time, and the words on the packaging has even been wearing off.




Lord & Berry #5072 Paillettes


Their words:

A creamy but weightless shimmery black eye pencil that features tiny flecks of glitter for a luminous and glamorous finish. Layer for extra sparkle or blend for a more subtle shine. Its surprisingly subtle finish brings an elegant twinkle to the eyes. PAILLETTES is NOT a kajal and should not be used inside the eye.


My thoughts:

This eye pencil looks really stunning and is black with a little shine to it. It will give a normal line a little fresh spark of energy.

It goes on really easy and is pretty easy controlling (well it IS a pencil)

It comes off fairly easily and only leaves a little bit of shine afterwards. I will definitely use this again.




BalanceMe – vitamin C repair serum


Their words:

Natural help to the skins elasticity, pigmentation and radiation.

Vitamin C is considered a anti-aging superstar with dermatologists, and has in the recent years seen a rising popularity through the beauty sector.

This powerful, lightweight serum is designed to be intensive moisturizing, boost from the inside and lighten your skin while helping with reducing pigment spots and uneven skin tone.


My thoughts:

Again, and again I keep on saying how great BalanceMe are making 98 and 99% natural products

Smells very citrusy but nice and fresh

Only two drops are necessary per use, so this little tube will go a very long way. It is used before your normal moisturizer and helps hydrate, plump and brightening your complexion whilst helping reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone (as said with their own words)

I can definitely agree that it hydrates and brightens my face but as far as reducing pigmentation and uneven skin tone- I’ll have to keep on using it to find out.


I never really saw the change in pigmentation, but I am curious about starting to use it again just to see if a longer wearing time does the deed.




Dennis Knudsen – Styling Comb and Hair Spray


Their words:

The ideal hairspray for you, that wishes a flexible and natural shine to your hair. Easy to comb out and can be used in the middle of the day for extra fixation. Has Provitamin B5 that protects against dryness.


My thoughts:

I am not that good at doing my hair, but I do sometimes use a little hair spray just to make it hold.

This hairspray is really effective, and made sure my hair stayed where it had to be in the time I needed it to (It was about 6 hours) The size is really cute and travel friendly.

All in all, a fine spray- just a waste I do not do more about my hair


I never used the comb- again I never do my hair. I did try the hair spray again recently, and it is VERY strong, and I instantly feel it “crunching” my hair, making it all hard as hairspray does. I am not that much into that feeling, but it did hold my hair okay.



Do you guys think this is as festive as I do??


This  box had a lot of both hits and misses, but overall I think it was pretty okay.


I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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