Soooo. Another Makeup review you ask? But of course!

Today we are looking at the Revolution Makeup X Roxxsaurus Ride or Die Eyeshadow palette, and to be honest. Before buying this palette, I had no idea who Roxxsaurus was. Yup. I know.

I was so attracted to the designs and the colours, so I paid it no mind who collaborated to make this palette, I just bought it in an instant.

I have been watching some of her videos afterwards, and I am grateful that I ended up buying this palette so I would get to know her.

For the review itself, as always you can watch it on my Youtube Channel 😊

Their words:

An 18- shade eyeshadow palette.

Dial up or dial down your makeup look with this face and eye collection created in collaboration with YouTuber Roxxsaurus. The 18- shade Ride or Die Palette is perfect for the everyday makeup lover. Featuring all the go-to matte and shimmer shades, from everyday neutrals, soft browns to raspberry and pale pinks.

My thoughts: Pretty colours? Check. Nice Design? Check. Cute names? Check. Got pretty much all I need to love this palette from the get go.

Applying: Fairly easy to apply. The matte colours take a bit of time to blend into each other, but not long enough for me to be irritated about it. The shimmers somehow stick more to my fingers than my lid, but with time it can be placed beautifully

Feel: Feels just fine on my lids, does not smear where it should not and wears for pretty long. I have been able to use it throughout my day without having to reapply anything and without and smearing.

Packaging: I really loved the packaging, and that was the only reason I bought this palette at first. The palette is made of plastic which makes sense when looking at the price. The outer packaging was this pretty marbled look, and the golden, reflective look on the palette itself I like. It looks refined, and elegant in a “messier” way. I like the names, for me they all make sense. It’s not like I am looking at a name and goes: but why that name?

Scent: The scent is just like any ordinary eyeshadow. Or at least how any ordinary eyeshadow should smell. Like powder.

Labels: Cruelty- free

Ingredients: Honestly ingredients in makeup worried me less than in skincare since we do not wear it all the time. And well, there is nothing really weird to se here.

Claims: They don’t really claim much in the description so I cannot say much here.

Price: 13 Euro, 100DKK or 15,5 USD if you want all the price points. It is truly worth the price.

Will I use it again:

Yes and I already have done lots of times. Even though it is not the best eyeshadow palette I have tried, I still think it is pretty good especially compared to the price point.

So what do you guys think? Have you ever tried this palette before?

I hope you all have a happy life, one day at a time!


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