Merry Christmas to all of you!


Today we are looking at the December Goodiebox, which is one of the only recent boxes that the community LOVED. The past many months people have talked about the boxes as cheap quality, unoriginal and boring. This one is the first one that I haven’t heard a single bad thing about.

The box is super cute, looking like falling snow, matching the green December box from last year.


The theme is from me to me, and I think everyone can at least to some extent relate to. This is for example to remind us to take time to ourselves in this busy time.

It has 5 products, 3 full sizes and 2 samples.


As almost always; if you don’t want to read my million words; you can go to my youtube channel to watch the video on it!


Simply Essentials – Monoi de Tahiti Hair Mask


Their words:

Rejuvenates hair and scalp, leaving it vital and shiny. For dry hair.


My thoughts:

This was just a sample size, which felt pretty big for a sample.

This mask I was pretty impressed with, not only size wise, but simply the fact that after washing it out, my hair still felt nice, smooth and silky. Usually my hair feels kind of like a haystack, and the soft feeling of hair masks goes away as soon as they are out of my hair. This one stayed feeling good both wet and dry.

I will keep on using this until it is used up, and maybe even buy a new one afterwards.



Benefit Cosmetics – Bad Gal BANG Mascara


Their words:

36 hours volume. The new formular defies gravity, using air particles. Don’t smear, waterproof and volume giving.


My thoughts:

This mascara felt very wet and when I first tried it, I did not think it was waterproof at all, therefore I also did not test it ☹

It dried pretty fast and there was no mascara coming off when I touched it, and no mascara falling of either when I touched my lashes. Only a bit came of when I rubbed my eyes (which makes sense)

It gave very good volume, but did feel a bit spidery. It kind of felt gravity defying, because it made my lashes stand up a lot. Overall, I was pleased and impressed with the volume. (even though I still prefer my favourite.)




Niré – 101 Plush Powder Brush


Their words:

Soft, fluffy and luxurious, the 101 Plush Powder Brush creates the perfectly blended complexion by gently sweeping mineral and powder-based products all over the face. This versatile brush can also be used to add warmth and colour to the face with powder-based bronzers or blushers. Uniquely crafted with rose gold glitter handles and elegantly engraved ferrules, it is both beautiful and talented. Transform it into a contour brush by pinching the bristles together and sweeping underneath the cheekbones for enhanced definition.


My thoughts:

I have gotten 2 brushes from Niré before. One in black, one in the same rose gold glitter (but for the eyes).

This one is just as pretty as the one I got earlier, and just as soft. The brush is both cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, while being antibacterial and hypoallergenic which is super cool.

I did notice a bit of fall of from the brush, but I kind of expected that. I have not yet had a brush that did not lose bristles.

The brush itself is super soft and gently, and applies product easily. It is a bit hard though to get it INTO pans and products because it is so huge, so that might be easier with open products that are easier to get to.

I really like using it and I feel like it could have been used as a form for therapeutic brush too; which translates too; I just kept on brushing myself with the brush because it felt so good.



Manna Kadar Beauty – Lippie Love Lip Scrub


Their words:

Don’t let dry lips ruin your perfect pout! Manna Kadar Lippie Love Lip Scrub contains a gentle sugar scrub to remove dry skin, and leave you with softer, smoother looking lips. Formulated with emollients that keep lips hydrated after application.


My thoughts:

This one was a bit up and down for me. I have gotten a blush from this brand before that was quite okay and I still use once in a while.

First off I had so much trouble opening this because the “rip line” disappeared in the middle of the product. It did not smell of anything which was actually very nice.

I am used to a scrub being a bit harsh, one that I can feel, and I love that. This one is not like that.

The scrub is as it says: gentle but I feel like it is a bit too gentle. The non-chapped part of my lip got super soft, but the dry parts stayed pretty much the same.

It was very soft, and almost melted when I used it, it just got so smushed when applying, and that was really not what I thought it would.

I will use it again on my lips, but only when they already feel good, I don’t think it does enough to my dry lips.



JorgObé – Refreshing Scrub Mask


Their words:

Jorgobé Refreshing Scrub Mask is a special 2-in-1 cleanser that functions as a refreshing face peeling and a deep cleansing face mask. The multifunctional use makes it easier to let go of oily and impure skin, because you only need to go through one cleansing process.

The unique formula is based on the best from nature; black jojoba-peeling-beads, that removes dead skin cells, oil and impurities, together with apricot kernel oil and shea butter, that helps protect the skin when peeling. Your skin is left clean, soft and with a fresh feeling.


My thoughts:

First of all, I LOVE FACE MASKS. I cannot stress this enough. I literally got 35 masks at home, and I feel like I can always use another one. I do not have a peeling mask, and that got me really excited about this one.

The packaging reminded me of a cute cow, and the packaging was a bit minimalistic. It is 100% vegan and made in Denmark (WUHU)

I used this mask before shower, and as soon as I had applied it, I had to stop for a moment.

It was NOT what I had expected. I had thought the mask would be exfoliating while sitting on my skin, but the jojoba beads where actually a big part of the actually exfoliating. You have to scrub your face yourself, just like with a regular face scrub. And even though that is not bad, it was not what I expected. So I put it on, in circular motions to really peel my face, and I noticed how my eyes kind of started watering. The mask definitely has some kind of menthol. It did not burn, but it definitely felt close, just like when you put on something so cold that it burns. The feeling wore over after about the first 10 minutes, but that experience was so weird.

The exfoliation worked. It took my dead skin cells away, renewed the skin and helps regenerating new skin cells (which is the traditional reason why you peel).

After I washed the mask of in the shower, I once again felt the menthol. It was SO cold, that it felt weird. I am usually a very cold person, and I kind of freeze all the time, but this was just so damn cold that I almost got confused. The cold sensation stayed for about 10 minutes or so, and I kind of wanted to put on 1000 other products to make that feeling go away. Beware: this is a personal thing. I do not like this. But maybe you do. If you like these cooling products, this might be perfect for you. Personally, I only like cool things if it is the actual description of the product. Like cooling masks in the summer, or eye masks that are almost always cooling. This one just felt off for me.




Overall, I was very happy with this box.

The brush, I love, the hair mask I really like.

The lip scrub works great (on non-damaged lips)

The mascara was wet but good.

And lastly; the face mask was just not for me. It worked like it should, but the cooling stuff is just not my style.



Have you ever tried any on these, and what do you think??



I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


6 thoughts on “From Me To Me Goodiebox Review

    1. It actually really is!
      I was very impressed since there is almost always at least one product being kind of bad, or at least very meh.
      But everything in this box worked, and the only one that didn’t for me, was just personal preference 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m impressed by the size of the hair mask, too! The badGal bang is such an awesome mascara for lifting, adding length, and adding volume!! I agree that it can kinda make my lashes look spidery, too, but I low-key love it. The Nire Brush looks super pretty and I like the rounded, fluffy shape.


    1. I see, I think I will try using it up (the mascara that is), it would be such a waste to just throw it out or put it aside until it becomes bad.
      The brush was sooo soft, I really couldn’t stop brushing my face, it was so nice!

      Liked by 1 person

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